Survarium is a post-apocalyptic shooter set in eastern Europe after an ecological catastrophe. In the aftermath of the calamity, groups of survivors have banded together to form groups known as Scavengers, The Fringe Settlers, The Black Market and The Renaissance Army.

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  1. Just want to clear the air here…
    First of all, about shooting mechanics, the point is that it’s supposed to be clunky. This isn’t a typical modern military shooter, they are trying to give an atmosphere of post apocalyptic struggle. There is currently ONE assault rifle (and it’s pretty overpowered), ONE scoped weapon, it nails the atmosphere.

    Keep in mind it’s closed beta… most audio files are placeholders, lot of balance issues and lag issues of course. There is no tutorial yet so most things you will just have to discover on your own (for example where the artifacts are hidden). I think “putting on clothes” is fairly obvious, and it’s also fairly obvious that sitting in poison gas will kill you pretty quickly. Some people are a little more bullet spongy if they are wearing body armor, but this body armor is heavy and drastically reduces that player’s stamina. You can take full limb damage, for example, getting shot in the arm can prevent you from shooting, reloading, aiming, switching weapons etc. for a short period, and will reduce aim, getting shot in the leg can prevent you from walking, or sprinting, and will reduce speed, all of this depending on how severe the injury is. There is regenerating health but it is very slow, however it can be sped up with medkits or the Lakspur artifact.

    I honestly think this guy maybe spent 5 minutes in menus before playing because he missed a lot of things that I thought were fairly obvious on my first playthrough. The game is not at all paywin, at least not in it’s current state, I have way more in-game money than I know what to do with.

    I think PvP mode is pretty unique, compared to other FPS games, it feels slow, and tactical. You get more points for playing the objective than you do killing people. There is a lot of opportunity for teamwork. Future modes will not be PvP only but will have AI enemies similar to the STALKER games, however keep in mind this is not STALKER by any stretch, it is a different game and a different franchise, and it is very much in closed beta so treat it that way.

  2. I played the closed beta. Its crap. Ugly crapigs and weird weapons. The mg does no dmg and has an uber recoil and the rifle just one hits everyone. It also looks like a pay2win game. This game won’t survive for long. Give it 1-2 years and no one knows it anymore.

  3. Hi, I’m White Rabbit from MMO magazine MMOSvět for Czech and Slovak players and I would like to say after watching this video that I’m really disgusted by how low MMOBOMB dropped. This Spunkify videocreator knows nothing about this game and he should be not doing any video about it if he has no information. As Curst said this game is really good and it would be a shame to not try it just because Spunkify has no idea and is talking nonsenses. He even doesn’t know how to put on his pants in the game?! Are you kidding me? Next time dont let him destroy a good game for so many people please. This video is full of lies and misleading informations!

    • Agree with you White Rabbit,he didn’t even put effort into looking how the game works lol worst first look from this site.

    • What did he lie about?

      There were clearly some things he was confused about, and he expressed that confusion in his comments.

      Didn’t seem to me like he was lying about anything, just describing stuff that you can see jsut by watching the video.

    • First Looks are meant to give your first impressions. Everything he said was backed by what took place in the video. The game is janky, with piss poor shooting mechanics. That is FACT. The mechanics that he did not understand he said he did not understand.

      I don’t know what you mean by “doing a video with no info on the game” but it seems to me that you don’t understand what a first look is and are just butt hurt that the did not sit well with Spunkify. If you watch the video on youtube you would see many people agree with him as his criticisms are not unfounded.

      Calling the game a 24 Open Beta, only served to heighten expectations and unfortunately it met none of them and plays like a game in Alpha State. That is all.

  4. Half of this video all I heard was “Bitch bitch bitch, I rather be playing COD cause the muzzle flash is to bright and recoil is to hard to control QQ”.

    This game is a insult to Stalker just like ESO is a insult to the Elder scrolls series. Its something that should have never been done if they were going to lame it down. It looks like atmosphere is about the only thing they got right so far. Not holding my breath for this one, probably going to be another buy our cash shop cosmetics and premium, then let us run with your money MMO.

    • I actually play a lot of Red Orchestra 2 which has a steep learning curve and hardcore FPS mechanics. I am not new to that, but the combination of those things you mentioned make it nearly impossible to accurately aim downsight once you start firing.

  5. the game is good, but i would like to see more games like Blacklight Retribution, where the setting is a bit futuristic, with weapons that dont really exist, because there are plenty of games using real life weapons and i find it really boring

    • They are using “brainless team deathmatch” to iron out existing optimisation and connectivity issues as well as weapons balance and other similar things.

  6. Spunkify is as clueless as ever. 😛 “Alien” plants don’t grant superpowers, they are a chemical hazard. Stick around them for too long and you’ll die from poisoning. There are also sites with radiation, fire and electrical hazards. Some can be countered by protective gear (rebreathers, radiation suits, etc.), others can only be avoided.

    Damaged body parts affect gameplay greatly. It takes spunkify to not notice it. Wounded hands lower accuracy and increase weapon sway (critical wounds will prohibit you from doing anything with your hands), wounded legs slow you down or prohibit movement at all depending on how serious the wound is, etc.

    • rakanms…..Get out of here. Who are you trying to be like The Mountain? I MOUNT YOU BABY!!!!

      Spukey….When will you do a First Look video of The Mountain doing his thing?

        • No hands?….That’s because you wave them in the air like you don’t care as I continue my mounting of you.

          Consider yourself…STILL MOUNTED!!!



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