F2P Cast: 1 Year Special and Crazy Giveaways!

This episode marks the official end of Season One of the Free to Play Cast and our first year during the show! To celebrate we decided to do it live and literally HUNDREDS of you came out to watch! It was a blast and a TON of prizes were given out to the live viewers. If you missed it however, fret not! Just watch the show on YouTube or MMOBomb.com to find out how YOU can enter to win some prizes of your own from the 1 year live show!

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of MMOBomb.com about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week's biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, interviews, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week! (every Wed or Thu)

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Discussion (30)

Vespetine 9 years ago
First off, I'm from the US.

My Favorite moment was Havek's rant on Marvel Heroes. The way his passion behind his opinion flew all over the place getting into Diablo, getting mixed up, then finally getting back to the subject of Marvel Heroes really did it for me.

I just like Ravek's general strong opinions about every subject.

disreetly 9 years ago
Favorite f2p cast moment: Damina playing Slender. Great stuff!
I'm in the U.S.

Lagwin1980 9 years ago
I think the part i laughed at most was the episode after the "damina get of my porch" one...when we found out that Damina blamed the wrong person :P

Also to further the Path of Exile OB delay, started playing today the 24th and can barley even play the game before it crashes and it's something that's happened in the last 12 hours or so.
If they had gone to open beta this would be a disaster over the xmas period.

Lovekuv 9 years ago
My favorite moment of the F2P Cast is in Ep. 44 on the beginning when you guys talk about "Daily Quest", I very hate doing "Daily Quest" but if i don't do them and i won't level up.

Rareloot 9 years ago
Brim looks stoned.

Stivertsen 9 years ago
League of legends. Nasus (Anus Penetrator) You can find all the wierdest names in this game.....

Zhao Yun 9 years ago
my favourite moment is 1:26:36-1:26:38 when magicman is asking damina about her favourite change for the free 2 play model and magicman is like "ya ya keep talkin i ama just check my notes here keep talkin people love u more than me anyways" and shaking his head pretending he is listening that scene made my whole year worth it of keep watching the f2p cast episodes hahahhah happy bday again and i hope i will be here for the next idk how many years the f2p cast will keep going(hopefully a lot)

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Xaen 9 years ago
I'm from the U.S., (Florida), and my favorite moment of the F2P Cast is when Magicman ripped into DK Online. It was surprising to me, at the time, because it had just went into Closed Beta. The ripping was totally deserved, because not only did I actually have the same installation issues as he did, but I had it even worse because my character was LEGITIMATELY bugged. I was a tank role (so warrior, or fighter, whichever name they choose to call the class), and had pumped all my points into Vitality (played straight through, till level 13). I'm KINDA like Kahlyn in which I really don't like being negative, and even though I was bored and already had no interest in the game, something told me to log out for a little break, and come back. Came back a few hours later, and noticed that ALL the health (close to 600) i had gained from pumping all my stat points into vitality were -gone-. Upon further inspection and leveling, I learned that not only was my HP Value diminished, but my defense had undergone a 500+ point BOOST (As if my health and defense value had switched), and after relogging AGAIN, that 500+ defense boost was gone, yet, my health, never came back. After that, I uninstalled the game and shook my head at ever thinking Aeriagames would ever have a genuinely good published product since DOMO. And no, not even Eden Eternal fits that standard.

Mr Giveaway 9 years ago

Merry Christmas!

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EvilRukia 9 years ago
ConGratz and Happy 1st year!!! My Favorite moment watching mmobomb f2p cast was ep 24 not because not only did Havok make a nonsense a bomb on people being stupid on zombies but because kahlyn joined the f2p cast. I do already own Torchlight II but if I win it I plan to give it to a friend who wants it as a late x-mas gift.I also did post on the youtube vid but there was nothing saying I couldn't so I am sorry if I shouldn't of done so. ~EvilRukia~


Denato 9 years ago
You know what they should have on secret world....a pvp server where everyone attacks each other from different factions....that would've been baller

lightkor 9 years ago
My favourite moment from the F2P cast was the time when Havek was giving an A-Bomb to the people who thought it was the zombie apocalypse when there were a series of news in a short time regarding extreme violence and cannibalism. Actually, I always laugh hard and enjoy Havek's A-Bombs that have nothing to do with gaming, but the zombie apocalypse one was the most memorable.

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Bubba Satori 9 years ago

Meatbagwammo 9 years ago
I have a lot of favorite moments, but the one towards the top of the list is the entire 43rd episode. I laughed so much that I had to watch it about 3 times in order to get everything. You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work!
(I'm from the US)

Rikisak 9 years ago
My favourite moment is probably: DAMINA, GET OFF MY PORCH!!! I laughed so much at that and I couldn't unpause the video for another 5 minutes then. Keep it up I hope you'll never end with these videos.

spyhard420 9 years ago
my favorite moment is ep 39 when brim and selfius talk about coffiee and brim didn't discover the coffee
and also talking about my favorite game blade and soul. and also i like the Daminas phrase get off my porch lol
well grats to you all on the 1 year ;) im from the us

Meloncider 9 years ago
Best moment was Havek's random a bombs/rants. They were always unexpected and entertaining. The one about the tacos and that bath salts isnt going to bring the zombie apocalyspe is always a treat to hear.: ) come back Havek, we miss you!

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from__hell 9 years ago
best moment for me was the bacon ordeal, it's happened to me before
congrats on the 1 year anniversary
from the US

Spammie 9 years ago
My favorite moment from F2P Cast was ofcourse the "Get of my porch!" Event and her reaction :)
Plus this year I had 3 bombs in 3 diferent shows, Yeah thx guys for a great year, I'll see you after the apocalypse :)
Peace Spammie,
from Romania.

microze33 9 years ago
Amazing as always you guys! :-)

Treeman 9 years ago
It's lonely up here.

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