F2P Cast: A Busy First Look Week (Ep 48)

Our weekly visit this week takes us on a tour of some of the First Looks that went up at MMOBomb.com this week. With PLENTY of games to talk about and disagree about it's bound to be an episode full of debate... oh... and Magicman kind of loses his cool on Aeria Games this week, but they probably deserved it. Enjoy!

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Discussion (33)

Bankai1989 11 years ago

A bomb to F2P First person shooter games, I am a huge FPS gamer
love the call of duty and battlefield games,
but damn they are becoming almost exactly
the same now. you cant jump into a new one with out
finding nearly 80% of the game is the same as the last.
then shit like born to fire comes out
OMG when they are this bad you just want to riot,
especially when the company hosting the game has AVA and tribes ascend listed.
now i don't mind Counter strike or COD clones
will probably be playing Arctic Combat a lot come DEC6,
but its like they don't have any imagination or want to take
any risk what so ever not just in f2p FPS games but in games in general,
it seems like they just sit back and wait for the next AAA title to come out then release a sub par
clone of it, developers need to stop making shit games like Born to Fire and DKonline
and take some actual damn risk and try something new

as for meeting a significant other online, no i have not my GF doesn't even play video game D:

Sox 11 years ago

Atomsk 11 years ago
Damina, Get off my Porch!

Also Da-Bomb to "The Porch"
Ok my Bomb will be going out today as a Super Da-Bomb with +1 Enchants to Planetside 2 for being an amazing game, yes heavy on graphics so a toaster oven cant run this game, but it is hands down amazing, great vibrant world, great class's, vehicles are just to much fun to drive, easy to find people to play with, and you Really do feel like your in a Battleground. Just give the Dev's some time to work out all the bugs, so dont start bashing the game because of bugs so soon, no game launches bugless.

MelonCider 11 years ago
This is rare coming from me since I am more of a PvE than a PvP player but I want to give a Da Bomb to Age of Wushu. Although the game did wrong when it implemented the B2P status onto the closed beta testing whereas their European counterpart made it free.

For the most part I felt safe in the towns and on the streets in Wushu closed beta, I would afk for an hour or so and I wouldn't be found dead. They somehow was able to make the game player friendly because I would receive many friend requests in this PvP world. That reassurance, I feel, will soon diminish in Open beta phase (They see me running, they be ganking~). But we will see. But I agree, The game appears overwhelming and even though I played the beta 3-4 days I didn't feel confident answering questions for the newcomers because I too was still lost myself. But that isn't anything to discourage anyone into the game, more easy to understand guides will be posted online overtime. And hey, you can run on water, that's a hell of a deal breaker.

jashwanth ms 11 years ago
Hi Magic-Man and the F2P cast
Da-Bomb to age of wulin i don't think they are selling beta keys like age of wushu
i am dragon oath player it game just like age of wushu maybe not gameplay but few class are same.

Drosfix 11 years ago
Hello first I most say sorry 4 the bad English spelling. First you have rigth, eng is not may first ​​languages. But it do not help that I have dyslexia. So wat I tray to say was that I hate when game force you to do dungeons (I did not now how to spell the other word on 5 cent so I did take a simular word 4 it.) Sorry guy 4 the problem again. I have no a boom or the boom this week because a B2P did take did take more of me time that I wanted.

PS: I am from Sweden!!

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AirSplash 11 years ago
Sup, Free to Play Cast! Love your show I look forward to it every week. A Da-Bomb to Planetside 2, I have lost some sleep thanks to it. My friends and I just can't stop playing it. Even got my girl to play it and even though she doesn't normaly like fps's she loves it. Got an A-Bomb to DK because I thought it was a DK mmo, went to look it up then found out it was crap. As for the question of the week, I actually met my girl on SWTOR. About a month after the game came out some people I met on the game decided to meet up. Me and her clicked and been together ever since. Shout out to Faith love you baby! One last thing....Damina get off the pourch. Back to planetside 2!

Edge Damodred 11 years ago
But is DKOnline still better than Warren Story?

Reaper5167 11 years ago
Hey Magicman, great show once again, you guys never cease to amaze me, okay, moving on to the bombs, i'm feeling happy this week so Mech Warrior Online gets a Da-Bomb from me this week, for the almost authentic feel of actually piloting a mech i've seen in a game, graphics were good, the sound effects of the lasers and rockets were great, the strategy behind it was tricky at first but I quickly got the hang of it. Oh, and to answer your question of the week, I have never found my significant other in an online game before, that's because I play online games for fun, since all I have now is my laptop and the best game running on it is Planetside 2(gets a Da-Bomb too, SOE blew me away for once) anyway, yea working all day, I come home play a few rounds with some friends(irl friends) and that's it, never really cared much about the community to be honest. Oh, and before I forget........


Sebastianated 11 years ago

getlostluck 11 years ago
Damina,get off my porch! now plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Pieareround 11 years ago
Damina, get off my porch!

So, for my bomb this week, I would like to suggest that we add a third bomb category. Something essentially meaning, "meh." I dunno, maybe a "defused bomb" or something like that? Because that's honestly the only thing I can say about the one new title I picked up this past week - RaiderZ. It doesn't really do anything to disappoint or impress... it just doesn't do anything. It does everything I expected of it, but just has no wow factor. Hell, I'll probably keep it around for when I get especially bored, but it's not going to be something I play daily, or probably even weekly.

To the question of the week - I haven't ever gotten into a relationship through an online game, but I did meet this one girl in an IRC channel once when I was a teenager. Of course, nothing came out of it as far as real life relationships. Now that I think about it, "she" was probably an online predator.

SolBalmung 11 years ago
I agree about DK Online bieng generic and such but I must object about somthing Magicman, the intricate political system that seems like DK trademark wasn't implemented yet in the beta. Throughout the forums somone managed to translate info from the Korean version about the Political system and on the paper its seems unique and interesting enough. Let's see how it turn out into actual gameplay.

swestiNL 11 years ago
Damina… get off my porch!

For one nice show as always.

i have meet up with girls sometime first girls at dofus never workt out that great (pictures are always better)!

Abomb for free to play games that arent free CALL THEM TRYTOPLAY
Dbomb for all the hard working people at MMOBOMB.
tnx for all the firstlook,shows,fun,comments,giveaways and go on tnx keep it up

HeavyMason 11 years ago
Da Bomb for Global Agenda. I downloaded it when I got my new computer running and it's awesome.
Playing assault right now trying to choose between a rocket launcher or a minigun. Never had more fun in a mmo ever.

A bomb for DK Online for having a misleading title. It looks NOTHING like donkey kong.

Tio_Z/frealms 11 years ago
Damina... get off my porch!

QotW: Nope, no online/MMO romance

A-bomb: Yeah, it is for something long time ago, far far away (should be self explanatory). But oh wait! There is more! Second one to RaiderZ. Amazing how after all that beta time it still has the same bugs and lacks translation in the very same texts. Just...huge fail from PWE. I retract my statement it could steal away people wanting to play Tera.

Dah-bomb: To GW2, just purchased it, finding it quite fun. Also to SOE for Planetside 2, it's a great game if you got bored of "modern" Battlefields but still want some all around mechanized, airborne and infantry combat. Also kudos for the way they handled vehicle spawns.

roltsi 11 years ago

Fantastic show as always.
-I'd like to give a Da-Bomb for World of Tanks. After almost 2 years I returned to play it and it didn't dissapoint me. Still having fun with it and ejoying the good community.
-Also I'd like to give an A-Bomb for Brim's reading skills :D (just jokin)
-But for real, I give an A-Bomb for League of Legends. I really like the game itself, but the community gets worse every day.

Keep up the good work on your show,
and see you on the servers!

mPascoal 11 years ago
Question of the week: No I haven't but I would love to, I've already make some friends in online games including a girl that is pulling me back to Eden Eternal (where we met). I know that isn't the greatest game and it will be weird leaving GW2 for a bit to play EE but why not? I don't lose anything and it will be nice play with her again.

Senseo 11 years ago
Raiderz is Fail and bad optimized the game is dead DK online is much better

Bob 11 years ago
DAMINA...Get of my porch

Unfortunately for the question of the week, i have not met a significant other through gaming.

And no bomb from me this week.

Slojinn 11 years ago


Good and funny show guys!!

Rinor 11 years ago

Dabomb for Star wars Knights of the old republic 3 ..! o wait never mind throw that out the window... ermmmm well this is awkward never mind da bomb for THE SHOW! :P

MelonCider 11 years ago
Damina, get off my porch. >.>

Spammie 11 years ago

I wana give a bomb to SWTOR for its f2p Model end of story.

Best Regards,

setsua 11 years ago
Awesome show!

A-bomb- This year seems to rush out MMORPG games, i think we need to have a mass slow down on MMO games coming out so we can enjoy them like the old MMO days. Were you had your community and most things were just fine.

Da-Bomb goes to Guild Wars 2, this game made me feel like i was playing a MMORPG game from the golden times in MMO gaming. It really is the only game so far that has really got me back into enjoying a MMo game. I was just on a 4 day trial and i had more fun in that trial then i have had in years with a MMO game. I will be buying this game ASAP and hope to play with anyone that is out there.

jonathansty 11 years ago
Are you guys gonna giveaway keys for Age of wushu?

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MelonCider 11 years ago
MOUNTED! Because "first" doesnt mean anything here.

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gEnus 11 years ago

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