Happy Wars is a team-based third person hack and slash from ToyLogic. In it players choose between three classes and fight for control over several realms in 15 on 15 siege warfare. Each class may be upgraded with newly acquired gear which adds bonus effects and abilities.

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  1. It has network issues since its early access. and when it gets out of early access there should be 3 more classes unlockable through quests or the happy tickets. berserker, engineer, and zepyhr O:

  2. Im loving this game so far but they really need to fix the network issues i get dced mot of the time just when the game finish and that really kills it for me the rest is pretty fun loving it like i said except for the part i get disconnected…

  3. Played some this morning. pretty fun. I quit playing as a Cleric though. Teammates kept destroying my damn walls. Jerks lol.


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