Trion Worlds is bringing Defiance to the current console generation with an overhaul to the existing game. Dubbed Defiance 2050, the game now sports a streamlined leveling system, better itemization, and a supposed graphical improvement…but with the content remaining the same…is the Defiance story enough to make current Defiance players want to start all over a la Secret World Legends?

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  1. I love the game but hate trion, they’re gonna ruin it with cash shop just like they did with all their other games

  2. ya looks like the just added more shading, I left Defiance awhile ago and I cant see this bringing a huge population back into the game (they basically added more shading and added 2050 to the title).

  3. I don’t know what they are thinking with this game putting more content than before behind walls.. Just goes to show trion is losing grip with reality.

    Also the graphics do not look any better just seems they added more shadows and shaders to it and called it a new game, LIKE really that is what they did here. Now watch all the salty players they will create when the old defiance is forcefully shut down and be replaced with this one while everything you bought in the old one will just magically vanish and you have to “RE” buy all the content back.

    • It’s Trion. So you know, they take all the free sh!t out and through it in the cash shop. Lock more sh!t behind pay walls. Nerf everything, forcing you to buy premium items.
      This is what they call “NEW”

  4. Honestly what made me quit Defiance was the fact that I couldn’t play all the content at max ego, thus not getting all the best equips or having to play with everyone else who had those DLCs. If that now is out of the picture I might try it again.

  5. That’s not a graphic overall its a total bullshit of lies They have not changed the engine, if your going to overall you change the engine, TRION are so full of crap a modder could of done better.
    looks like a bad WarZ game

    Keep up your great vids, like one each week please if you can!
    They are so informative, truly love your work.

  6. Still Kinda pissed about the fact of the accounts that paid for the dlcs only to see the game rehashed and tweaked with free dlcs included compared to the hundred people was forced to pay to play the dlcs.

        • Yeah, I was hard-pressed to see any significant difference visually in anything. The gameplay changes ‘might’ be enough to get me to play it further. And there may be no choice as since the announcement the server for Defiance has been getting worse and worse to the point where it’s unplayable while even logged in to not being able to log in at all for significant stretches of time.

          And as far as those gameplay changes go the beta really did not show them off much as basically the Assault class just seemed to move the consumables such as Heal Stims and such to just active abilities. They stated one of their goals was to make gunplay a bit more in depth but I couldn’t really tell except that I had to use zoom/iron sights more often but that could just be due to low level versus what I’m used to in Defiance after getting mods and weapon skills up. I hope they don’t go too bonkers with it as ultimately the game is about killing rather bullet spongey enemies and precise aiming and maintaining control gets old if you’re doing it constantly with no rests as you dump mag after mag into major enemy or boss. Gunplay like that only works if the time to kill is relatively low, otherwise its just aggravating as the gunplay doesn’t have peaks and valleys pace-wise.

  7. My last login in the original was in 2014. I had season pass, and a few items from codes and challenges (that Black car was amazing). Something of those items will be transferred to the new game?


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