BombLive: Hanging in Aion with Yeahfro w/ Magicman (Ep 2)

Taking advantage of Aion's massive character customization is about as fun as the game itself. Watch Magicman die repeatedly trying to answer viewer question as he plays. If you haven't tried Aion yet you probably should. After all , update 4.0 is just around the corner! Next week's game is Loadout so get it downloaded now and join in the fun!

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BombLive is the official MMOBomb livestream show where viewers get to watch and interact with their favorite MMOBomb hosts! We pick some of the latest free to play games to play with our fans in this full hour live show! Come enjoy a livestream broadcast on our official Live Stream page: every Monday and Wednesday at 2PM PST.

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Discussion (17)

guzunio123 11 years ago
do sam pvp :D show us what you can do :)

chefmadness 11 years ago
Aion is so boring as far as I'm concerned, & a 30 gig file to boot way to big I'll stick to DC Universe, Star Trek Online, DDO, Hell Gate, Allods & others. 7 games are better than 1 in a 350 gig hard drive.

Akebono 11 years ago
aion is the most boring mmorpg ever made, i bought it when it came out played 20 minutes uninstaled and threw away the cds, i play wow mostly, couldnt find any better game , got swtor , gw2 but wow is the best so i play that mosty, dragon nest sometimes to, cant play these f2p games cause u lvl ur charr and there no pvp , the pvp is ridiculos , pointless , u pvp just to kill , no rewards or anything:D just play wow its 13 euros a month:D

avalance legion 11 years ago
you should have played the elyos side. there map is alot more better :D and the toons looks better too :D and in aion fun starts at lvl 10 then it gets better when you reach lvl 46

TheGamer 11 years ago
Magicman, WHAT THE HELL is happening there in the ground? I will tell to your wife!
Bad Magicman...BAD...

And prepare to die in Loadout.Your souls is MINE!


cacalips 11 years ago
Why I quit Aion: Around lvl 20ish there is need for grouping or you just run through mobs that will gank you. Death = XP loss = grind upon grind mixed with grind.

2) the community is hard to get into and risky. Mixed with elitist - noobs - thieves

3) The EU version is slow, horrible, and not up to date.

4) NCsoft

I recently got into LOTRO and that has been a way better experience so far!

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m00tmike 11 years ago
Sitting here watching magicman play and I realize... I could be playing! lol

Inflictious 11 years ago
Uhmmm ! lmfao !

I have not even watched this yet , But what are you 2 doing on the ground... Thought erping was more for an adult audience.( good to see you add all types of free to play gaming style's ! :D


Meh 11 years ago
Aion is so booooooooring! >_>

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Nanoah 11 years ago
Ugh... I wanna play NA Aion >.>

I feel like a living zombie (a human in other words).... Geh, why can't EU Aion be as good? D':

xcr00k3dx 11 years ago
Damn, I forgot about BombLive.. Too busy trying to get my new GFX card overclocked & working nicely.
Totally would have joined in though.

High420-Always 11 years ago
I personally recommend the game to everyone as well.Aion is an EPIC MMORPG!One of the best there is... I guess that's why MMOBOMB put it as No.1 F2P MMORPG of 2012.I'm just level 21(Asmodian, Assassin) and I've come to love the game A LOT!Download and play!!!!!!!! :)

1ManWolfPack 11 years ago
It was a good time hanging with Magic and the community. Can't wait for more.


And P.S. franco, it's mounted! not first! silly goose!

franco 11 years ago
first!!!!!Magicman what game you play the most?

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