Victory Command is a mash up of RTS and MOBA conventions into a surprisingly enjoyable little time sink. Petroglyph Games and PlayGrid have made the title available on Steam, but will it capture your attention for longer than an hour or two?

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  1. Nosferat on May 30, 2015

    End of nations failed just like this will fail. End of nations was supposed to be a C&C generals online type of game,they went on the moba side because someone had a “brilliant” idea, I’m guessing the CEO’s son or daughter. I can’t otherwise explain such a lack of vision,lack of clarity,lack of reality and clear judgement.

    This game? This game has the “cartoony” feel……it worked in Lol,it will not work here.

  2. lahkhet on May 29, 2015

    omg this look fun,like starcraft 2 but diff

    • asdas on May 29, 2015

      maybe a player mod where every1 only fights with units, but no you’re wrong, i have to say it

  3. asdasda on May 24, 2015

    i want to play end of nations instead, oh well

  4. Bratwurst on May 22, 2015

    It’s a really fun game and simple game to pass time with, no doubt it caters to more casual players but it still leaves room to the more serious types. One of the first few MOBAs that does not get me angry when losing.