Versus: Battle of the Gladiator has converted to a free-to-play title, but will that be enough to draw an audience big enough so that players can actually take part in the strategic, skill based, hack & slash combat?

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  1. Game looks really fun. But with the time I got on my hands I doubt I will be able to try it out. Hope the people who are playing it are having fun though, And from what the issues Smilax is saying hope they get them fixed ASAP I hate to see a fun game get trashed because idiots have to be spammers. Personally I don’t see how it’s a problem but if spammers are making it impossible for any players to kill monsters then I see it as a problem.

    • Shut up dude. Your one of the cry babies who keep begging me to get off the site anyway. I only considered leaving since I don’t got time for MMOs anymore not because of you idiots who are upset with people like me who are only reviewing games and getting all upset in how we review it. I get how you are upset in TRIONINSHIT but my reviews are no where as bashing in the asian MMO market as his. I hardly bash the asian MMO market unless it needs bashed anyway. So stfu and have a nice life 🙂

      • Just because I review games I’m hated? Lmao you trolls are just mad because I actually like reviewing games and have to bring people down. I dont comment just to comment I comment because I like reviewing games. I don’t care if people likes me or not but I love MMOBOMB but they haven’t shown a MMO I’ve liked it’s the only reason why I stuck around.

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          • I have not spread misinformation while I’ve reviewed games. You trolls have no idea what you are talking about. I admit I might of been wrong on an article or two but I have not been wrong on every single article like you claim I have been.

          • I just came by looking for some games through the reviews and came by and noticed this. All I gotta say is from the nasty language you posted it sounds like this site would be better off without you in my opinion. No offense to anybody but I’m sure people who use nasty language and act like 12 year olds like NUB aren’t welcomed in alot of places.

          • Probably my last post. But all I got to say is I did get one. That’s why I don’t waste my time playing P2W MMOs anymore and not really playing that many video games. And I havent been posting on newer articles. I refrained from posting on articles past november 16th since I didn’t wanna keep posting on here. But it doesn’t mean I can look on here to see if theres a game I like.

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  2. Buggy, but a really fun game. Lots of complaints on spammers / 2 hit kills, but if you take more than 5 minutes it gets feeling a lot more fair.


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