Time to check out the “Closed Beta” that doesn’t require ANY type of key that is Global Adventures. Check out this instance based action MMO and see if it will pull you away from other titles on the market like Closers Online.

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  1. I like the game concept but i got bored fast… the early dungeons are just plain, simple and too easy but that’s not the biggest turn off, it’s just the fact that you spend like 5-10min after every dungeon run in the town just walking around, talking, and then do a dungeon for 2min and then again spend 10min in the town walking.. they had a great idea but didn’t make most of it, they just made a quick money grab that they won’t put any real effort in, which is too bad, it could have been an awesome game but no.. quick money from suckers that will actually put any money in to the game is more important than making a decent game that will earn them even more money in the long run rather than this getting shut down or simply having no real community.


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