Take to the water in multiple locations around the world on your quest to become the ultimate angler in World of Fishing. Please be quiet when viewing this First Look. I don’t want you scaring away all the good fish!

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  1. Dont even bother with this generic crap, if you really are into fishing or just interested in playing a fishing game then I would recommend Fishing Planet, Its Also a free game and its on steam.
    Infact calling it a game is a little unjust, its more of a simulator. The graphics are really well done so is the game mechanics, game sounds and game physics.

    MMoBomb should Do a 1st look on Fishing Planet, showing this is an absolute insult, in comparison with the competition.

    • you guys should be ashamed of yourself showing this utter nonsense, when much better free games are available. I would not be so annoyed but heres the deal…..its a fishing game there are not many out there but the one you decide to show is old news re hashed yet again on mmobomb, *claps thin air sarcastically*…. bravo guys bravo, just direct any fishing fans to this rubbish why dont you.

      • You are an idiot, mmobomb.com only deal with F2P games and so what if its old, I would have more fun playing this then I would that boring ass fishing planet, also please tell me all these other F2P games that are awesome that you say they didn’t talk about yet? Q.Q take a cookie.

        • saying im an idiot doesnt make me one, if you actually read my comments you would have seen that I said its free.

          So I could call you ignorant, and a very smart man once said ignorance is the height of stupidity….ergo you are the idiot.

  2. This isnt a new game, its been out for years under the name Fishing Hero, through a korean company, its also the most Pay 2 Win game i have ever experienced in my life, they have special gold gear for $$$ that level with your character and allow you to catch and allow you to damage some of the bigger fish like marlin/Sharks, they also have gold boats which at lvl 1 go faster then the lvl 99 non cash money boats.

    The cherry on top of this Pay2Win garbage is EVEN IF U SPEND MONEY on p2w gear it only lasts 7-30 days depending on which ones u buy, after that week or 30 days is over your gear boats rods and reels get deleted which in turn makes you have to buy them again, now you might think oh i dont need to spend money to enjoy the game, and how wrong you are, i made it up to lvl 46 before i stopped playing, they give you a weeks worth of the best gear in the game to entice you to play, after all that p2w gear wore off i went and bought all the normal non $$$ gear, before i was catching x8/9 HP fish no problem, after the pay2win gear wore off i could barely get a x2 or 3 in if i had luck a x4, unless your pockets are lined with dosh, skip this game.


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