F2P Cast: Are MMO Pet Systems Any Good? (Ep 64)

On this week's episode we continue the introduction of new hosts! We also talk about pet systems within MMOs and which we feel are done correctly. Couple that with discussions surrounding Dragon's Prophet Beta details, Scarlet Blade's closed beta impressions, new Planetside 2 content along with F2P success stories and you've got a lot to talk about! Don't forget, we squeeze in the weekly bombs and your question of the week answers for a full Free-to-Play Cast Episode!

If you have submissions for the show's Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to michael@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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Discussion (28)

Pennlion 10 years ago
I have been playing Grand Fantasia for about a year and have not seen the problem with sprites running away. My son plays on occasion and sometimes is a month or more between play sessions. I like the sprites because I can craft without taking up valuable play time. The straight forward game mechanics make it great for beginners and for casual play, If you want something to play with your kids or girlfriend it is a great choice, because it is 100% free for all content. .

GAZ 10 years ago
It's interesting and I believe will be another sandbox hit like Age of Wushu, which many people are following now.

guab 10 years ago
Well this looks great, but to be honest March is too busy for gamers though. For me I'm playing Heart of Swarm, God of War. And waiting to try Age of Wushu.

WarhammerzRule 10 years ago
hey guys i started playing the pokemon mmo u talked about and its awsome but if there was a pokemon mmo 3d and it doesent have to be to good for me to play it but if it was out there i would play it so much id fail school but if it would be subed 60$ a month ill pay i mean theres obiusly a market for a pokemon 3d mmo why dont nitendo just make it and farm f** of money? god i wish they would make it... u guys got me to realy want that now i cant w8....i know it will never happen tho...

auan 10 years ago
now that the 3ds is out for a while, wonder if should get one. i think some asian game techs are made better, like age of wushu for instance, the 3d enviroment does not take up too much graphic needs, but could still generate a stunning world.

guab 10 years ago
Players are weired sometime, fighting for FPS in games will suddenly change to skill-learning in Age of Wushu.

ZhaoYun 10 years ago
Well first of all i would like to welcome Mr.Demon :P and Feral(i think thats how u type it i apologize if i f....d up)to mmobomb.

As for dragon's prophet i have to say(as far as this gameplay from this video)i dont think i will like it but i will wait who knows i might like it in the end.

As far as pets i gotta say(and this is my A-Bomb)Scarlet Blade good game and all but its pet system is just i dont like it at all(at leat not in the closed beta)u got a robot following you around and you gotta feed it cause otherwise u cant summon it.The pet gives u a bit of bonus when summoned(a bit of hit points and mana points)but it couldnt help u fight.Thing is i dont like pet systems that much i dont mind them when done but when done they way i like them(yep i know its selfish but bare with me)so technecly what i mean is as long as pets fight with you i do not care if u had to feed them or if your pet is spongebob or whatever but you remove the option of pet helping you fight you get thumbs down immediatly from me, i know its selfish but hey thats me.

For Scarlet Blade i have to agree its a grind fest and you went out of quest really early after lvl 15+ especially after 20+ it was just like do your quests(story ones)and fill your bar till like 40%? i think?maybe a bit more depending on the level you are but there wasnt enough xp in the quests so its becoming a mob grind after that and i will probably not try it in open beta if it stays like this cause as i've said quest grind no problem(for me)mob grind is more like bye bye.I can imagine myself playing this(if some stuff get fixed including grinding)but i really cant imagine myself getting 6 classes to lvl 29 *looks at ren* i just couldnt personally thats all.

About Tera and POE i am suprised about POE tbh not tera then again just cause i didnt like POE doesnt mean noone else should but ya POE is good but i dont like that u gotta depend on gems i think?to have a skill.I didnt really like diablo(probably gonna get a lot of trolls for this)so i am not impressed i didnt like POE but tera as u guys said looks like you a hero that u gonna save the world or something while in POE u just running around scared to die :P.If i had to say personally Tera>POE unfortunatelly i cant run Tera but oh well what can u do.Thumbs up for both games for now and good job i am glad they both did they good.

Cant say anything about planetside 2 honestly my pc is good but not that good so never tryed it or could.Looks good but i aint gonna say anything unless i am able to upgrade my pc and try it.

About my bombs i already gave 1 A-Bomb i will give 1 more i played Warface recently they sent me a mail for joining the beta and i have no idea if its my browser(used firefox)or my internet or my computer but i did the tutorial and i couldnt join a game after like 30m of tryin and then after i joined 1 i died like 2-3 times from sniping campers and then it ended.My A-Bomb actually goes for only being able to use mozilla or chrome to play it and no other broswers(explorer or opera and ya i know noone really uses them but i am just sayin)and for making it really hard to join a game.Overall thumbs down for warface as far as the browsers they support.Da-Bomb for you guys again for keeping this show going(i know it gets repetitive i know shush and just take my bomb)and not letting it die.Maybe u not MM but spunk you doing a really good job and so do the co-hosts.

Question Of The Week:I dont mind at all to be honest as long as they support me in a fight i am cool with pets i dont care if they are character bound but i quess if they are character bound then ya i quess it gives a unique aspect to the whole "pet system" feauture.

And i will close with BACON POWA HELL YA

heebeegeebee aka st1r 10 years ago
pet mmo you speak of is at pokemmo dot eu

Golgo28 10 years ago
Totally agree on scarlet blade.It is a unimaginative mmo that uses sex to sell it players.Look at the advertisements on every mmo site that has ads for it.One would have to be borderline brain dead to say aeria isn't using using the whole nudity mechanic to grab players.None of the classes do anything that we haven't seen classes in any other mmos do.If anything the game is the most unoriginal grindy mmo I've ever seen.And I've been playing mmos since they were called muds.But Aeria games is not looking to make a game of substance,instead are opting to get the attention of horny kids and lonely 40 yr old virgins that wouldn't know what to do with a woman if she fell in their lap.So I'm giving an abomb to Aeria games for catering to the lowest common denominator,there for continuing the steady decline of human intelligence.I give a da bomb to EA for being the example of how not to be if one wants to develop games and keep it's fans happy.thank you EA for being the cautionary tale for future game makers.For pets in mmos I tend to be on the side that is against it.Mostly because I haven't seen a mmo do it in a way that doesn't seem like a cheap tack on to get pokemon fans into their game.

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AshKetchum 10 years ago
gotta catch'em all

davon8ball 10 years ago
best pet system in a mmorpg for me is Shin Megami Tensei Imagine

SlyFox 10 years ago
In all honesty pets are getting to be a pain in the butt. Give a mount in games and that's it! The only other pet would be one that picks up the loot on the ground for you. I just tried Chrono Tales and you can have 3 pets to play... one mounted, one merged and one that fights. This is pushing it!

Extasist 10 years ago
nice show, but magicman "See You On The Servers" ending sounded best :D

mattmanrx 10 years ago
Well hell no one said it


Mystika 10 years ago
You guys cut the credits bit with the closing music!

Apart from Pokemon, I've only played a few games with pet systems. MapleStory doesn't count, as the pet system was severely gimped without paying for all the extra bits and pieces, while in GW2, only the ranger class had pets (collecting them was fun though). I'd honestly prefer to see pets NOT be a tank, as that makes the game far too easy. Pets should be able to take some damage, but not to that extreme, while being able to deal out some damage as well, but not to the extreme of being able to give you free farm/grind.

Rinor 10 years ago
... u guys dont play many F2P games... Rappelz, MU demon these are two that jump right off my head and say o hi we focus on ONLY PETS seriously i spent almost 4 years playing rappelz JUST FOR THE PETS :P

Yogo 10 years ago
"my wife" Spunkifys married O.o

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Trolis 10 years ago
Great show guys. Thank you for keeping it up and going. My first Da Bomb goes to you three for bringing us Free to play Cast weekly. I must give my A bomb to rappelz ( also referred by me as Crappelz ) for being such a none new player friendly game, one can lvl fine with quest until lvl 40 -45 (cap is 165), it will be painfully slow compared to dungeon parties tho, which you can never find since everyone is too busy solo lvling with High Lvl pets and if one dose not have a pet that meets certain lvl standart its extremly hard to find a party. And of course to its crazy market and its prices, it gave me a heart atack when i saw it. With 5 billion in game currency one can beraly equip the character not counting the pet.
For the question of the week - i personally prefer fleshed out pet system when youre pet actually contributes to kills and aids in fight, where every character can posses one. Insted of just being there and being esentialy useless. I have nothing agenst summoner classes tho.

WarammerzRule 10 years ago
hey guys i am bored from aion because of a no rift week going on and i wanted to try another game so i got loadout and at lvl 0 i got 23 kills at 1 time and it was my first game 1 got first place in server i played like 8 hours now (i got it this morning)
so my da bomb goes to loadout for the awsome gameplay and animations and for the fact that if u know how to play a shooter u know to play it so bacicly i mean i like the fact that it tests skill not lvl releted like a lvl 50 can beat a lvl 1 no way for the lvl 1 to give a fight so i love the game im gonna use it for passing no rift weeks without killing myself :)

Spammie 10 years ago
Pokemon World Online !

Angelicxx 10 years ago
Hopefully i want get criticise by saying mounted...And bombers we need to come up with some new words for first new year boys in gurls we gotta step it up :P

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