Take to the sky in Nexon’s upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Riders of Icarus. Featuring a massive list of creatures to tame and an impressive collection aspect, this MMORPG sticks closely to traditional MMORPG tropes but breaks out something new when it comes to mounts and flying combat.

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  1. Riders of CPU usage, but is a cool game i just trying to jump of a cliff to a giant bear back’s and failing every time

  2. I get a huge deja-vu feeling with this game: Tera x EOS x Dragon’s Prophet. I know I shouldn’t compare (Same issue with people comparing every single MMO with World of Warcraft), but the painful thing is, those earlier named games did a few things better than this one. The game has a few optimization issues and the frame drop with many effects becomes extremely IN YOUR FACE, which is weird, considering I’m playing on a set-up that can run The Witcher 3 on high settings.

  3. Had high hopes after the action combat news, sadly was much more disappointing then expected, they really have a long way to go with it and get it on level with other action combat games. Also seems Ill be waiting a bit before getting back into it because of the optimization, the stutters for the first time in any game made me sick, may have just been the influx of new players in the zone lagging things so we’ll see.

    • it happened in current patch and was way better in previous beta – i never fell below 60fps on ultra 4k. now it’s a pain but it is already ongoing and fix should be applied soon. this is closed beta after all.

      • Yeah, CB2 went pretty well, so thought it was one of those ironed out parts. The combat was the big disappointment of CB3 though, not really action combat and more just free aiming.


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