Echo of Soul - First Look Gameplay

Echo of Soul is a free to play MMORPG developed by Nvius and published by Aeria Games. Currently in closed beta, the game comes to the West after being released for a long time overseas. With highly traditional MMO mechanics and systems, can Aeria make Echo of Soul a game worth staying with long term?

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Discussion (9)

TheEnygma 9 years ago
Got into closed beta from a key giveaway and it's....decent. Reminds me of playing Aion/Rift for the first time of "feel like I'm playing a WoW-type game that's not named WoW". I don't mind tab targeting at all but wondering about staying power.

obvious 9 years ago
i give this game 6 months to a year.

Kakaballzinmouth 9 years ago
Your messing up the definition pf phasing and story telling.

Phasing is just a slow to catch up server to player events. Like walking past monsters that are there (and getting hit by them) but you do not see them, and slowly things start to appear on screen. THAT IS PHASING.

Story telling is what is going on here or "zoning". The land changes based on the story out come. -.-

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Arieswar 9 years ago
Well the game has been out for some time.. as usuall.. Alt tab is out all hail instant action such as neverwinter that has much more fluent combat system.. as it stands this looks like another cash grab game and as you sayd none of the cash shop is showing as off now.. meaning that the slap in the nuttz is comming as usuall.. Now you would think that developers would know what game they should release in EU and NA since they always listens to the players????? No they have no clue and dont care either.. it takes less then 5 minutes to see what people like looking at stats on the most played games right now.. if they had any common sence at all they would target what the people like to play as of now.. but they dont.

Personally i have hopes that someone kicks turbine's lousy LOTRO game in the teeth and make a new lotro game worthy of its name, personally i want to see a KUF2 release in EU and NA, also a release on the Blade and soul that prolly will be totall bullnutz when it finally gets out as in (Dated as .... yea) also we have blessed and desert comming along wow aria games wont stand a chance....

Also when it comes to free to play games i would like to see developers actully add sub options so people that wants the free to play and cash show can do so while others like my self can sub up and skip cash shop all together(This should not include cosmetics however that i like to see in cash shop tbh no matter if i subbed or not)

8th may il be playing sins of a dark age and get some serious moba going.


chefmadness 9 years ago
I don't mind tab targeting of gender toon's, but what I totally HATE is the fact it's been out for years. They made a ton of money all ready but you still gotta pay for beta testing WTF is the deal with that. I understand new PC gaming company's asking for a small donation for getting their game started but to actually charge for beta testing is total bull shit!

Mewtwo 9 years ago
What the heck... It's 2015 and we still have gender-locked tab-targeting games!?

Metafron 9 years ago
I actually don't mind tab targeting. The game overall seems kinda shit though.

Mentiroso 9 years ago
2015, tab targeting. Thanks...but No, thanks.

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