Dive in to Steel Ocean, the F2P naval warfare game from ICE Entertainment and Changyou Ltd! Sail the seas looking for high-caliber action or prowl beneath the waves in a submarine and sink the enemy fleet with a barrage of torpedoes!

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  1. why is it that everyone thinks Wargaming versions are better when it clear for the past 6 years Wargaming panders to the modders and cheaters too much and wont fix the game mechanics 6 yrs and still they not fixed it. Armored Warfare got it right from the start no MODS no Premium Ammo a PvP side but also a PvE side to the game both of which are 300% better than WoT version so by not allowing MODS the ability to CHEAT is removed to a certain extent which is better for the game and the players as it is then SKILL and knowledge
    World of Warships sadly started out good then fell into the MOD’s trap and the i get killed too easy brigade and again that game has sadly gone downhill faster than a lead tugboat

    so before you slate another Wargaming clone just think of all the time and effort someone other than Wargaming has gone into to make the game how it should be with better matchmaking better gameplay and not pandering to the cry baby mentality, Give the game a chance to see how much better it can be first

    • Well, “Wargaming versions” don’t need to be “better” to stay ahead of everyone else, they only need to be larger than predecessors and more polished than successors. Just look at Blizzard if you want proof.

      Besides, this Steel Ocean has a large number of issues of its own. Personally I just hate how you’re supposed to stop and zero in if you want to hit anything at medium to long range. That’s not how naval warfare shoud work. Battleships are stable gun platforms, they don’t need to drop the anchor before firing.

      • oh my if anyone were ever going to try this steel game theres not a slim chance in hell they would now after reading your well shared truth. ty for letting us know how actually fkd up sht is over there. was already gonna pass on it but now if a friend brings it up im just gonna say fk that sht forever.lol

  2. Ok the submarine is cool but really can you rip off World Of Warships anymore =) Like most clones this may or may not survive however not many have against Wargaming they seem to have that corner nailed. I do have to give credit though some clones are very cool and offer some elements that Wargaming doesn’t offer one i will mention that i do like a lot is Armored Warfare but like WoT being the main game not many players came to it and is a bummer because in its own way is good game. So with this we will see how it goes ?

    • This game is actually closer to World of Tanks than to World of Warships. The wary armor vs penetration works, having to zero in before shooting and all that.

      Also submarines get old very fast, at least to me. And so does the lack of ability to use all guns at the same time. It forces you to constantly switch between main guns and secondary guns which makes you feel like a lowly sailor running between the turrets and trying to operate them manually.


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