Long predicted (and yelled about on the internet), WildStar has finally made the free to play transition. In this First Look, we’ll chat about gameplay but the REAL content is comparing and reviewing all the free to play changes.

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  1. oh and i want to say i made it to lvl 50 and in lvl 50 zones about 6-7 of them there are no players at all and even if you go back at lvl 35 onward its still the same and not to mention 1-2 hours queue times for dungeon to pop up,battlegrounds at lvl 50 are a disaster ruled by premades so dont even think about playing in pug groups you are just going to get stomped without being able to do anything and getting rating is a big no no. overall i dont think ppl are passing level 20 before they all quit…

    • Well my friend, I am level 50 myself and all of things you said above are somewhat true, but also one big lie. It’s normal to have premade groups, not every group is premade on the Battlegrounds, Dungeons and Raids don’t take long to find people(if you have a guild – it IS a lot faster) actually it’s pretty fast if you aren’t a DPS. And yes a lot of people are passing lv20, oops sorry, even hit the cap. of lv.50. So now, before you start talking bullsh!t about smth. be sure it’s true.

      • actually what you said “is one big lie” is bullshit,there are not enough tanks on the server and 90% of population is rolling dps so you are the one that is talking bullshit and if alot of ppl were passing lvl 20 they would be somewhere between lvl 35-50 but THERE ARE NO PLAYERS in those zones and about premades is normal you say? and not gettign alot of those? every 2nd bg is like that and you will never get rating cuz they are fully geared ppl that played for over a year or so what they should do is make a different queue for premade and us who queue solo

        • and to add all to this the only thing i see with your comment is that you are a big fanboy that doesnt even know anything about pvp and its balance

          • To be honest I am a big fan of WildStar, yes, but please don’t talk bullsh!t like “you are a big fanboy that doesnt even know anything about pvp and its balance” – say whaat. Child, I’ve been playing games for probably more than you have lived. Anyhow, that’s not my point, point is that, yes a lot o premades, but no – I see at least 10 people every 10 to 15 minutes in all zones from 30+
            But I do agree on the fact that, most people roll DPS and there’s a tank shortage. Also the idea of making premade and solo queue is very good, I think that should be added as well.
            Overall my point is that the game is good, give it some time, mate. It went free-to-play a week ago. It will get better I hope and believe.

          • ok since reply wont work for some reason i will do it this way,there is nothing wrong with calling you a fanboy cuz thats what you are judging by your comment and btw calling me a child without knowing my real age and assuming that you played alot more mmos than me is rly ignorant cuz of the fact that you dont know me but i wont be dragging this any longer anyways i sad what i wanted to say and nothing i said was a lie i play on eu pvp server and checked zones every day cuz ganking ppl you know thats the only thing i was doing so it wasnt a lie it was a fact and no need to respond to my comment anymore

          • is there ever an mmo that people dont bitch about the shortage of tanks and yet they dont roll one? play a tank and stop crying

  2. devs of ugly anime lineage and other crap games decided to create w/o/w – like cartoonish animation….. well you still s/u/c/k NCsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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