Always Online Podcast: Microsoft Went At Activision FAST, The Witch Queen Launches, And Global Agenda Is Back? Ep 421

Guess what? Bobby Kotick will make even MORE money in bonuses if he can "turn around the culture" at Activision Blizzard...and that's hot on the heels of news that Microsoft went in FAST to try and buy the company! We'll also look at The Witch Queen launch, the WoW 9.2 launch, and a slew of other MMORPG news from around the world! All that and more on this week's Always Online!

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Discussion Timestamps:

00:00 Show Intro

03:32 Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, Bethesda and More

25:31 Shroud of the Avatar, Fallen Earth, Global Agenda, and More

33:23 World of Warcraft 9.2 and Destiny 2's The Witch Queen

35:44 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb) / Question of the Week

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Discussion (3)

driznit86zbt 2 years ago
Question of the week, I have been enjoying Mortal Online 2 once they corrected their queue issues, the depth of the crafting and skills system is interesting to figure out. This week End of Dragons has taken over as the primary game, but I still find myself logging into MO2 to craft and farm some materials. The thing that makes me concerned with MO2 is as they compress the servers will the community/PK groups again take over the game and make it return to the MO1 game of ganking.

nesogra 2 years ago
QotW: It was probably always going to be Gw2 EoD but I was considering just finishing the story and then playing Elden Ring and Atelier Sophie 2 for most of the month. Then I played EoDs again and yea everything other than EoDs can wait. It is a massive step up from both previous expansions by a large margin.

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