Inspirit Online, previously called ELOA, is an anime based MMORPG by ESTA Games that’s free to play and kind of meshes that ARPG clicking experience with some MMO elements. All in all it may just be a game you want to check out when you get a few moment. Check out the First Look and see if it’s for you!

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  1. Inspirit is an Illegal copy of the actual game. Apparently some company stole the game and renamed it. Webzen is supposed to be putting out a NA release under the original name.
    I don’t think its possible to make an account on the inspirit site anymore but be forewarned they aren’t the actual developers.

    • I think it’s just webzen bitching like always their already dieng anyways with the C9 game now there pointing fingers inspirit seems to be better seeing there dumb elite lord game says there is three classes but with inspirit there are four classes and also this came out before their game so yes they would point the finger sounds kinda stupid to get rid of competition that’s already doing better then them.

  2. Hey magicman is this game available through all countries? because there are cool games but blocked in some countries -,- which ticks me off…. its a cool game and im kinda hoping that its not another one of those country blocking games…. please tell me guys… before i download it and get pissed off all over again xD

  3. After some anti virus problems (that i never ever got with any other game, and trust me i tried a lot), finally managed to install it and get into the game.
    Seems pretty solid, camera angle is diablo-ish, the gameplay itself is good so far.
    Nothing extraordinary but seems to be a decent time-sink compared to the other f2p/beta MMOs out there atm.

  4. Note Technical support for this game is kinda iffy still haven’t been replied to a technical problem with the launcher from any staff of the game.

  5. Game is decent. It has a nice and fun combat system, although it’s pretty clunky. Progression is very linear. Going from lvl 1 to 40 is fairly easy and fast (just follow the quests). However, after you hit level 40, you’ll find that this game’s population is too small. Almost impossible to find a party for end game dungeons or PvP, unless you join one of the few top guilds.

  6. I played through the CBT and am level cap since the OBT. The game is pretty much as @nanbobobo says. I personally found it to be really entertaining as opposed to most games that are out right now, and the open world is nice (since most “action” games are going the way of the hub lately). My only complaint is at end game you literally have maybe 5 dungeons to grind for gear (which only 2 gear sets are worth it in my opinion) and that’s pretty much the extent of endgame content. This game is still fairly new (for the NA and EU at least) and hopefully they add more content because I do really like this game. As for PvP, I can’t really review any of it since it’s all queue based i.e. hit the PvP button, wait for party, etc. etc. and since I started playing have never been able to get a single party to try it. I guess no one on the NA server does any PvP? It’d be nice to have PvP servers or at least an open world PvP zone. No P2W aspect as far as I can tell (how ever you can P2W in a PvE centered game? never really understood that) just costumes and pet items. Pets do grant some buffs or auto loot / mounting, but nothing game changing. Either way the game is fun and just recently came out, hopefully they keep adding content.

    • Oh and forgot to mention. Through the mid game it does feel a little grindy to me. The story line is fairly interesting though if you read the texts but in general you’ll be doing the standard, kill x mobs, collect x items, escort mr. smith, etc. The dungeons do have some different mechanics but quickly get boring if you’re grinding for gear since you run the same dungeons over and over. I highly recommend playing with friends or finding a good guild.

  7. Been in since CB. Not sure why but most game sites blocked this game from being reviewed, with one site removing the CB keys because “Published without KR consent”. The game is fun. I usually do not like ARPG or anime style games, but this one has it’s charm. Camera is bad. It should have been full 3D and not this 2D crap. A good example, 99% of the time you are in 2D and going 3D actually reveals nice sites you other wise TOTALLY pass up (like fountains, etc…) and game does not make it easy for you to pause in one place to sight see…so assets wasted. And clunk camera remains. Any ways, combat and boss fights are the game shining point. However they take an odd angle at it. Some bosses are literal waste of time 2 shot dead…Where the mobs leading up to the boss are ACTUALLY HARDER than the boss himself. Youll have like 3 trash bosses with hours of questing between the fights. Then, about every 3rd boss, they toss you a LEGIT fight that takes pure skill. Dodge, attacks, placement, etc. It feels GOOD to down a boss.
    The classes are a mixed bag. You can switch on the go, even mid fight, even mid action, you press the right button and poof, new class, new clothes, new skill set. This is cool in concept but kills immersion for obvious reasons, and you can really only skill build (specialize) in about two good “stances” (classes), leaving a third one out to dry. And you fall in love with one build you can kiss the second one good bye. The finger bending it takes to swap out and all is kind of not worth it either. It is usually a “cool down” game than a real “class unique” game with this set up. It is not as exciting as I thought it would be. I am about 10 levels to end game before quiting becuase dungeon set up started to suck. Can’t zone in dungeons higher level than you, so stuck with lower easy dungeons that give NOTHING as far as rewards. The only reason to repeat SOME dungeons is the mob exp by hte time you are out, as some times you need to grind out exp as quests literally drop off at times. Game flew smoothly until those last few levels to cap, they know they have no content or nothing promised in the pipelines (especially conflicting with KR dev.) so they put a huge damage spike on the PvE trash mobs and you can easily get 1 shot. It requires either a tankish class to solo or group play at this point. I found no way around this unless as even gear is not farmable from these useless dungeons. (1 dungeon had a couple items I could use, the rest, meh). So it turns into a farm trash, sell for gold, buy some items on the auction house, get in guild, try and group past the last 10 levelish…and population is SUPER LOW so grouping was non existant. $shrug$ 4/10, shines in some great areas, and has some surprises. Needs major love, more marketing, and advertised future content. Until then. Feels off but not lost.

    • Should add, their cash shop is not P2W, they have an official statement that attacks P2W and they promise ant P2W items. They removed items from CB (from kr default), and they removed perks from paying members (another kr feature). They only have the typical exp perks and other no edge except time items in the shop. That actually made me download the game in the first place, their directors dev. statements on this. No other F2P titles ever put it so blantley or changed so radically they did between player feed back etc.

  8. Had the opportunity to try the game in it’s first closed ( alpha? ) test. It’s fun, the combat mechanics are pretty decent, combining 3 classes in one takes away the need of other classes while leveling ( dungeons and raids are e different story ), there’s a variety of bosses and enemies, until you get to a point where the variety and the overall game feel goes downhill pretty fast, especially when you’re forced to do the same thing over and over again. There are enough quests to keep you interested or engaged, but they’re hardly fun after a while. Auto-movement is a thing.
    Hope they got rid of p2w items they had in store and promised to review and rework/remove.
    It’s worth the try anyway.


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