Is ArcheAge Pay to Win? - Gameplay Action

With ArcheAge now launched, some players are questioning Trion Worlds monetization system. Zach Sharpes discusses this system in depth, and concludes whether or not it's Pay to Win.‏

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Discussion (27)

The sage 8 years ago
Number 1 of the Pay to cheat games. To write this cost me 5 labor. You will understand

No Name 8 years ago
The price for APEX on the auction house has increase, its usually around 38 gold to 40 gold but now it's like 100 gold per APEX. And I'm talking about the Buy price. As for the bidding price, you really need to have a lot of gold to play, maybe twice or even more times of 100 gold just to be on the safe side to challenging other bidders.

Varol 8 years ago
This is a joke right? The problem is that even if you pay you cant do shit in this game. I usually make a buy from every game i try (maybe i'm old school but i really think people should make some money from their work) but is first time i regret to buy subscription (patron).
So I paid for patrons tatus hoping to experience the system of building your house and guess what: I struggled for three days to build the house and I dont fucking find a damn single spot free. Even in pvp areas is full.
Anyway who labeled this game as SandBox is the bigest idiot who was part of this industry.
We had more chances environmental change in Lieange than archeage. You can mine better in damn WoW . So yes you can pay to win, to win a lot of nerve damaged.
Learn what sandbox meens damn idiot. Try Wurm and after that start to name you games as SandBox MMORPG.

Smoke 8 years ago
Game is not pay to win. People who say it is are fucking retarded. People cry and whine 24/7 now if things aren't given to them for free.

Archeage isn't the best game, but at least it offers something different than most mmo at the moment.

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Apoth 8 years ago
No one has even mentioned that you need a special real money purchased certificate to even post items on the auction house, which I think is one of the core features of an mmorpg. With that said, the pvp is what let me down.

I didn't really care about crafting or dungeons, screw the labor points I get gold from quests (until they actually ran out and it went to boring daily quests for half the reward). Not to mention some quests require hours upon hours of grinding or a quick 10-20 gold purchase in the aunction house to complete it for a measily 2 gold reward.

I tried the arena once, and only once. My opponent did nothing but stealth, run, dot, run, dot, run, dot, run, etc. It was in fact impossible for my current skills to catch him which means..... ding ding ding spend 1-3 gold resetting your points (oh and then you have to level up new ones for days again). Just one match frustrated me enough to look at this game as a whole and realize what crap it is.

Next we go onto open world pvp. Well first of all you get nothing if you aren't at war. If you are at war, you still don't get anything except sometimes 20 honor points if you manage to kill someone. Mostly it is just... pointless. There are guilds who pointlessly gank lowbies.

So I thought I'd set out at sea and look for some hidden islands to steal stuff from (after all that's what I heard you can do in this game). I found an island. Everything is immune. Can't steal anything, can't destroy anything.... maybe I can kill this unsuspecting guy farming..... I sneak up to him and WHAM BANG WHAM nothing.... wtf his health isn't going down? About 15 seconds later (literally... and that's a long time in pvp) the guy comes back from his afk and manages to kill me for free while he remained invincible. I thought.... ok maybe a weird buff or bug or something. I try another island.... same thing. Ok this sucks.

Another frustration was when I finally got my clipper boat... well it just manages to always get destroyed everytime I take it out. Once by ambushed pvpers and once by these npc pirates that one shot you (which I thought was totally low down and dirty). It costs quite a few gold to get a repair sandglass.

Overall this game is just too limiting on your actions. It feels like America, you think you are free but you are not.

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Nonya 8 years ago
Who cares, this game is just another generic MMO anyway, nothing in this game is new, from making and owning boats, to gliders, to farms and housing, there is nothing in this game that u can point at that is original, even the lame jury system isnt anything new to games.

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Mewtwo 8 years ago

If I wanted a game with this kind of "labor point system," I might as well play a browser game where points are given free at the same rate for everyone and offline gains as well! Man this labor point system is just horrible...

Acilikola 8 years ago
This game is nearly at the heart of worst-f2p model ever, close behind that of SWTOR with their inhumanly insane limitations on F2P users. As Cloak already mentioned, in order to use APEX system to be a premium user, you have to slave your life. By the time you have it, your character will not be yours anymore, it will be exactly identical to a gold farmers since basically you both have the same goal. And after the first purchase, you rinse and repeat each and every month for it.

If you really want to give Trion a chance, I suggest Rift. It is nearly completely free (the major handicap between f2p and premium users is the ability to post auctions), and also it has the aforementioned REX system in it. Now I must admit, the platinums to get a REX is not going to be easy but for just 1 REX, you can have enough credits to get some really useful permanent account unlocks as well as ability to post auctions. To be honest though, I got my REX pretty late (after I got money from dailies, did not grind for it one bit) which did not really affect my gaming at all. I stashed all valuable things in bank until then. And with the new patch in October 8, the new expansion will be truly free to everyone again.

I hope you give Rift a try, it can restore your faith in Trion to eventually make even this pile of shit right ^^

Zyx 8 years ago
I enjoyed the game up until you get permanently ganked at level 30 by griefer guilds, yes there's even one called that.

Besides that the pve is dull in the beginning but then picks up once you move into the bigger areas. I understand why this system of labour points is implemented so it doesn't bother me. I just enjoy it for what it is.

Thise 8 years ago
Can you buy advantage? Yes? Then the game is pay to win.
This game is pay to win but even if it was not it would still be a complete garbage. the game is a joke

Player 1 8 years ago
Everything in Trion is p2w, it's my second time i got frustrated in a game i really wanted, first was black gold then archeage, now i'm looking forward to Black Desert.

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hovsep 8 years ago
also crafting is even WORSE since it costs TONS of labor to craft a single item

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Grossmond 8 years ago
Trying to defend it from being "Pay-to-Win" is a loaded setup, the term itself means you can gain something only with money to gain an unfair advantage in either the PvE or PvP element of a game over free players. Which one can see is not the case from the first 2 minutes of this video.

However this game is "Pay-to-Enjoy", because a free player has to wait twice as long to do anything with Labor Points which is over HALF the game, and work ten times as harder to get the gold to get the APEX system to get you Patron status. Doing all that gathering and crafting costs Labor Points which you already generate at half the rate of a patron and NOT offline at all.

Most people who get in on the APEX system for this will either spend the majority of their Labor Points on getting the gold to get more APEX before their 30 days ends, or will have inconsistent Patron status because they choose to enjoy more of those 30 days.

It's understandable that they have to make $$ some how, but this is one hell of a restrictive system for free players. The free players who play the game trying to enjoy the Sandbox portion of the game will be the portion of the player base that burns out and quits the fastest.

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John Wayne 8 years ago
Oh no Spunkify got fired, well finally i guess.

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