Atlas Reactor - Gameplay First Look

Mix a brawler game with a lot of strategy and some insane personalities and you get Atlas Reactor, the latest free-to-play offering from Trion Worlds to move into Closed Beta. Check out our new First Look format and let us know which you like better (old or new) in the comments below!

To find out more about Atlas Reactor, check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Discussion (2)

Chomper 8 years ago
This game looks great!

The only problem is that I was burned by Daybreak Games in the Landmark/Next fiasco, and the Atlas Reactor beta signup looks exactly like the old Landmark deal.

Now whenever I see AAA game companies trying to shift their financial risk onto their customers, I see red. And this game is designed to aggravate players into spending money forever with micro-transactions, too. So I won't be giving it another look.

ElusiveXTreasure 8 years ago
Hey Magicman,

Definitely like the new format, very informative and helps to leave a little mystery to the beginning of the game as well, which is a plus for me because although I watch first looks before I decide to play something, I enjoy the newbie experience a bit more if somethings are a surprise. The pros and cons help a lot as well, since those often determine if I will really try a game... for example if the "con" a site gives is that it has "clunky controls", I'm probably not going to touch it reguardless of how many pros it has. On the other hand if, say I have my own "con", the art style for example, but the site's pros are overwhelming enough about the right stuff, I might give it a go anyhow. Also enjoyed your insight on this one about the complexities, definitely is something I will be checking out when I get time.

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