Skyforge is the free to play “becoming a god” MMORPG developed by The Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment and published by Start as an immortal and build your following helping the world on your way to becoming their god.

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  1. Sorry but there review is on a level of a level 5 account in wow/gw2 talking about level 70 raids.. too many things are wrong..

    • Give another class a shot. I actually was planning on going cryomancer myself but found the Paladin was much more appealing.

  2. the game looks pretty fun hell I was even gonna buy a founder’s pack despite my better judgement but I keep getting an error xD contacted support and the best I got out of em was “We are waiting for our billing team to get back to us” So I kinda gave up on that not worth the hassle for a game that’s suppose to be free to play I’ll just wait will open beta to give it a shot

  3. I’ve played the game for about 4 hours now and so far its OK, i would wait off on buying into the beta and try it out when its open beta. If u like pvp u’ll be pretty happy and they say they will be adding territory wars ( think pwi).

  4. Well, that was a last look at that game for me. This is just another money grabbing, non-challenging, repetitive generic piece of trash that requires no cooperation and has no reason to be a MMO. The only challenging these kinda games feature are, how long can you play before you go insane from boredom? I really wish, how do we challenge are players? Was more of a focal point. I can’t wait for Black Desert. I really hope its not another disappointment. And I hope it gives reason to being a MMO again.

  5. Looks like the type of game that’s fun for about 3 hours, then you hit a huge grind, then you get really really bored.

    • You expected anything different from the team behind Allods? Allods was exactly what you for a few hours then a large grind and a black hole of boredom. It’s just this is a much prettier sister to that horrid game.

    • I’m not saying that Skyforge is the way you describe it, but do you really prefer games that are fun for about 3 hours and then you hit level cap and then there’s nothing left for you to do?

      • I love when I see that kind of question tossed in regards to mmos..

        So many people love to use the “if leveling were so fast and then you hit cap and have nothing to do…”

        If there’s nothing to do at cap, chances are the stuff that came before it meant exactly as much–nothing. If time is literally the only factor for an MMOs longevity, where the developers could not come up with meaningful content and instead chose to force slower progression as a replacement, maybe something is wrong with the game. Wild idea, huh?


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