Champions of Titan - Gameplay First Look

Formerly know as Wild Buster, Champions of Titan gets a second chance under the umbrella of their new publisher IDC Games. While the current game is the same, IDC says that future content is planned and changes will be made from the original launch. Is it worth checking gout now that it's free? Check it out in our First Look!

To find out more about Champions of Titan, check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Discussion (7)

Lerch2000 5 years ago
The good news your reading skills usually improve with use over time. The bad news your eyes generally fail with the age. I liked the review, I'm not sold on the game but have a good one. :)

Helmut 5 years ago
So you have to click to move and shoot moba style. PASS

Yokki 5 years ago
game was terrible with previous name as well. should still be. just steer away or try it and witness for yourselves.

rickshaw 5 years ago
Awesome MAgicMan's back! great stuff! cheers

Andrenz 5 years ago
This game isn't terrible. I played it as Wild Busters (free) and it was a decent dungeon grinder. Nothing extravagant but the combat was fun. Something to play on down days.

Curst 5 years ago
Yeah, the game probably won't last long...

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