Tencent has decided to go ahead and jump into the battle royale genre on its own, even though they have one of the biggest pieces of that pie in PUBG. Can Ring of Elysium make a big dent in the genre and a big addition to Tencent’s pocketbook?

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    • What’s so special about it? It’s just Battle Royale – all you do is spawn, look for weapons, shoot, die and repeat. The most idiotic game mode ever.

      • Spawn, kill, die – these are in 99% of the games. Don’t know about you, but BR gives me adrenaline while playing it, it makes heart beat faster… that is the thing that i love in BR. And this game ROE is perfect for me: kinda realistic, first person, free

        • There is no skill required for Battle Royale. That’s why there are championships for LoL and CS:GO, but not for Battle Royale. Because it’s a joke.

          It’s popular among 12 year olds and it’s the most boring and unimaginative game mode conceived so far. You spawn, look around buildings, find weapons, shoot some people, get shot and repeat.

          You don’t do that in CS:GO or traditional shooters, where you are required to think. There is no RNG in CS:GO. Battle Royale is all RNG – it’s one big gamble – you never know where you spawn, you never know what you will find, you never know where people are, there is no thought process whatsoever.

          It’s a garbage fad that will die out as soon as the 12 year year olds that play it grow out of it.

          • That’s the point of battle royale games. People play it for that. Mostly for fun and the RNG. You can’t say battle royale games are sh*t just because that’s what you think. I mean okay you want to play and think then play those games that you just said. People will play what they want and have their own preferences. Nobody’s forcing you to like or play battle royale games. Why are you even here? And for sure there are older people who play battle royale games. I understand Fortnite though. That games is mostly played by kids.


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