Unturned is a sandbox survival game set in a post apocalyptic environment. As one of only a handful of survivors, players will scavenge for supplies, weapons, crafting material and more as they fend off the undead and other rogue players. While its graphics may be simplistic, Unturned features a diverse crafting system enabling players to create traps, farms, clothing, housing and more.

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  1. i played already and is very interesting but he need more updates , content and better options , i played but is to limited and sometimes you don’t have chance face to face with zombies , i hope he will fix this insue ……interesting game

  2. One of few apocalypse survival games that truly grows from the community. The dev works on this everyday and is always looking for feedback and opinions on how the game is shaped, also constantly putting out strawpolls to the community and listens to us.

    Unturned is played how you want, example, if you only want PVE you can select your server and if you want a PVP experience with your PVE you can select PVP enabled on your server, and yes, you can host your own servers on your computer.

    It starts out like many other apocalypse survival games: you start out with your fists and 4 slots for your inventory. You have a lot of places you can wander to when you spawn, like a cabin camp, small town, military base, and many more. Your main mission when you start is to grab a melee, some food with drink, and a backpack. Once you’ve acquired these necessities, you may wish to find a gun if you want to PVP, or you may want to collect seeds to start a farm, or even start chopping down trees to make yourself a cozy place to spend the night.

    The PVP system is great also, server hosts can select if players can bring in loot from their server (best for PVP) or not be able to bring loot in (Best for PVE Immersion). Their is a leaning system so you can peek corners also. You can also SHOOT OUT OF CARS (but not from the drivers seat of course)! Load some of your buddies in the trunk of your truck and do a hillbilly drive-by if you wish!

    The towns are well structured for PVP also, their are lot of CQC battles to be fought, and also small hills for sniping, but snipers can be easily flanked if you don’t post up right!

    Base raiding is also important in PVP too. People on public servers will build structured bases equipped with sniper pits, plenty of windows, and escape routes! You must observe a player’s base and attack it strategically, you never know how many players may be in there!

    Now, time to farm my crops and build my base, I recommend you do so also!

    • The Base in pvp is what i did on my first day with around 10 people we made a two story building alittle bit over the sea it was decked with gear which was our downfall someone left a moab in the corner and picked up swords from our stash since we didn’t have enough time to make a real storage to keep them in (kept getting raided) by people who for whatever reason only wanted to make us mad (which failed) since we didn’t really care :3

      Don’t make your base next to a town otherwise its to easy to find and contiguously be raided by groups of naked people u just killed if spawned near by

      was gonna write more / stop writing but eh i started already and lazy 😛

  3. Played dayz for years, I tried this game a few days ago and I did not expect to much from it but it was kinda fun. My only issue with it is joining another persons game or having people join yours without the silly timeout error. They may be working on that but all in all fun game.

    But I think ill just stick to dayz..

    • This is not mmorpg.com this is mmo so i think they can get away with massively multilayer titles and besides its a free to play game so yet again mmobomb can cover it.

  4. I think (T) for weapon modification is stolen from warface…

    this looks crap and disgusting an abomination to videogames

  5. The game has come a long way since it began, and has a long way to go. But the game-play is amazing! It’s a block-ish survival game ( Somethings aren’t block like such as trees, terrain, water, ect ) But the game is F2P and a ton of fun! So go out on steam and try it out today!


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