Looking for some quick-and-dirty tank battling action without all that pesky realism getting in the way? Here’s our First Look of Tanki X, a free-to-play tank game that offers plenty of fast and fun action!

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  1. These maps make no sense, why would u use tanks in such building crowded areas making 0 use of their actual range and stuff.
    Maybe to support some infantry but its not the case.
    Dont get me wrong, i hate tank and ww games so im not promoting any other tank themed game but this looks more like a reskinned FPS game, replacing ur usual soldier guy with tanks…. in such crowded places…
    This game wasnt thought out well.

  2. Fun game for a minute, but then it starts feeling lacking, another 5 minutes passed and you feel empty inside.
    More like a multiplayer demo, not an actual game, way too few features to call it a game. It’s a be lucky to get behind the enemy game, since even aiming is mostly done by the program, you just have to face simewhat towards the enemy.
    This is the first game I have encountered, which could make me bored within 15 minutes.


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