The Amazing Eternals - Gameplay First Look

Digital Extremes sets aside space ninjas for a bit and builds a hero shooter of their own that claims to mix cards, board games, and shooting action all into one exciting package. Does it hold up against the onslaught of competition in this genre though?

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Discussion (3)

GoblinGraphx 6 years ago
It might be a little clonish now but with DE's track record with Warframe. It will evolve it to something a lot fun.

rickshaw 6 years ago
good review.
I don't think this will survive, its a copy cat game, plus maps are boring as hell with their repetitive nature.

TRUUU 6 years ago
Almost generic standard pvp, its a Paragone clone, for me every one map pvp is boring, all the time same over and over and forever, bad part is because everyone have low health, every matches i saw i see the same , dying after few seconds of battle respawning and dying again, you hardly can use skills you have and there is no teamplay because same resaon, its liek game of luck, for me ts no game, i like co op and rpg games, here brainless one map pvp.

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