Always Online Cast: Roblox's Slimy Tax Dodging, Tencent Sued, and 2022 Gaming Predictions Ep 415

Welcome to 2022, gaming fans! Time to catch you up on all the news you missed while doing holiday stuff with friends and family. We've got job changes at Guild Wars 2 and Bungie, Riot moving people around and settling with the DFEH for $100 million, Roblox''s CEO being slimy, and our predictions for gaming in 2022! It is a good thing or a bad thing? All that and more on this week's Always Online!

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Discussion Timestamps:

00:00 Show Intro

03:26 Good And Bad Gaming News To Start The Year

19:03 The Legal System Keeps Turning

36:32 2021 Prediction Review and Making 2022 Multiplayer Gaming Predictions

54:33 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb) / Question of the Week

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Discussion (2)

nesogra 2 years ago
QOTW: If you count expansions I looking forward to End of Dragons. In all honesty though I'm not really that excited for anything online right now because I finally found a single player series that scratches.the mmo itch for me, Atelier. Turns out the thing I really kept going back to mmos for was the economy, life skills, and build craft which the Atelier series does well enough if you look at party and item composition as your build. It does it at such a lower time investment compared to an mmo that I really haven't felt the desire to look at upcoming mmos recently. Also the games are so cozy and heartwarming that they might even get Mr. Winter's heart which is as cold as his surname suggests to feel something for once. :P

Flintstone 2 years ago
bit late with this but here goes anyway..
I just wanted to point out what a great(fantastic) job you all do here at
I am thankful for all your efforts in presenting and letting us know the latest gaming news at its best in a nice pocket of info.
As I have said before your always my 1st stop for latest gaming info each day.
I 'd also like to urge viewers that call by to add more comments to let these wonderful people know just how good there efforts are, get typing and do not be shy to write comments like me lol or maybe not.but type something anyway :)
So, cheers to all the crew at mmobomb for your dedication and resilience. and I hope there be many more through 2022 and beyond. thx again :)

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