It’s the first time a Western audience has been able to get their hands on a localized version of Revelation Online and although still has a ton of work to do on that front (this felt more like a late alpha than a first closed beta), we wanted to make sure you MMOBombers got a peek at the game from day 1!

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  1. It looks like an interesting game so far, at least to give it a try if nothing else. The Occultist’s multiple branches is what really drew me to checking out the website. I will give it a try and see its worth my time. As for everyone else it looks like the best thing to come out of this game is Magicman’s review. If that’s that case then the next review for this game will be amazing.

    Keep up the great work Magicman!

  2. it looks lame and dated designs that never worked in the first place.

    i hear its full of RNG like BDO but here extra RNG for armors and weapons aswell

    • To me it feels like they are trying to fill it with black desert online,blade of soul, and maybe a little of world of warcraft and maybe not sure but maybe tera online.

  3. Looks great, has potential, but… I thought this was Revelation Online? All I see is Blade & Soul with wings (bad translation included). Nothing new, just another basic Asian MMO. 2/10 imo.

  4. I didn’t expect much and I still was disappointed. Even before I managed to log into the server, I already noticed the game runs on DX9. Really? In 2016? Then it was the chinese/russian “occurrence”. I expected some missing translations but oh boy was I wrong, so much stuff missing and a lot of the translated content barely made any sense. Then there was the actual gameplay which was an F+Space simulator followed by cutscenes and then some more cutscenes and then some cutscenes you couldn’t even skip. During the first 30 minutes of my gameplay(before the eu servers went down) I killed like… 10 monsters by randomly mashing my buttons because I couldn’t figure out how exactly half of my skills worked because of poor translations. Of course it’s just a closed beta and there is definitely much more to come, but I definitely prefer more western MMOs and this one is just so typically asian that I will probably not be bothered with it in the future.

    • *snorts*
      Can you even tell the difference between the three DX’s?
      It’s okay to b!tch about sh!tty translation efforts but people who b!tch about DX or graphics always make me laugh.

      And western mmos? like what? Tetris?
      Sure most asian mmos suck, but there are a few good ones as well.

    • All I see is “whine whine about useless stuff, I am so pro west, I post under different names, because I have no life, I live on MMOBOMB”.

      • Too bad you go to other websites and its all the same sht by a lot of other people. They are shtting on this game left and right and by people who have been around for many years. On for example, you have threads around like “dont buy this game” and “HYPE METER” followed by OP saying
        “Lets watch the hype meter flucutate now that RO is exposing itself to be what it was obviously going to be; a terrible attempt to cash grab in a shittily ported crap L2 version 8.0. This is going to be hilarious”
        With comments like
        “Probably the biggest pile of crap I’ve played in a long time, MMO wise for sure.”
        “The entire game is incredibly cheap feeling when you actuallu play it.”
        “the questing is horrible , and the gameplay while “ok” lets much to be desired for some classes , graphics are good enough , the only cool thing is flying

        :/ , but that wont save a horrible game”
        “the localization is really bad.

        in current state the game is targetting trilingual players that can read mandarin, russian and english.

        how this state of the game was allowed to be released as beta to western players is really mind boggling.”
        “The localization is horrible but the base game is going to be deemed “average” by most people’s standards.”
        “Poor animations, not even 90% translated, looks the same as something like Age of Wushu, except worse.”
        “I thought the movement felt “off”, hard to explain. The 3 control systems don’t feel that great. The text is a mix of chinese, russian, and very rarely english. The audio is all chinese (yeah, it’ll get patched).”
        “The localization is the only issue for me and only gets worse as you get higher. Sure its the first cbt phase but really dropped the ball. Almost felt like they didn’t even pick up the ball.”
        “Nice try, but that tired old excuse of “it’s beta” isn’t gona fly here. First of all, this is not a new game, it is just a localized version of a game that has been live for a year or more.”
        “Charging money for entry only to have 10% of the game translated is a complete joke.

        Its also just another run of the mill Asian theme park that is maybe slightly better than garbage like Echo of Soul, Cabal 2 and Riders of Icarus but has way worse actual gameplay than BDO, Tera and ArcheAge.”
        “The beta excuse is nonsense since the game has been out in 2 other markets for a very long time. These are just games that have run their course in Asia and get dropped into the Western market for some quick dollars.

        They don’t even bother to translate them anymore it seems.”

        This is just some comments out of only 2 of the many threads by many different registered users on 1 forum out of many forums. Thanks for inviting a whole world of trash talking from around the internet. You wont be able to discuss any of this on because of the censorship. Keep opening your mouth kid. It further ruins the games reputation. Get Rekt Son.

  5. i’m getting sick of all these old games being released with graphics from 2004, why did i get a 970 if i can’t even use it on half these games.

    • Cuz you’re stupid, why else. 😀
      It’s todays trend to sell tech that you can’t even use to it’s full potential.
      They sell it because people want it, why they want it?
      Nobody even cares why they want it.
      They just want it for wanting sake. Haha.

  6. Let’s just make an example for people who don’t seem to get it.
    Let’s assume that the game has 1 mil words in it k?
    Let’s assume that the company employs 5 people who can translate at least 20k words per day.
    Yes, that would 100k words daily combined.
    How long that would take?
    Yes, 1 mil words would take just 10 days. +- 5 days for spellchecks or whatever.
    Let’s toss in another 10 days for ui adjustments.
    25 days total.

    Now how long been mulling it over by now?
    It’s been MONTHS now wasn’t it?
    And what do they have to show for it?
    You have seen it for yourself in first looks yes?

  7. Quick cash grab to meet quotas. This wasn’t even ready for a beta. Imagine if a game released in China was in Spanish/random language. They had a year to translate and even delayed beta to make it look like they were busy. News Flash! ANIME is released everyday and translated within hours. Like get the basics at the very least. There were no F’s given.
    Let’s report it in the bugs section!.. oh wait. You’re not allowed to. So if some game breaking bug was there effecting everyone, where do you post? Oh somewhere you’re not allowed to post.: Ah! Makes sense.. /sarcasm
    Mods will delete/lock/censor anything negative on the forums regardless if you are NICE about criticism. Insert random innocent message from mods for locked threads and nothing for deleted. If you think it’s fine, it will be gone soon enough. Sometimes they let things sit for an hour or so until they feel the urge to remove it randomly without notice. Why is there nothing negative at all in General? Because Nazi style mods.

    • sure i agree that revelation online was just overhyped and nothing special, but you can’t really be serious that you can compare a 20 minute anime episode with a game that if they left you alone, you won’t be able to translate it in 2 months

      • Like really? I’m not sure if you are projecting your own reading/learning deficiencies onto others because it seems like you couldn’t even read what I said properly.

        I never said “hype” AT ALL. So wtf you agreeing with me on that?

        Do you live in the real world because in the real world a 5th of it is Chinese. I live in CA and there are a lot of areas with a lot of Chinese. I even work with 2 bilingual Chinese people. Have you ever seen live broadcasting where someone translates on the spot? Did you grasp the part where I said, “Like get the basics at the very least. There were no F’s given?” I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people out there that don’t read Chinese like a kindergartner. I’m pretty sure a lot are intelligent enough to do that. They should be able to read it out loud and translate it in an efficient manner. THEY ARE GETTING PAID. How long to “Get The Basics?” 1 Year. How could you not even have the first days worth of gameplay properly translated? People say it all over the place, this wasn’t even ready for beta. So why hell did they bother releasing it? My first sentence, read it.
        What is wrong with some people on the internet. Like your entire response was like, wtf? At the very least, the internet should be like 18+ because of all the crazy stuff on it. That would filter out a lot of gibberish and keep pedophiles at bay at the very least.

    • You are a fecking idiot. Your comparison makes no sense. Stop talking, please. Because you just made a complete fool of yourself. Man, I thought stupidity had limits, but you just proved otherwise.

  8. West and eu both really slow when it comes down to porting games over.
    All they need to do is to translate the most common language in the world.
    And they fail even that, by the looks of it.
    They really need to learn from japs how it’s done.
    Jap publishers can do in days what out publishers do in months, and in months what out publishers would do for years.

    • It’s sad that they slow down when it comes to porting them over. I know most companies don’t care if the company they find as a publisher cares about the game or not but I think it would help if they look for the companies that do care about making their game great and not just the money but that’s just my 2 cents on that.

    • Unless you speak both Chinese and English, this rant about “most common language in the world” is kind of baseless. 😛 I speak Russian and English (also have some superficial knowledge of Spanish and German). Now I’m learning Japanese and it’s a fair bit alien in structure.

      Translation from any Chinese-based language requires as much writing skills as it does translation, which makes localization slower. Japanese and (South) Koreans have it relatively easy in this regard (both for import and export of games) because of heavy westernization, not the Chinese though.

      But never mind all that. Did you just call Russian publishers ( “western”? o_o Flattering as it sounds, even I don’t think we ever do things the western way. XD

      • The “unless you” rant is baseless.
        It’s not me who is busy translating revelation after all, they do hire and pay graded translators do they not?
        I sure hope so, for everyone’s sake.
        Or maybe they just spent it all on vodka instead.
        That would explain the speed for sure.

        Or perhaps they put everything through google translate first and then it’s half-assedly finished by somebody who can barely put 2+2 together when it comes down to Chinese and English? But is cheap to hire.
        Cuz, surely looks like it so far.
        This way some half-assed work is still being done and they got loads of vodka on top, win-win.

        Regardless it’s fking slow as ballz, as usual in west and eu.
        And yes, i do consider Russians to be part of west/eu circle when it comes down to games.
        Or what, you want me to glue them to Asians?

        • All I wanted to say is that there are objective reasons why translation from Chinese to any western language (Latin and Greek branches) takes more time than any other kind of translation job, especially when it comes to videogames.

          Difficulty of translation is only the beginning, there’s also all sorts of problems caused by average word length in Chinese vs Japanes or Russian. It’s often required to heavily rework interface to fit in western words.

          Problems don’t end there either. Dealing with character genders in dialogues turns into a nightmare as well. They don’t use as much “he/she/it” in Chinese and in many cases you can’t really omit those in English (and especially in Russian). And the list goes on.

          As for Russian game copanies, sure, why not “glue them to Asians”? The grind is there, some overly “hardcore” features are there, lack of “quality of life” features is there, highly competitve nature is there, aggressive cash shop is there. They sure try to put on a western appearance, but things rarely go beyond that.

          But that’s the way I personally see it… Actually I was always curious about that. How does the westren playerbase view Russian games and publishers? Are they just as foreign to you as those of Korean or Chinese origin?

          • Heh. Perhaps you have a point.
            But then again you are not a game dev nor you are fluent in Chinese, all speculation nothing more.
            But that can be applied to me as well.

            Thing is Russians went into mmorpg world relatively recently.
            Personally i see them as children given that shiny awesome toy they want to play with so badly that they will sell their last shirt in order to pay for it, even if that shiny awesome toy is actually a giant pile of sh!t in disguise. No offense.

            They’ll learn, i hope.
            They do seem to have much better sense of money than the west/eu m0rons after all. Our morons seem to be fine with supporting any pile of sh!t they can get their hands on, even if it’s not in disguise. Really hopeless lot i tell ya.

            As for publishers a bit early to say since pretty much the only Russian publisher doing something significant is
   is greedy however, but they seem to know better than to put blatant p2w all over their games for west/eu games, they at least try to hide it well.. for now that is.

            I wonder how will they change once they realize how stupid the average gamer in west/eu is. Probably will be the birth of something worse than aeria games.

            Anyways, the future looks full of wallets and wallet-warriors as far as i can tell. After all i doubt you can expect any kind of honor from a game company.. nor from stupid people with too much money, am i wrong?

    • You do understand that it is not just the Translation they are working on do you ?
      Translating Million words takes time and ther it isn’t done then you make sense of what you just translated and then put into a Sentence.
      Then you still have to make the Game mechanics more appealing to the market because every market is different, grinding games like Tera would have never stood a chance if they would have kept it the way it was, they had to change Quests, mechanics, Story and what not.
      Even censoring is part of the port, Asian games usually dont have much problems with either nudity or explizit content but the Western Laws do have a Problem with that so the company responsible for the port has to pull stuff out of there arse because the Original Developer wont support them on that.
      And now a thing aside from the game and a proof you are just sad and alking out of your arse, Russians only entered the MMO market recently ? The hell are you talking about ? Russian Companys are porting and creating games for almost 15 years when it comes to MMO’s. Just because you only saw it recently doesent mean it must be the truth.
      You don’t know shit about anything so please stop talking, and before you start by saying “You are no Dev” Yes, i was a dev on some Games in the Past, mostly Private Servers and i did worked on Translations on some community Translations. so stop talking like you know shit since you clearly don’t.

      • Yes i do understand that it is translation they are working on. You on the other hand, seem to be missing that part though.
        This game is not new it was completed at least a year ago there is nothing else to work on but translation and ui adjustments, bare minimum.

        Million words? Lmao did you personally calculate how many words that game has or something?

        Mechanics? yeah right.
        The game will be just like Chinese version +- one or two features. Just like games they sometimes port from japs that sometimes get a little extra censuring for west/eu.
        In this case too, it won’t be anything special either feel free to stop your wild imagination now.
        Also you may want to notice that the game isn’t exactly being published BY the west, simply FOR the west and EU.
        Hence nobody sorta kinda gives much fk about western laws at, dig? That’s what the agreement is for, yes the one you accept automatically once you log in into any mmo.

        Next, before barking at me about Russian games you may want to notice the “mmorpg” part about what i said.
        (not that there are that many russian non-mmos lol)
        And what i said is the truth, how many Russian mmos are out there? I think i can count them on one hand.
        Even Skyforge is not completely Russian, since it was a collaboration with a western company. And since with the exception of allods and maybe one more i don’t really recall any others they’re likely to be so sh!t they not even worth remembering whatsoever.

        Also i doubt you in particular have anything to do with mmos beyond tinkering with server emulator sh!t.
        Big deal.

        Anything more to say?

        I think we’re done. Thanks for the laugh.

        • Yep i am Laughing about how Pathetic you are. Nuff said. You know nothing, not even the slightest bit about Game Development and Porting yet you talk big, keep being a laughable existance since that is at least something you are good at oh wait you are good at talking out of your arse.
          Good job at being a miserable existance, i wouldn’t even want to step on you by accident.

      • Take a chill pill you fecking raging no lifer. That whole wall of text with so many grammar mistakes is just too painful to read. And you worked on private servers and did community translations? Big deal. That is easy and NOTHING compared to real software development and programming. So YOU are the one talking out of your ass. Now go leave that basement at your parents house and buy those chill pills.


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