Otherland takes players to a sci-fi setting built around the universe of novelist Tad Williams. How does it hold up though? Being with multiple developers and publishers before ever really releasing usually isn’t a good sign.

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  1. The game looks interesting, will definitely blend different landscapes. Also this year showed how games (Witcher3, Dying Light, The War of Mine, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter) developed by independent Polish studios become successful titles so hopefully this one will as well! Now let’s go to Steam and check it out myself:)

  2. This actually looks pretty good kinda reminds me of PSO 2 with a skyforge like view the visuals are nice but they seem to need work on improving the combat system the auto target system is unappealing with me seeing it reminds me to much of arch age.

  3. Magicman, the system in place to submit applications for writers doesn’t seem to be moving along. Is there any way I can send an application directly to yourself or another member of the team?


  4. I have no idea what action did you see in there Magicman but i hope you were kidding… i was about to fall a sleep during that action of yours…

  5. Looks okay. Might try it after some of the bugs are ironed out of the game. Probably won’t hold my attention very long like most games now a days with college going on now. A game that will be a game that about the story and action we take and later consequence. Not Graphics. Graphics are just a plus to the game. Hence why I like Bioware games and star wars knight of the old republic (not the MMORPG).

  6. It’s not about wat games look nowadays, these games like skyforge that look great are total crap games, it’s not about graphics and the second gamers realize this we can start getting quality games.

  7. I have something to say this looks like shit,
    but this game looks like shit,compared to 2010-20015 era mmos I’m sorry to say this magicman!

    • Meh, I think it’s more “run of the mill” than total shit. Still going to push forward a bit to see if it makes itself different in anyway a little later in the content. 🙂


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