Time to check out United Front Games’ jump into the online space with Triad Wars. While NOT a sequel to the popular Sleeping Dogs title, Triad Wars bring the same universe and similar game play to an asynchronous online medium. Hey, at least they avoided charging for cool down timers!

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  1. After trying endlessly to make them to listen to its player base..
    Add female characters?! no ok…
    add fight clubs and more story??! no ok…

    yea the game feels like a sleeping dog demo only worse alot is needed to be done to make this game good and every podcast so far has been meh to say the least.. we made weapon drops (favors more frequent) and bla blah blah cosmetics.. lol no one cares since the world is you alone its the first mmo thats totally singleplayer who cares..

    either they shape up fast or its bye bye sleeping dogs series.. so sad the sleeping dog was an ok game and they did this, talk about self suicide.

  2. So, they took Sleeping Dogs, removed everything that made it great (story, atmosphere, fluid combat), then added cash shop, meaningless repetitive raids and multiplayer without multiplayer.. No wonder it’s free to play. I don’t want to sound like a downer, but in all honesty I still feel like they are asking too much for their game.

  3. they called it asynchronous action RPG with MMO elements

    it means it plays like clash of clans

    you cant co op play
    and if you are looking for a Massive MMO than its not it

    but still a great game for solo … i guess

  4. ive played Sleeping dogs, and i really liked it. im looking forward to this game going open beta as well, tho ill be playing closed beta regardless

  5. This seems like a worse version of APB.

    It has a good concept but how can you play this and not thing “Why don’t I just play APB?”.

    The customization in APB along with the gameplay make it far superior, even with all the issues it has.

      • Hackers are not that bad in APB, as in meaning the power of the hacks. I’ve played more than 2.5k hours of APB and you’d have to be a really good player to be a really good hacker. The hack itself won’t make you beat good players.

        But yes, there are a lot of trigger botters and recoil, double clicking scripts, nothing too major.

        • I played the game for maybe 10 hours at most. Was gold rank without ever actually killing someone and the enemies were always exploiting stuff and most likely hacking too (I would get shot in the head by guys on roofs while they couldn’t actually see me)


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