Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) is a third-person PvE and PvP shooter. In ZMR players can tackle expansive PvE missions, fighting against the necrotic undead, mutant monsters and other cybernetic entities. Triggering traps, repairing fortifications and evading spinning blades of doom are all required to survive. ZMR offers 7 unique PvP modes, with maps set in exotic locations.

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  1. Great post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Thanks!

        • Well I’m a GM for one of the versions. The game is really called Mercenary Online, the main version is the Philippians version, Indonesia version close down but there are other versions/regions available . So that is why i ask. I’m not sure how pinpoint the NA ZMR version is, but i do know they are catching up with releasing all the content the other versions and our version has. But to answer your question, no its not bored.

          It has PVE and PVP modes, lots of guns and items, amazing visuals, a nice fun shop/market place, you can group together, have clans, we also have events, its a very fun TPS shooter, with zombie mode as well. Its the perfect TPS online game.

          You can find some videos on my video channel, link is on the forum if you wanted to see some videos. But sorry that you don’t like it. My suggestion, try Defiance and Firefall which are great games also.

          • i agree with you about visuals the game looks nice but still PVE is fun only for a while after a that things get repetitive PVP is ruined with hackers and about weapons they are few and veeeery expansive and to revive you need to buy some expansive so come on the game wont last for long

          • you didn’t add anything new from your previous comment obviously because there is nothing to say , the game is NOT veeeeeery bad but still it wont be able to survive while there’s better games around , and when it comes to that kind of games ( 3rd person shooter ) most of people w’ll go to warframe or defiance and sorry man iam not a hater or something like that its just a simple opinion of a simple person .

          • it sucks because there are no new content released for months!!!!! gets boring after a while thats why i uninstalled… was guna buy one of them costumes but aw well…although i still appreciate the free stuff everyday whenever u put the right code… wish ud display it on ur website >.<

        • Well hackers are pretty much every PVP Game, but most if not all of the mercenary games have plenty of GM’s to combat that. I don’t know anything too much about who manages the the NA and EU versions, well the EU version i do, but we don’t support their game ( Hazard Ops ), company employees are corrupt and ignorant. But the rest of the versions have been around for years and doing just fine.

          Anyways, cheers. And as i mention, try Defiance, or Firefall. 🙂 Or try Hellgate Global, its not pay to win and most if everything you need is paid with in game money which you get alot of it. Also, there is endless amount of items and clothes and guns you get, meaning there is nothing ever the same.

          • Please don’t listen to this guy, he is a fake GM and doesn’t work for another publisher of the game.

            Shawn “GMAlonzo” Vegas is a fraud. From a simple google search he is just some kid sat in his room pretending to be a “GM”. Lol, makes me sick

            No GM discredits his game, or player base, based on published region unless he wants to be fired. It’s unprofessional and plain rude. Don’t listen guys, he jumps into every MMOBomb article made about Hazard Ops/ZMR and bashes the EU when they are doing a great job thus far, lots of content and game modes to be had!

      • PvE, fun while it lasts but after beat all the missions what is there to do after that? Grind XP and currency to unlock trinkets? Snore. Like most co-op games it relies on grinding to compensate for the lack of any real replay value. If I want to do something nauseatingly repetitive after I get home from work, I’ll take up a second job because at least then I’m being paid for my time.

        The game absurdly flags you as AFK when you die in co-op, ejecting you from the game with nothing to show for your troubles if your team doesn’t beat the wave in the next 90 seconds. Is that supposed to convince me to buy respawn tokens? Get bent. That’s an utterly insulting waste of my time and an instant uninstall.


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