Ask: What MMO Would YOU Make? (Ep. 9)

Back inside and warm, Magicman tackles your questions while he basks in the light of the F2P Cast banner. This week we get all down and deep with a Magicman game idea and even talk about Where news stories come from!

Ask MMOBomb is an weekly exclusive where we answer questions from our viewers. While questions should be Free to Play games related, they don't always HAVE to be if you question is something we think viewers REALLY want to know. So feel free to ask anything you want! Questions are chosen from YouTube, Facebook and our website comments on the previous episodes, and emails sent to Get those questions ready and let's have some fun!

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Discussion (42)

Sheytun 10 years ago
Q: Is it a new trend for future F2P games to offer Starter Package before much of the game is known or beta available and what if they close shop? Will "beta" be replaced with "investment phase"?

I know the question is bit strange, but I have come across several games that offer Founder Package or Starter Package before you even get to see the game and relying on hyped up "feature" or promises.

Aery 10 years ago
a cross btw league of legends and maplestory.

werewolfes mamoth 10 years ago
New game with a combo style coming from US ?

DragoonisMystic 10 years ago
First of all grant show there Magicman,
2 the jokes was a really pleasant ideal to the show too .
And on your ideal about the making a game I do believe u are on to something there too .
Again thkx for the grand show and yet up the excellent job that goes for all working in MMOBOMB!

ruov 10 years ago
I've been seeing a lot of MMOs sell founder's packages these days. What is your opinion on them?

chefmadness 10 years ago
OOPS BIG TIME! Totally my bad & it was a REALLY BAD DAY! Didn't mean to take it out on u guys. So SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ewoker19 10 years ago
Hey Magickmann i have a question when do u think Planetside will go F2P because the success of PlanetSide 2

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Moon 10 years ago
Lmao great cast

Woooser 10 years ago
Hey Magicman, what are your opinions on anime-styled MMORPGs?
They seem popular and I kinda like them but people really bash them hard for some reason.
I kinda wish there was something like an Anime-style FPS/TPS game maybe if thats even possible. XD
Oh and when I say anime-style, I mean REAL anime-style like ragnarok online or rusty hearts or elsword, not the cartoony like.

Crimrui 10 years ago
I would make... Macross/Robotech online! With epic dogfights :)

Inflictious 10 years ago
Thank's , Still have a follow up question. ( Interesting )

That had to do with new's, But the Advertising on the site page, Beta key's , Giveaways.

These types of things do you have to get ahold of the creators of the games listed on the main site page :example * Marvel Avengers* or do they get ahold of you , about advertisment space.

Giveaways and keys, do they come to you or do you have to email and ask them for whats needed.

Thank's again


Cacalips 10 years ago
I would make one Truly F2P and to ensure cash/project security, team up with google to create a google map generated game. Insert missions, pvp combat, safe zones linked to actual safe zones (churches, hospitals etc, police stations) ...etc etc... I guess something like secret world but totaly more open and driven by story both by google and other players, like foundry quests. IF you want to get even more in depth you can give out discounts to shop at say wal mart in real life. Take your reciept of over 15 bucks, and input the code in your game and you unlock the equivelent in the google game. So if you buy food, that counts as HP and MP and food buff items. Or clothing = in game armor. So if you shop at wal mart you get white and green quality items. The mall Blue and some purple. Direct distribuor of Disel etc... ORange... That is just to start...And yes poor kids, it is called game balance, not "everyone on the disel armor treadmill". But of course, you can purchse these items from an auction house only in game, and not IRL...or can you??? The possibilities are endless!

Mystika 10 years ago
Your idea for an MMO sounds really good Magicman. However, if you excuse my scepticism, I'm not entirely sure that an MMO community with such responsibility on their hands in shaping the game they play will be mature enough to shape it in a way that they would enjoy. That's my primary concern about multiplayer-shaping-the-game-from-the-ground-up.

Like you said, I have ideas that could latch on to other games, but really, I haven't had much thought into creating a full blown game.

Nice jokes btw, enjoyed the 2nd one a lot more however.

bruthsaw 10 years ago
That game idea sounds like something that would be great to play, but I imagine unless you were in the game from the beginning you wouldn't value everything as much as someone from the beginning.

I would so buy that game though knowing the game would build.

chefmadness 10 years ago
I think you & spunk just like to hear yourselves talk. You never answered my question & all these other questions really suck, & spunk can't speak well at all. I am beginning to think you are all stuck on & full your selves shit.

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X-Berserker-X 10 years ago
I got a idea for a good game it would be like PS2 but during the old times with pirates, knights, or rebels 3 faction fighting over the map for land & islands when the faction get control of the land or island they can build there base & add a bounty system too with FF = Friendly Fire always on when u kill some1 u can get there gold like 10-100 gold but if u kill alot u will have a bounty on u that the other faction try to kill u for gold & u got a system that u got to eat food & stay full system if not u will die & age system & a death system when u die over 5 times u will start new again no level system each faction got to choose a leader but if the leader dies or get beat by another player in the faction then the leader gets replace.

The game will have 2 servers per country will be F2P servers & B2P servers with the B2P users will get try out the updates 1 month before the F2P users can try the update & with cash shops & the B2P users will have more events then F2P users.

Anon 10 years ago
A functional harvest moon online.
Not farmville crap. A harvest moon game. (or Rune Factory, for the fights)

TheGamer 10 years ago
Hey, Magicman, you guys will make a The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot First Look?

Russell Hanson 10 years ago
Sail Games has really disappointed me.

This is the first game that i've begun, and stopped playing, being Age of Wushu.
The closed beta was around a few days from launch and i was planning to buy the Deluxe edition for the access. (At this point Snail Games had made NO announcements about the F2P 10 hour system that they have now implemented) So i went ahead and purchased myself a copy, i was skeptical about the game whether i'd like it or not, but i proceeded.

Here's the part where you call me stupid. I also bought a copy of Deluxe edition for 3 of my friends whom i wanted to play with, (Yes i'm dumb for doing that, but at this point i thought they'd have to wait for OB)

We all disliked the game entirely, both game-play and lack of communication, when i found out that anyone could access the beta without any pre-purchasing, I was very aggravated and immediately applied for a refund which i am yet to receive to this date.

Snail Games has a lot to learn.

Cyanogen1 10 years ago
1 hour a day for that game? Lol, there are free to play games that are better than it and are unlimited gameplay. Bad move; if they do it, game will fail.

jeanius 10 years ago
In regards to your comment about players being the quest givers, I have been thinking the same thing the last few weeks, something along the lines of like:

A city is set in ruins, and it's the community responsible for rebuilding the city, collecting stones, lumber, ect. to make the walls and so on and so forth. Say you are a lumberer or what have you as your profession, well when you go into NPC Mode like you said MagicMan, you can become a Contractor while in NPC Mode, where players can come up to you(if you have the materials to sell) to buy the lumber needed to rebuild the city/town/castle/ect. and that player who owns the lumberer/contractor can create their own quests when going into NPC Mode, such as like if you need XX amount of a given material or resource, you can set up a quest players can get from you where you send the player out to collect xx amount of y for you so you don't have to go out farming all the time, and you can set how much money you reward the player with, whether it be a gold, twenty silver, five copper ect. then integrate it to where for each thing you rebuild/repair you get a set amount of exp for doing the action so you don't gain exp from the player quest, but you get it from using the stuff you buy/scavenge for/from the player NPC to rebuild or craft items for your own use.

Sorry for the long post, just kind of what I've been thinking about in similarity to what you mentioned.

Sonai 10 years ago
My game Idea
Project Full Control (anime)
What is an MMO? its a virtual world and fully interactive that many activities can be done (rather than grinding crafting and adventuring and build houses) it would be an ANIME simulator you could create your character (could use the kinect sensor to get your body image)

So for combat I tought of some vindictus core engines blade and soul counter attacks Tera Graphics.
So when i say "vindictus core engines i mean action packed and moing combat Since its anime you would be seeing a lot of energy blasts telepoorts high speed moves so that would be fuild while it should destroy the terrain (phisics aplyed) iw as thibking like an MMORPG combat mixed with the DBZ TENKAICHI 3 (the part of blasting of special moves charing up energy it could have any name Ki energy chi chakra) an alternate bar for Stamina ( so you can not spam melee moves)
It would be you versus a lot of enemies at the same time ( air combat implies at later levels) you are unable to buy gear i this world only craft it
this has been extracted from a book off mine ( no in there there are no grammar mistakees) that i have not published!
I ll update part 2 later (tired of typing)

Bubba Satori 10 years ago
A couple of Civil War games.
A tactical turn based combat hex game.
A strategy game based on individual battles
with industrial and crafting components.

xoextreme 10 years ago
if it was B2P id play it. Sounds like a great idea

Infinitewave 10 years ago
The game ideas you mentioned remind me of a game I've been playing quite a bit recently called Wurm Online. It's sort of a cross between Runescape, WoW and Minecraft, and I am absolutely loving playing it! There is a significant f2p component which allows a fairly thorough gameplay experience, but the game is subscription or "premium" in order to use skills beyond level 20 which, if this does not change would likely be the only reason I'd stop playing it. LoL, Aion (NA) and Lotro easily have superior payment models in my opinion, but not superior gameplay. It is the most interesting and immersive game I've played in a long time. I think a lot of bombers would enjoy it. I think it definitely worthy of a fist look (although it does a good bit of time to become familiar with mechanics and play). ;~)

TheEffect 10 years ago
HAHAHAHHAHAHA Best call of duty joke ever lolz..

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some scottish guy 10 years ago
About Snail games, I bought the elite edition and didnt recieve VIP during the 2nd beta phase.
I emailed them about it over a month ago and they sent me a reply 2 days ago asking me what my email address was LOL are they kidding or what.

From experience and I do speak from experience... any game that has been converted from korean or asia to the rest of the world is bound to be a rip off. Not only the Help service from these type of games but everything ranging from exploits to simple patches are bound to make any gamer unhappy.

More to the point and back on topic what MMO would i create ?

its all been done and its all the same, so to elaborate a bit more I would do whats already been done but make it better.

That my gaming mates would have to be Star wars Galaxies 2. Any one that played pre CU or CU knows for a fact that they had something really good. But typical of SOE they had to ruin one of the best MMOS ever made.

Other than my wishes of swg2 it would have to be some kind of MMOFPS that is not linear in any way or form not like these fake mmo fps games that can only manage "X" amount of players on any given map thats just baloney. Give us open worlds (planets) to explore.

Another Idea thats been on my mind for almost 10 years now is an action melee mmo with a combat system like Jedi knight 2, so you take jedi knight 2 and vindictus make it open world and there you have one amazing game. Im not saying you have to wield a light saber or infact be star wars theme but imo jk2 is the best melee combat game ive ever played that requires years of practice to even be considered good.

jk2 combat + mmo = Drool. Its a hard concept to grasp but I think it holds merit.

I dont know a single game that has managed to capture a melee (sword) combat style like the jedi knight series.

ps: im not a star wars fan boy I promise... but there games are dam good minus the console ones and that last hic up swtor rofl such a sad story.

Yooper-from-Serbia 10 years ago
Hi,i got couple of questions :
1.Are you planning another World of Warplanes giveaway ?
2.Is there any possibility for MMOBomb to organise some Tourtament for Dota 2 Amateur Teams ?

Greetings ;)

DeiciderX 10 years ago
Hmmm well all of mine are Action rpgs of fantasy origins, that include unseen weapon classes and job types with multiple race choices(cuz imo i'm forced to play a human irl don't want the same in my videogames.), as well as new game mechanics employed, i actually am working on several ideas but due to my lack of monetary funding i doubt any of them would become reality i spend more money copyrighting than anything if you'd like a glimpse of my kinda game style look here: i may never make any money off them but i'd hate to see my work go to waste i'm not exactly materialistic anyways lol. Enjoy.

HellcatM 10 years ago
I like your ideas that you came up for for a game Magicman. I thought up a game as well (actually a few games), and a couple of our ideas are similar.

I won't post my ideas on here though. Even though I would love to see one of my ideas become reality and I probably will never have enough money to make them happen, I still would like to have the option to make money off of one (if not more) if at all possible. I would hate the thought of someone making money off of an idea I came up with and me making nothing. I'll tell you this, none of my ideas are fantasy. One is a shooter, one is a space mmo, one is a present time mmo and one is a driving game. All except the driving game have persistent worlds, all would be f2p with a model that I thought up.

Keep up the good work!

HellcatM 10 years ago
Mounted :)

ZhaoYun 10 years ago

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