Time to set sail with Wargaming.net’s 3rd title in their free to play “World of” franchise. First we had tanks, then warplanes, and finally World of Warships sails into open beta. Come with us as we take our First Look at the game.

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  1. this game in its current state is just bad. it should not be in open beta. carriers rule the seas and battleships are the laughing stock.

    hated arty in wot? carriers are worse in this game. they simply fly up to you, release torpedos at less than 1km, making them UNAVOIDABLE (fun game design eh?) and you pretty much get taken out early in the game before you even see another ship.

    battleships are horribly inaccurate and have horrible mobility (ya know making those torpedos harder to dodge even though you can see the planes coming at you 10+km out).

    now the match making…. oh boy oh boy, this is the worst part. the game that made me quit was when i was a tier 7 battleships and got dumped into a tier 10 carrier game. 2 minutes in the carrier sinks me. fun fun fun!

    not to mention this game is hardcore designed to make you spend money. it’s not like wot where everything is pretty easy to obtain. this game is really bad with the currency. at tier 7 you make negative profits when tier 6 was completely opposite making 100k+ a game (on a free account).

    i liked the game at first… but after you put at least 100 hours into it you begin to see the flaws.

    • 1. Battleships were not meant to be solo players. If you go in alone, you die every time. Unless the enemy is even more disorganized.
      2. Battleships are not easy mode, contrary to the popular belief. In fact they are the second most difficult class. If you want it easy, you go for American cruisers. Then you’ll be able to do it all: dodge torpedoes, dodge artillery volleys, scare off enemy airplanes, not cover allied battleships with your AAA, etc.

    • What a crap :(… and prepare for pay to win game + subscription, same jew russians from belarus company world of sh i t


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