Aeria Games releases another shooter into closed beta, but will it be any different than the claims made by it and hundreds of other F2P FPS games? Check out our First Look for Ironsight and decide for yourself!

To find out more about Ironsight, check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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  1. weapons for real money or renting = instant uninstall kick ban mute boycott whoever is responsible for 650+ years kkthx.

  2. id personally say it looks more like Blacklight without the HRV.
    i look forward to trying it.
    -renting is an anoying mechanic that does not improve or add anything interesting to the game, and so is reparing.
    it seems a “life of disappointments” have given some people “Unreasonable expectations”.

  3. In case you don’t know, this game is DIRTY BOMB refurbished. Same shooting engine, same ambient engine, same ui engine. I played a couple hours and it feels like dirty bomb.

    • You mean Unreal Engine (the most popular game engine) and Flash (kinda the only UI engine)? Man, that sure makes it a copy of Dirty Bomb! I mean who care about gameplay anyway, right?

      If anything, this game is a F2P version of CoD MW3. But even that is arguable. There isn’t a single trace of Dirty Bomb here. There aren’t even traces of more recent CoDs even though they definitely used the CoD series as inspiration.

      • I don’t know but I doubt you know a lot about games referring to the Flash you mentioned, no 3D Game out there uses Flash, especially not as a UI. Flash is a dead ever since people started to switch over to HTML5 and none of them is used in a Game. things are done with Far more advanced Tools. And what the guy above says is absolute rubbish as well.

  4. Log in
    Start a match
    End match
    “Very good game”
    Go to Store
    Try to buy a new weapon
    See “repair option”
    Quit game

    • Yeah, how dare they implement a system that works in the west!? I’m sure you’d much rather have a typical “rent a gun” mechanic. -_-

        • Riight. Because all games can definitely be Counter-Strike. Unreasonable expectations make for a life of disappointment. Sometimes I feel like you people deserve more games like Lawbreakers.

          • Projecting as always, eh, Curst?
            If disinterest in a dull game is a tell for “unreasonable expectations” that lead to “a life of disappointment”, what does your spiteful existence on this site indicate?

            On a side note, there are thousands of failed games like Lolbreakers and Ironsight releasing every year on Steam. Most people won’t even see them without manually searching, thanks to recent changes on the Steam store that filter them out. More of them could suddenly appear in large quantities and it wouldn’t affect us in any noticeable way. LOL


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