BombLive: Chaos in the Whitehouse with Absolute Force Online (Ep. 7)

After giving Absolute Force Online a first look last month, Spunkify returns to the cosmetically over-the-top shooter to seek out and create chaos. Watch as Spunkify pays no regard to the furnishing within the Whitehouse and tries his best to re-enact scenes from movies with helicopters in them!

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Discussion (6)

Superhero 11 years ago
So this game has 3rd person and FPS modes?

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Bizzy 11 years ago
Nice video btw Spunkify and i was thinking about checking this game out but, have been to bizzy lately. Currently I am playing nothing but DayZ and took a break from BlackLight. This game seems interesting and i am hoping to see some new features. The graphics are pretty decent since my computer isn't the top of the line and i do like the guns that are shown in this FPS title. The famas use to be my favorite gun in alot of other earlier FPS games i played but, now my favorite standard weapon for an FPS game other than a sniper of course is an M4A1 AR. I believe the M4A1 shows alot of stronghold and accuracy as well as it looks pretty badass when you use it. I was recently using that AR in Arctic Combat and i simply love it. Sorry for going off subject i sometimes stray from what i really wanted to discuss when i post something but, keep up the great work Spunkify you and your team do a tremendous job for providing us with great quality news, videos, and gaming format that we have grown to love and enjoy and i know what you do isn't easy and time consuming but, you all keep on pulling through and coming up with more and more material and i just think that is wonderful. Thanks MMOBomb you have done your duty to us all as for I will continue to check this website daily as if i was looking through help wanted ads of a newspaper lol.

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