Yulgang 2 is a free-aiming action MMORPG developed by KRGsoft and based on a popular Korean manga. In Yulgang 2 players have access to a myriad of real-time combos capable of sending enemies flying. Yulgang 2 features an intricate Air Sprint system with over 15 air sprint moves which propel players through the air. Those looking for large scale PvP will find RvR, where both factions can clash in epic battles across a sprawling zone.

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  1. Well i have tried it and i kinda like it but totaly no activity of English speaking players . So gotta wait for european version

  2. The game is pretty good, and works grat for me… the air attack are a great improove in combat, and an unique feature in new mmos, a little slow in skill learning only…

    • you also dont have to come back to the NPC to end a mission and earn XP points, what is absolutely a ball breaker situation that you have to suffer in all mmos.Its a waste of time,and make most of mmos boring.

  3. The game itself seems fine so far though it’s a bit laggy which is quite annoying especially because i can’t cast some skills because of that. The download itself took me around 1-2 hours using torrent even though it showed 3 days at first.

    Been waiting for it for a while now since there aren’t any other MMORPG’s available which i want to play but if worst comes to worst i can still keep on playing Smite & DayZ.

    • Its a really huge open world, and plus, you dont have to come back all the way to the NPC, you are going foward all the time, so in half the time compared to all the other mmos out there, you were completing a mission,it is more like a regular game in that way. but you also can craft, create potions, ehance waepons, extract materials, and all the boring stuff mmos rpg players love to do in a game

    • This isn’t 2007 anymore, 10gb is pretty standard.
      If you wanna cry about game size, get Mortal Online (unless they fixed it) which was about 40gb patched around launch. I think Age of Conan is 30.


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