3 Things We Like About: Marvel Heroes 2015 - Triple Play

Marvel Heroes is Gazillion's free-to-play ARPG that features MMO-style gameplay and progression, an extensive roster of all your favorite Marvel heroes and villians, and frequent updates and new characters to keep the game fresh and exciting!

In Triple Play, we look at a free-to-play game, new or old, that we've been playing a lot lately and think deserves a spicy dash of extra coverage.

This month's Triple Play video is Reto-Moto's Heroes & Generals! Give it a look and see if you agree with our three points!

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Discussion (12)

Chroaton 8 years ago
I playing this game since beta,and I do know how terrible it was.but my honest opinion. It awesome now. Those who says that you have to pay for heroes,very wrong. You don't have to pay a penny for this game and have full expirience and fully enjoy all the content. Maybe only to buy I little stash tabs,but that's about all. Roster of heroes expands every month. We got team ups who now almost as second heroes.just check this game for yourself. I recommend it and it one of few games that is REALLY free to play.

Armored 9 years ago
I like how the number 1 thing people are saying that makes it a bad game is the amount of "Grinding" one has to do. I'm still trying to understand why people are making these comments....

People do understand that this is an ARPG right?? The entire and only point to these types of games is to "Grind" kill, kill and kill some more.

So how can something that is the entire point of this type of game, make it "bad" ?? I think people making comments on game types they do not understand is "bad".

I have over 1,000 hours played. I'm 100% ok with how long it takes to get geared. If one can get decked out in a few hours of game play then what is the point? It takes time so you keep playing.

Also why do people ALWAYS compre it to games or make comments that refer to other game types that have zero releavence to the game they are commenting on.... I sware this day and age of Internet users are just retarded.

Merkadis 9 years ago
Here is my mini-review posted on steam not too long ago. (630+ hours on it if you're wondering):

Checked it out again recently, not bad and not impressive either.
Even though they improved the game a lot at various angles and still continue to do so.. it's still as grindy and just as un-rewarding as ever.
Yes, to actually get your reward or rewards you want you need to grind, often tons and tons of grind and im not kidding you SERIOUS grind because RNG in this game is just VICIOUS.

When it comes down to challenge it seems their solution is the typical easy way out used by many game devs, namely: "let's swarm the players with tons and tons of mobs and give those mobs insane hp and damage". And thus end your challenge expectations, in utter disappointment.

There are a lot of characters you can play as which creates diversity which is good, problem starts when it comes down to balance and efficiency of those said characters, long story short - huge mess.
Skills those characters sport are often broken or/and working incorrectly, or the character may simply lack those skills at all even thou they are present in the comics.
Gaz seem to like rushing new heroes instead of fixing and updating what is already there first and only then proceeding with new content, this is how i believe it should be done, but is done not.

They also rather like warning, banning people, deleting posts often without any explanations what-so-ever. Reason's don't even matter here - they don't like something you get warnings and bans and post clean-ups. So, be careful if you plan to use their forum and what and where you say in there.
I'd even go as far as to say don't use their forum at all if you can help it or use it as less as possible, this way your account will be safer from any random surprise bans.

To sum this game up in few words: If you're a die-hard marvel universe fan + you can handle diablo-ish style of play this game may work for you, if not - very unlikely that you will hang in there for more than a month before leaving it.
And for those who can't handle some rather hardcore grind - don't bother.

-GG-TheSecondJoker 9 years ago
From personal experience 3 things I like
- Grinding all the time
- Pay to buy your favorite hero which means no fun
- Marvel ARPG. Seriously?
Let's stick with dc universe online.

cacalipz 9 years ago
Game is pure garbage. Brainless spam fest. menu system updates that are grind based, but ugly to look at. Infact, if you look at Youtube angry gamer nerd review of Xmen for NINTENDO, this game has SOooo many paralels and game design features of that old horrible game XD

NGoHT 9 years ago
Boring as always been.

Dianne 9 years ago
Hubby and I have been playing this game since it was released in 2013. There have been numerous changes, giving lots of options for players. I never feel bogged down by gameplay because there is lots of stuff to do, which deviates from ARPGs such as Diablo which focus on finishing the storyline in the various difficulties. It is also solid enough to offer something for both casual and hardcore gameplay as well. The mode/s of leveling is completely up to the player.
I have played a lot of free-to-play games in my time and this is one of only three that I am happy to support financially. I've purchased a few heroes during BOGO promo weeks and have opted to purchase some STASH spots to the shinies that I pick up. If you plan on playing the game, you'll likely find this a reasonable option as well because of loot-splosions.

x4ever 9 years ago
The game is fun to play and doesn't have the worst cash shop I've seen. If you don't like it, my question is; when's the last time you played it?

Admittedly the game has massive room for improvement and the in-game characters tend to look like plastic toys rather than having a comic book or cartoony flavor.

Just a little FYI though, beware the unimaginable RNG that you will face in this game. It's not really obvious until you really staring getting into it, but everything has RNG. Even your critical hits, which is already a chance occurrence, has a further chance to deal even more damage.

Finally I'm curious, for the folks who don't like the game, is there an MMO that you do like and if so which one? I'd honestly like to know.

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ThreeReasons 9 years ago
Three reasons this game is great? I can give you more than that. It has amazing gameplay, 48(so far) awesome heroes from the Marvel Universe that you can choose, 9 Chapters, over 10 green and red terminals, one-shots, raids, PvP[battlegrounds] and so much more... It's an amazing game and I love it!

Todoran 9 years ago
3 Things We Like About: Marvel Heroes 2015 none none none.... shut it down!

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