Always Online Podcast: Microsoft, Helldivers 2, And Gaming Have Lost Their Minds! Ep 516

Honestly, does it feel like the gaming world is just burning down to anyone else? Microsoft closes studios, Helldivers and Sony make a mess, making award winning games like HiFi Rush won't save your job, and the layoffs continue. We'll also chat Wagadu Chronicles, XDefiant, Redfall, Destiny , and more! All that and more on this week's Always Online!

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Discussion Timestamps:

00:00 Show Intro

05:10 Helldivers 2, Microsoft and Zenimax Closing Studios, and HiFi Rush

34:12 Games Coming and Going (Wagadu Chronicles, XDefiant, Second Wave, and More)

42:00 Neat! (Destiny 2 Free Expansions and Multiversus Adding the Joker)

48:38 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb) And Question Of The Week

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Discussion (2)

foots7 2 days ago
Is Gaming doomed? I hope not because besides work its all I do.

ksharp25 5 days ago
Da-Bomb to Bethesda. Really I am just giving them props. Who ever decided to license out Fallout for a live series show and leave it to show creators to have most of the creative control has payed off in dividends. Gaming friends who never touched a Fallout game have been asking where to get them, buying Steam bundles and other deals to start playing even the old ones like Fallout 3, Shelter and New Vegas. From what I have been reading Bethesda has seen a increase in profits in renewed interest in buying their games.

QotW: The gaming industry may not be doomed, but they are in trouble. There has been an entire culture shift in what exactly the gaming industry is and who it is for over the past decade or more. So I am one of these Generation X folks everyone on Tik Tik is making fun of, but in our day, console and PC gaming was all about the fun, the unique challenges, and the story and experience of the games. Or, it was just a LAN party of fun playing sports games together, early competitive shooters, or even the likes of Mario Kart and Mario Party. We didnt care how much it cost Square Enix to make Final Fantasy 7, or how many copies it sold. We liked at the time the solid story, the gameplay and experience.

But then investors and investment firms started getting involved. And if the next big anticipated game could not return a 30% or better profit to share holders fir example, it was taken down. Or cancelled. We only sold 100 million next gen Xbox consoles in the first few months you need to do better! That is killing the industry. Greed and profit over the game and experience of it. Which you all have lamented several times on this cast.

And to a smaller degree, and I hate to say it because I LOVE my freebies, but in my day if there was an awesome new game we wanted and our friends had and we couldnt borrow it, we had to buy our copy of it. We didnt have GamePass, Epic Game Store weekly free, and free-to-play models that let us play without purchase. That might be hurting the industry in some way too so long as the culture remains we have to make a set profit goal or we are shutting it down.

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