Swordsman Online is a new Martial Arts themed MMORPG developed by Perfect World Entertainment. Players may choose from one of 10 distinct martial arts schools, each with their own customizable ability combos and several unique fighting styles. The world of Swordsman Online is inspired by popular Chinese wuxia novels and features a story driven leveling experience filled with action packed voice acted cut-scenes.

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  1. Your review has some misinformation. First of all you get a companion quest once you hit level 25. There is a combo system you can set up combos by clicking on the plus + sign near the left of your hot bar drag basic skills to E key and pull skills from your style. Later on you can set up custom combos. There is open pvp area in the game. Each school give you costume set for your class. The shaolin can get costume set that make him look like a shaolin monk even with the bald head.

  2. Okay I’m here to give you guys the real aspect of the game.
    To summise my experience it will be boring as fk for most people. The graphics and combat integration is worst then aow but the effects and skills and abilities are better graphically and methodically. They do have similar aspect of aow and some aesthetics of 9dragons with dungeons other then dailies and a lot of grinding. Sadly no one wants to grind nowadays (neither do I after years of it). Pwe will make it pay to win, as far as my experience in beta it will be. worstly is the pk system so far its disgusting. No safe zones or spawn safe zones like in wushu so if youre laggy when you enter a map there will be people there spamming cc and killing you. Not even a penalty system. Good you dont lose xps when you die but you can lose unbound items, and you cant even hunt the pkers till lvl 50. If I missed anything reply and ill help you out. I was lvl 45 in first 2 days from continual grinding but now all i can say is that im bored out of my mind. No point in keep top 50 spot when it doesnt even feel worth the time. they do have good cut scene and story might be interesting but i would rather watch that on youtube then have to waste 2 months of grinding.

    • 1. first of all when you enter a map u get 1 min protection from pvp(Disappear when u move)
      2. there are more than 1 way to enter a map
      3. u can hunt the pkers at lv 30 cuz thats when pk starts
      4. its not a Grind game i leveled easily from 1 – 46 without grinding doing only instance and events in 4 days
      and players only drop bound stuff or unbound stuff if they have RED NAME normal players won’t drop items from bag

  3. We are almost 2015 and yet some retards still make shitty games like this one,does Perfect World expect someone to play this crap?Gameplay sucks.Graphics are okay..the UI is shit.This game will die before you know it.

  4. One thing for everyone,P2W examples:
    Pay for Equipment overpowered that cant be taken with in game money
    Pay for Costume with insane stats
    Pay for privileges
    Pay for in game money
    And are other things that are pay 2 win,but do they make a game to loose money?No.They do games to make moneys,they do games to make publicity.If you want a game that is no p2w,play games that dont require internet and if you don`t like online games and you consider them P2W don`t play them,you don`t need to play a game because you are not obligated to play it,if you really like a game that is P2W you should invest time by playing it to be better than those who actually pay to get something,some games make the players that pay for something from they`r games to spend less time than you spend to get what they payed for.They do games that you think they are generic because it require less time and less money to spend on them,in order to make a game as you want,it require more time,more money and more resources to get it done.Swordsman online is not generic at all,it reminds me of many games i played.Play console games in order to not feel you play a generic game if is that what you feel about.

  5. Wow .. this MARTIAL ARTS MMORPG has a GREAT potential to gain big title..
    I guess the only thing they need to improve/changes are :
    – Better Interface such as mini maps design and typo
    – Better NPCs which are actives , not crowed in one place and response when get hit even tho if its not targeted.
    And finally – COMBAT SYSTEM which is actually good and to be perfect it just need to be able to MOVE/WALK while COMBAT.
    So I’m pretty sure that these improve so far as i can say will be really effective to make this game better.

    • the moving combat will never be added mainly because of the ability to play it like an old chool point and click unfortunately but the action combat play option is much funner than other point and clicks being released these days

    • every single pwi game? ur an idiot they are mostly pay to advance faster nothing that you cant get with in-game money. and since this game for the billionth time WAS NOT DEVELOPED BY PWI it will most likely be set up the same way the Chinese version is which is once again pay to advance a bit faster.

    • it can be PW2 in open world but in arena no matter how much money u spent in your gear it won’t matter since arena pvp get both parties to same stats and u use your combos to take enemy down

  6. When will an actually GOOD martial arts game come out??Were all waiting for one with Tera-style combat at least,this type of game are outdated already for this generation.I bet you will not hear anymore of this game just like Age of Wushu/Wulin.

  7. I played this game till lvl 30 and tought it was awesome.. the cut scenes are really cool <3 ! i prefer it much more then age of wushu or wulin.. for some reason.. this game has something.. the story line is also in 1 word amazing <3 !

    • how is it generic u can use 3 diff types of combat control all with differ greatly and u gain access to 4 diff skill sets one at start than 20,40 and 60 and can mix and match all the skills plus open pvp adds a whole new layer to the game as well as acrobatic feats and cutscenes go fin me another game that does that and than you can call it generic before u judge a game play for more than 5 min k thx bye

  8. the game is so much inferior to Age of Wulin, even the combat requires you to stay in one place in order to cast a spell

    and NPCs look like they are recycled from a 2005 game

    • ur incredibly wrong age of wushu/wulin is far inferior filed with hackers and is completely p2w so get ur head out ur ass and stop comparing an amazing game to a pos like wu shu and yes u may have to stand still but at least there is the action combat option unlike wushu

      • whats amazing about it?

        the graphics? no
        the game play? no

        the fact that its just a visually overhauled Forsaken World? yeah, thats probably what makes it so amazing

        just for the record, no one plays on Snail Games’ Age of Wushu, only on Webzen’s Age of Wulin, i play there, there is a descent population on just one server (unlike how on Snail Games people are scattered on 4-5 servers with barely anyone on each of them)

        the only good thing about Swordsman is the cutscenes, the game play is HORRIBLE, in a martial arts kung fu world, there cant be a sect that has projectiles or some magicians, that doesnt make sense, even the guy who wrote the novel knows that

        do you know the definition of action combat? because neither Age of Wulin, neither this game Swordsman has it, in fact no MMO has it, because they are doing it all wrong

        action combat isnt moving around and hitting multiple targets or not having sticky targeting, it means that you deal different damage

        depending on how you hit your opponent
        with what weapon
        how much force are you using
        the type of attack you choose
        the place on his body you hit him at

        there is one sandbox mmo about medieval knights that is trying to achieve the ACTUAL action combat

        in the end, i want you to explain to me what is so great about this game, because im failing to see it, and ive played many, many… many MMORPGs over the years, and just spending 30 minuts in each one i can see the patterns of the game

        apparently you arent a real gamer with taste if you like this game, because its an utter waste of time, and gamers should know best how to invest their time

          • he was owned by the game and if he think AoW is better than swordsman online he`s wrong,why?because AoW require more time,for example you have to make the food to survive in game,if you dont have food you will loose hp and another thing is the stalls,premium users even dont need to be online to sell something,premium users can buy unbound gold with real money,premium users have privileges and if you do crafting,cooking or other things to make unbound money were is the fun?if you want to play a game just for making money and stay alive u can play games in browser that have same thing like farming or resources farming,if they say its action combat they should get rid of those useless things like eating for not starving or make only one type of in game money,no unbound…another thing is,only one clan can kidnap freely and the others cant.So those who think i`m idiot,noob or other things,you should shut up and play the game,after that tell me i`m wrong

        • Allwynd ur a newb they didn’t even make this game it has been out in china for a while so they didn’t jsut overhaul fw’s graphics

        • and also action combat isn’t necessarily jsut what u think it is either every one can consider it something diff for me and many others action combat entails only one thing aiming and using skills with the mouse instead of clicking on enemies and tab targeting which this game does

    • actually you don’t stay in one place in order to cast spells ahahaha you have a lot of freedom on this game to cast while moving that is all I do on my harmony class is cast while moving so you are wrong there.


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