F2P Cast: Founder's Packs for Sale! (Ep 59)

On this week's show the panel talks about yet another game shutting down, jumps into what games are doing Founder's Packs right and wrong, and revisits last week's feedback from viewers! Weekly bombs are dropped as you tell us your single biggest MMO killing features!

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Discussion (58)

Firaxes 10 years ago
I tried to resist the founders pack for NW but after viewing several streams, I simply couldn't take it anymore and popped for the $60 pack. I was totally against the inclusion of beta access when these were first announced and felt that all of the people who had been promised beta access previously were basically misled. Granted, if one read between the lines it was never stated as first access but I think some assumptions were made as people were handing money over to PW either in TL preorders or Raiderz packs.

While my main gripe from gameplay was how limiting and stiff the rooted combat was, my main concern right now is how they are handling classes. While not coming right out and charging for new classes as Marvel Heroes is doing with it's heroes, I feel the 2 character limit is designed to accomplish the same thing. As cool new classes are released, players with will need to decide between deleting an existing character, passing on the new class (I do understand you can't have them all) or pony up for a character slot. And since leveling seems pretty quick, I envision this as a game more of hero collection where people will want a wider variety of max level toons than in typical MMO's. Just my opinion of course. I was happy to see that my lvl 20 character had amassed about 10,000 Astral Diamonds in game without really even trying. So depending on the cost of character slots, maybe this won't be a big issue after all.

Oh and BTW Magicman, I thought everyone knew it's not chestical, it's the chesticular region.

Inflictious 10 years ago
Happy Birthday Magicman !

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godofrawr 10 years ago
People do understand that the Founder's Packs are no different then the $60 pre-order price of GW2?
There is actually one exception, and that's the fact that Cryptic is giving you something other then beta weekends for $60. There are items, as well as the Astral Diamonds, which I can only assume will be used for the cash shop.
The definition of beta is sort of clouded to consumers, and you're voices do nothing to "un-cloud" that. Beta is no longer about testing, at least consumer beta's aren't. The idea behind a beta, now at least, is to give fans early access and input into the game. Let me be clear... there is no expectation for gamers in BWE events to test anything outside of server load. If you go at it like it's a job, you have a problem.
Gamers now a days kill me. They expect everything to be free. As if game developers grow on magic trees and don't need to get paid. Foundry Packs, and the like, are there to gauge interest in a property.

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WarhammerzRule 10 years ago
hi guys im not gonna be playing tera or raiderz simply cuz skyrim dragonborn is here and tera is a grind fest same as raiderz but raiderz is just a crapy free to play alternative to tera and for real they should shut raiderz down now that tera is free cuz raiderz serves no caus any more

on another note my aion account was hacked i tried to log in about a week ago and a hacker changed my password deleted my email and some other funky things like that
i contacted support and they would not let me get my account without email and they said they cant trace the owner of the account cuz i logged in from a wide something of ip'es and so i cant get my account i killed 400k asmodians in my main it was the best char ever epic gear all that and i cant get it back so i realy need an mmo right now
i play skirim mods for now but it gets boring any sugestions guys?
like games with good pvp and good old tab target?

Inflictious 10 years ago
Thank's for the show Magicman !

But my investigative way's has got me wondering about you....

Yes my friend, What game have you been playing lately? .... I know !
At 15:00 - 15:30 ...i wonder what you said there ! hmmm

Kabod Online i had mentioned to this site various time's. Alway's swept under the carpet when mentioned.

Question of the week..

At the moment i am playing nether,
Raiderz , As much as i wanted it to be unique ,And set the bar for a whole New experience.It just did not deliver to my expectation's..
Maiet..Creator of Gunz ..One of the most Unique combat action game's i have Ever played
( and still play), Was what gave me the Hope's that They would be the One's to deliver something New to the MMOrpg world.

Tera...I just shake my head, I truely cannot even comprehend how this was ever even published as a sub game.It really has not truely used the full capability's of a really " Action " game.
I actualy feel the combat is worse than Raiderz, And Raiderz launched as Free..

My biggest gripe about these 2 ..mainly Tera, If paying at the time 15$ a month ..Game's that are subbed Need to add More Armor.. This sickens me that ever player has to look the same ..If i am paying 15$ a month you better damn well give me a variety of clothing to make me a little more unique ,, Hell no dye's are just a Cheap way of Trying to get around it..
F2P i totaly understand dye's..

But even that 1 small feature of clothing is what will make me Ever buy another month's subscription.


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David 10 years ago
And on that subject i bought it... not for the beta access, but for the rest of the stuff, beta access was just bonus...

David 10 years ago
You guys do know about the Marvel heroes founders pack thats 200 bucks for the beta access... which only allows only the first 2500 people into the beta...

Edge Damodred 10 years ago
The fact that the absurdly prices Neverwinter packs only give access for a beta weekend lost me there. If they were for 24/7 access and the prices were better I would consider going in if the actual gameplay videos from all the sites/youtubers showed promise. I'd be more than willing to put up with the constant development changes and bugs just to see a game evolve and possibly even be able to have my voice heard to influence its development.

RaiderZ vs TERA. I've only played the starting area of TERA and gotten to the third major quest hub for RaiderZ. I'm going to give RaiderZ the better starting area as it flows rather quickly and doesn't have anywhere near the npc talking to of both TERA's prologue and Island of Dawn quests. It's kind of stupid I have to talk to two separate npc's that are 2 feet from each other, apparently everyone has a hearing problem there. Plus RaiderZ starting area has you helping a band of Pirates!!!

Combat-wise they have their own flavors. I prefer RaiderZ slower burst damage class to TERA's 2 burst damage classes, but TERA has the much better sustained damage class. Neither game however has as smooth combat and control scheme of linking attacks like Vindictus or C9. And likewise both drop the ball on actual interesting world monsters to fight as they use the same near-sighted, dumb as bricks, every man for himself mobs found in the usual tabbed targeting based games. I haven't had enough experience with TERA's boss monsters yet to see which ones are more fun to fight, however I can say RaiderZ ones are quite enjoyable.

Surprisingly I actually cared slightly more about what was going on story-wise with RaiderZ as its starter area stuck to a few characters that were recurring throughout the main plot-line and they even interacted somewhat during certain scenes. TERA you were meeting new characters every few minutes and they just stood there posing for what imaginary fashion magazine that was in their heads. Plus they relied almost exclusively on the boring to look at accept-a-quest text box that has plagued all mmo's lately. While RaiderZ did use them, you also saw npc's talk in bubble chat during the interactive cut scenes, making the dialogue short and to the point and actual dialogue instead of the typical 'woe is me/my people/land/country/stuffed teddy bear' monologues.

I have researched both games content amounts and TERA definitely blows RaiderZ out of the water. So for the long haul TERA definitely has the upper hand. However, RaiderZ is showing they're making new content and if they can keep it at a steady pace it shouldn't be too much of a disadvantage. Plus with TERA going f2p now, the next several months will see if the conversion pays off and they can generate the revenue to add new content and turn a profit, where RaiderZ has already shown that it can at this point. Mind you, I think TERA has a lot better shot than SWTOR with this.

Now which would I play...TERA's certainly got my attention atm but again it's going to see how long I can stand 'collect 15 bear asses' quests. Right now I'd still prefer a more focused experience like Vindictus or C9 as those games feel like I'm making progression by constantly changing the area, mobs and bosses.

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Cacalips 10 years ago
I am sticking with Star Trek Online through 2013. Packed servers, ability to quest and earn mass in game ZEN and foundry stuff. I am only level 9 and can purchase over 1K Zen and buy any ship so far thanks and I play casually... Probably the only thing not entire Fd up by perfect world. I think this has to do to a loayl playing crowd, and said nerds being able to shape its futur and Cryptic listening and PWE turning a blind eye and keeping their poop covered hands off things. In other news, the RaiderZ get in early foundry thing is a joke, just like neverwinter. I got in in EU 4 days for free. Nothing special, just greed. At least treky cash is actually changing the game and not like PWE own tite PW that has been paid for X10000 over and barely any updates and CB bugs and ...you know what I am saying.
Why did Dungeons and Dragons of Turbine not get this game? That would have been more appropriate...as far as keeping titles neat. Will Ariea games get DnDs nect title, and then Gamigo get the next ETC ETC ETC lol.
TERA is awesome and a fantasy game I will play through 2013. But I need to tell you all EU is broke by GAMEFORGE, like AION was.
1) They control all the forum posts, no post goes unedited and verified. Ok, this is strange considering the spam chat channels are rated X and troll at best...so why the forum control? Oh yeah...because they are ruining the game and want a false forum image reflected
- This was an AION thing they did. A big EU petition of over 500 gamers started a petition to get it to US standards in next patch. GF removed the thread and created an official "player feedback and rage" thread which said "Due to the EU community not wanting the US changes, we decided it is in the best interest to restrict AION to the EU pay model (P2W)..."...
2)Right now, I cant get in the servers, a 40 min wait because when a server is at "Middle" capacity, they are blocked and 1K line... They already stopped character creations on 2 other "HIGH" pop servers. What sucks, because I play in the one and only french server, is that they did not create sister servers but just tossed out PVP ONLY International servers and created an arabic server...wow GF, you seem to know your customer base considering those are "LOW" population. Next time sister the HIGH pops so we have access to regional servers...I cant...I cant think about their dumb. It makes me want to stab baby elephants.

3) Ennemass, this WEEKEND, has a double dungeon drop rate... EU...NOTHING.

and no I cant change to US, the lag is killer. Take 5 steps forward, fall back 10.

Meloncider 10 years ago
Hey! magicman! leave my big sis, kahyln alone. she has a beautiful manly voice.

I am not interested in playing neverwinter because I have always had problems with perfect world's "ideas" or other people call it their money grabbing attempts in their game. Nope, nope. If theyre asking this much for just beta then you guys have a lot more fun "ideas" in store for you.

I'm a female and i totally love the concept of scarlet blade. This whole amazon feeling, of woman empowerment, i guess. I havent checked out the trailers or the game play. And for one, let me just say as lover of anime i have seen a bit of queens blade, me and my friends have joke about it. Lets just put it out there. it's just pure hentai fanservice. so i guess that is what they were trying to implement in this game. i never watched it though to know the plot of it though. What im trying to say is maybe that was their target audience. Anime/fan of the show/ anyone that will potentially like the plot/mecha/cosmetic reasons.

And the QoW I am totally loving tera. This game is soooo much better as a free to play game, if you exclude the crashes every once in a while. I have tried Raiderz and their forced pvp drove me away fast! I think all the people that left because of the have found a home in tera.

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Reavermyst 10 years ago
I'm not really playing either. They're both fun by their own merits, Raiders seems to have customization done better, but sadly not well enough and Tera has graphic Fidelity. Unfortunately, both games felt highly repetitive to me. If you have fun with the games, awesome. As for me, i'm going to sit down and play myself some Guild Wars 2 and a lil Runescape (I's fairly decent for what it came from, don't let past stigmas fool you).

A-Bomb to Backlight: Retribution's recent recoil overhaul. It killed the play style that i have grown fairly attached to and I'm likely going to stop playing if improvements are not made in the near future. I posted my concerns and opinions on their forums and was met with supportive responses for the most part. Until the next update, this game is on thin ice for me.

eunusunt 10 years ago
Awesome show Magicman!
Kahlyn pretty much nailed the name haha (as it would sound in english, it's a tad different in romanian). But it would be nice if she could breathe between sentences.
QOTW: my PC can't run either one, so I'm currently playing Hellgate. It's a pretty awesome game, but it lacks players...one of the reasons probably is T3Fun / Hanbitsoft don't seem to care much about the game, there are lots of bugs, lag issues etc.

I know gaming is an industry and people need to make money, but these founder packs with beta/alpha access, and the restrictions f2p players get on games converted from subscription/b2p to allegedly free....it's all getting a bit ridiculous. Game publishers, please oh please stop trying to force money out of our pockets! If we like your game, rest assured we'll give you money. A-bomb to all these companies!

Kraziee 10 years ago
A bomb to scarlet blade for its advertising. I'm a 14 year old male and find it disrespecting when a game says "Hey men, Big boobs, Nice ass, play this game." NO! I hate that, I'm healthy and will look at women who are attractive but any self-respecting man would not play this game for the sex.
As for the question of the week I am playing tera but mostly Team Fortress 2, TF2 gets a Da bomb for being so addictive.

heebeegeebee 10 years ago
My A bomb is for NCSOFT (Wildstar) sending me an email saying Big News! Wildstar is coming this year! total crap........... Tera all the way , raiderz is not very fun to me and for some reason a bit more demanding on my computer. not saying tera is much better but can run more stable with better settings also enjoying the f2p switch not that big of a deal besides the long queue times but hey if you wait long they give you stuff. Good show (waiting on next weeks already)

RenTheRose 10 years ago
(first have to say i am for scarletblade i kinda like the idea of female only characters jest show's we rule i am also not inscure about myself so i dont mind beautiful females going around kick but now thats over with :P) for the question have to say tera only becuse i love the character's and story raiderz was a great game but for now ill have to stick with tera online tell i start to think it's boring.

i have a dubomb for warthunder thought i would never be able to get in to those flying sim's but warthunder has shown me otherwise and now i ma flying with me and my friends blowing up planes.

abomb to swotor for knowing their free2play modle is bad and not doing anythang about it. i wish they would get it over with and fix it so people can have fun playing their game minu's the money that should be the top reson for makeing the game.

Casualslacks 10 years ago
I don't really see too big a difference between these Founder's Packs and a Kickstarter rewards, except Kickstarters offers are usually better. I'd much rather see a lifetime sub incentive rather than beta access. I don't even bother with betas anymore because I've got too many other finished games to play. Either way, I just can't get worked up about voluntary spending.

Marshall 10 years ago
If you like books with MMO connections, try REAMDE by Neal Stephenson.

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Ionpulsar 10 years ago
i played a bit of bullet run every time it was relaunched. As Parabellum it wasnt good, as Hedone it was not good at all.... and as Bullet Run it was just not good enough to play more than a couple of matches. Regarding this game, i think it took SOE too long to shut it down..... They should have finished developing The Agency instead of wasting time and money on games like BR.

Founder packs: i payed $20 bucks for Firefall beta and i have fun in that game. Neverwinters beta access is BS. Not only you dont get any physical items, but you are paying too much money for ONLY 3 beta weekends. In Firefall for 20 bucks i log in 24/7 non stop. Although i want to play Neverwinter badly, i heard that its not open world. I dont really care how good a game can be, if theres no open world i do not play them. I personally think that is lazy design to limit social interactions to a city hub. I hope i heard wrong and that its not the case with NW.

Tera vs Raiderz: i like both and im playing a bit of both. Tera has superior graphics and more classes and races, i like that about Tera and i dislike that lack of races and classes in Raiderz. On the other hand, In Tera you cannot build hybrid classes (i want a dps mystic / priest). You are stuck to the roll of that specific class. In Raiderz, although there are only 4 classes, you can mix them up and make varied builds. Also in Raiderz the combat is more fun because you can freely dodge like GW2, and you have a dedicated block button that is not a cooldown unlike Tera where you need certain class to evade or block. Also while i find Raiderz combat a bit more fun, it is not as polished as Tera so you sometime get stuck trying to chain attacks. Mages skills in Raiderz are far better than Teras sorcerers and look a lot better. Both Tera and Raiderz have problems while aiming with magician classes. Tera has too short range, and Raiderz has awful targeting mechanic where you can aim at a target and cast a spell right to his chest but unless the target is highlighted you will miss.

Draugen 10 years ago
The Witcher 2 has more adult content then God of War

Mystika 10 years ago
The only time that I feel paying for a beta is justified is when the game isn't f2p (basically, when pre-purchasing a game, and beta access comes with it). For f2p games...noo...

A-bomb to Dirty Bomb and it's publishers for their absurd Founder's packs. I really want that game to crash and burn, simply for the fact that they're even trying to get money out of people for alphas...those publishers should be ashamed of themselves. Hence, I also have a Da-bomb for Marvel Heroes for doing their Founder's packs correctly.

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Eviil 10 years ago
Would you buy the next CoD series, Metal Gear, etc on a disc for a console? how much would that cost? how about the limited edition of that console game just for a shiny box?

If the game is great and I plan to play it a long time, I don't mind paying for beta, but they better give me a reason to do so. These games are already free to play, don't want to cough up for early access? then don't and wait, It's as simple as that. For whatever reason they want to charge a little something, it is at the gamer's discretion to do so. I'm not outraged at all on what these companies are doing lately, all I care about is quality in games.

Rufinus 10 years ago
no one plays raiderz anymore. it sucks balls. i enter 1 server they had only 1 ch and i saw no one walking around. no one in chat not even spammers.

Spammie 10 years ago
My heart is with Raiderz, Tera GUI pisses me off and I personaly like RaiderZ Combat system, let's you invent a new combat technique by simply doing the right combination of clicks and keys, more like a old school combo system, vets will know what I'm talking about, and I would like to give a da bomb to RaiderZ EU for being trully f2p and not P2W like PWE version, cash shop has reset skill points books, exp pots, costume pots ( make any armor a costume) and horse mount and during events like halloween they have an costume for that event witch you can also obtain it from Auction House.

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ZhaoYun 10 years ago
lmao MM:ya when u were in your 40s 10 years ago hahah poor Kahtlyn
i wanna play dirty bomb personally and neverwinter but like kahtlyn said hell no i aint playin for beta/alpha access i am not that crazy to give 200 or 300 usd for an unfinished game

i will also agree with MM gender lockign sucks idk why companies do it or what they win with doing it but oh well

Da-Bomb(like Brim said)to marvel heroes really nicely done with the packs and not following neverwinter's or dirty bomb's path

A-Bomb to the europian Tera i made an acc(before they went f2p)and there is no way for me to link my account with the game and when i try to enter it asks me to either put a "key" or "purchase" the game really dissapointing

Question of the week:i will be probably on Raiderz for the main reason that my graphic card is not as good as tera wants it to be :( but i quess its a good thing because with me not being able to play tera i wil be able to see the "new" stuff pwe put on Raiderz

Thanks for another great episode and see you next week

AiSplash 10 years ago
Another great episode Free to Play cast! All I have to say about the Question of the Week is... Tera! I have been playing Tera on and off since about a month after it came out, and with the convesion to free to play it means I can play with my friends who couldn't play it before hand. Now I have played RaiderZ before for a little, but I didn't "attach" to the game like I did Tera for the most part because the lack of classes, which as a whole many mmorpg's have that problem. I have a Da-Bomb to RaiderZ though, because I can't help but think that Perfect World chose to release this expansion this close to Tera's free to play conversion. I see many similarites in Tera and RaiderZ, so you could say they have a small compention going between each other. So I have to give it to RaiderZ for trying to keep up if not pass Tera... For the moment that is.

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Zerynthia 10 years ago
I was that excited I forgot to type My name ^
Zerynthia :)

Name (Required) 10 years ago
I was looking forward to playing Neverwinter so much. Then I find out that you won't get into the beta unless you pay, laughable, though I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider it. Well, I would have for 20 maybe, definitely not 60 biffs lol. It's such a great idea charging players for Beta testing..."hey, come play our game, tell us whats buggered and we CHARGE you and thank you very much Ker-ching".

Ah the modern age, innit fab :)

neokiva 10 years ago
omg magicman chesticle you crack me up.

da bomb to ESO for actually having a proper beta sign up
a bomb to founders packs that sell beta access
also along the lines of the age thing i am 24 nearly 25 and i am of much the same opinion magicman when it comes to beta's and buying in.

Adrian87 10 years ago
21:30 Open alpha i seen in AirMech (browser version) and in 2112.
1:02:43 =))

And i see some ppl have been showing their love towards Scarlet Blade (that i personally don't find so outstanding) and some even giving Aeria Da-Bomb "for having the guts" to publish this. Really... so no one thinks they just made it for the money? Like they did this for you, the players... right...

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Gunblazer42 10 years ago
Lost Saga didn't close down because of the lack of playerbase, but because OGPlanet's agreement to publish it in North America ended, and another publisher, WeMadeUSA, which is the North American subsidiary of WeMade Entertainment based in Korea (which at the same time, acquired the development studio for Lost Saga in Korea), took up the publishing rights. Right now there's a big thing about how OGPlanet isn't allowing account transfers, or are charging too much for the data, or WeMadeUSA doesn't want to pay at all...it's all a big mess. But WeMadeUSA promised that at least we would all be compensated.

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Robin S 10 years ago
I had to apply for beta access for ESO, Apparently beta testing over 20 games and playing every TES game wasn't enough to get me in.

1ManWolfPack 10 years ago
Only have to say one thing......

Da Bomb for Magic actually saying chesticle! HA!


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spyhard420 10 years ago

spell 10 years ago
they just know theres IDIOT paying to test games and most of all paying WITHOUT knowing they like gameplay or not since never played,but good for dev,they rape nabs specialy Neverwinter with the smart packages ;)

P.S fix the chat system,no need to refresh page to post it,ty in advance!

steef303 10 years ago
2nd mounted or something

neokiva 10 years ago

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