Defiance is a primarily PvE focused Sci-fi MMOTPS developed by Trion Worlds and features open world environments filled with loot driven events players can discover. In Defiance there are no classes, instead players are able to freely tailor their characters around 4 distinct “E.G.O.” abilities and can use any piece of equipment they find.

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  1. Hardly can find 1-2 live persons, i playing alot this game, its dead even when its f2p now, anyway i played in beta, was lots of people but no one playing with each other. ots a single player game with chat, its better then firefall but both games sux, same quests all the time, how can play everyday same things over and over, its super boring even for casual player, thers no teamplay also, better replay good single player fps then this piece of crap.

  2. i dont know what everyone is talking about the game being empty.. i play on the EU server and i always see people running around and there is always someone else doing the quest with me and its a random person not my friend. the games questing system is awesome and the open world events are very nice too and how you can get good gear without having to have a little “dungeon crawling group” .. so its good for those who like solo gameplay as well. and compared to the other open world shooter games.. this is very very good. yes there are bugs here and there but come on.. there is so much good but you just want to whine on the few faults. yes i dont like how the make the dlc mandatory for certain gear and upgrades for lockboxes but other than that , everything is good so far.

  3. I actually bought the game on sell a few months back and enjoyed it quite a bit found it fun and has kept me entertained so far

  4. game looks like graphics from the original x box. char runs like an idiot. leg models look attached to upper body and move separately.

    game also lags and quest bug out.

    BUT its kinda fun….srsly if you are bored why not try it. its free.

  5. I considered trying this game out but I decided to try and get into the show first when it premiered so that it would be a more enjoyable experience. Turns out the show was laughably horrible. I can’t even begin to talk about how bad the show is, I felt embarrassed for the creators when I tried watching the first few episodes. And seeing any gameplay from game made me cringe at how drab and underwhelming it seemed.

  6. very crap game, in some areas game performance is very bad on high end pc, looks like cheap console port, repetetive same quests, all the time u do is playing alone, its not a multiplayer game, its a single player game with chat. all real chars coming in and out for quests, u will not need to talk with anyone even. in rift same situation stupid repetetive quests and neverending solo playing.

  7. Game is crap always has been. Gameplay is garbage, XBOX graphics, community is ok tho… still not worth the download.

  8. Not the best, but not the worst. It’s in between. I find both Firefall and Defiance to be around the same. It’s more preference that decides what’s the winner.

  9. It’s surprisingly fun. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. The Shadow Wars are extremely fun with 2 full teams ^^

  10. Not amazing but not horrible, it’s currently acting as my filler and not doing too bad.

    It’s repetitive but if you liked Badlands / ‘what firefall should have been more close to being like’ then you’ll enjoy it for a bit.

    • So you think that Defiance is (overall) superior to Firefall? I was looking for a (MMO)TPS and these two seemed the best choices, but Firefall seems a bit unfinished, and Defiance didn’t have a very good initial reception and since, unlike TRION’s previous F2P conversion, there seems to be a lot of content that is not free (DLCs). So, now that they are botj free, what would you (and everyone else) recommend as the better game for a mostly free experience?

      • Was a long long time ago since I played firefall (how long as it been in an ‘open but not live version’ ????

        It is, as I said just a filler until hopefully something better comes a long (was looking forward to star citizen but will check on elite dangerous more closely (even though btp + btp dlc – loved it as a tiny kid on the spectrum) but it’s keeping me entertained so far.

      • NOT Firefall. The limited amount of bullets ruins the whole game experience imo.
        Defiance is an AMAZING game.

  11. GAME IS HORRIBLE. I spent 2 days playing the game and I sure enjoyed it. It was worth time. Reason the game is HORRIBLE because you have to buy DLC and limit your game experience.The game is unique yes and you feel the actual 3rd person shooter. It’s worth your time. But spending money NO. Not even. I expected the game to be full F2P like RIFT. RIFT went F2P the game is soo FUN. I enjoyed it and I play it sometimes. The game also feel lonely since the game kinda lacks players in certain parts of the mission. You’ll be lucky enough to see a player and do the same Mission with him/her.

  12. I’m very glad I held out from ever buying this game. I was almost enticed to buy because of the SyFy show but that turned out to be bad as well.


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