BombLive: Chasing off the Chosen in Firefall! (Ep. 9)

In this episode of Bomblive Spunkify ventures back into the lush jungles of Firefall. Having been away from the jetpack happy MMOFPS for quite some time, Spunkify discovers the land is now overrun with outposts from the enemy NPC faction, the Chosen. Watch as Spunkify teams up with other locals to drive back the Chosen and reclaim the land!

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BombLive is the official MMOBomb livestream show where viewers get to watch and interact with their favorite MMOBomb hosts! We pick some of the latest free to play games to play with our fans in this full hour live show! Come enjoy a livestream broadcast on our official Live Stream page: every Monday and Wednesday at 2PM PST.

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Discussion (33)

AhaA5 11 years ago
sent. check ur email. ^^

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AAA 11 years ago
yo guys can someone send me a beta key too pls? i REALLY love this game and i enjoyed it soooo much at the last beta weekend

heres my e-mails:

Daniel Peedah 11 years ago
If anyone is kind enough please send me a firefall beta key.Many thanks.

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nicklasbach14 11 years ago
hey anyone i would really like a beta key to cuz idk why the one from Thegamer didnt apear
ty very much

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TheFlick 11 years ago
have 5 beta keys give me your email and I will sent you a key

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TheGamer 11 years ago
I got 5 keys for the beta.Just give me your email and i will send :)

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Bruno 11 years ago
It's Thanks a lot!

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RainbowNinja 11 years ago
i need your email i have 5 invite left 4 MMOBOMB good luck all hoop to see you all in game

Magicman 11 years ago
Keep your eyes on our forums too gang. There are a few fellow MMOBombers giving away full beta keys there as well :)

AhaA5 11 years ago
anyone still want an invite. leave ur email here or pm me on forum.

DASHI 11 years ago - invite please, if possible,

flamewell 11 years ago
i need your emails. i have 4 invites left

DASHI 11 years ago
I too wish for a beta key to play, the second stress test was no better than he first one, not too much people as i have hoped.

Bruno 11 years ago
Please, I need a beta key. Pretty please!

yeroslav11 11 years ago
may i get an invite code?plz

AceXYZ 11 years ago
Need inv code

Sunshine 11 years ago
I'd like an invite code D:

flamewell 11 years ago
Ive got invite codes if someone wants to play

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jamiegolzey 11 years ago
ive played this game its awesome :P i got the full beta for free :P

Treeman 11 years ago
Please Spunky.. Please press X! T_T

Zhao Yun 11 years ago
i am so waiting for this game i hope i can play it soon :( and MOUNTED

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