F2P Cast: Free to Pay for Expansions (EP 84)

In this week's episode of Free-to-Play Podcast Spunkify and Jason are joined by newcomer Squid. We discuss Free-to-Play models that aren't exactly free. We talk about FireFall killing off its PvP and wonder if Red 5 has a plan for its future. The Cast interprets Hi-Rez's latest attempt to calm players. Finally we look at a new RTS by Ubisoft and Tom Clancy. All of this plus your community comments on this week's episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

If you have submissions for the show's Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to michael@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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Discussion (9)

Golgo28 9 years ago
My thoughts on the question of the week are yes and no.On the one hand if they made old expansions for f2p game free when a new one releases,it would make newer players feel they aren't being left out cause of a pay wall.But on the other hand players that have bought those expansions when they came out would feel ripped off.While if I was new to a f2p game that has been out for a while getting the old expansions free when a new xpac comes out would be awesome.But I know I would royaly ticked off if i had bought them over the years and see that all the newbs were getting for free something I had to pay for.It's a two edged sword either way.Either you make newbies feel excluded who might never buy anything to support the game.Or you piss your existing fanbase off and lose them.

I know it's not a f2p title but I have to give a da bomb to SE and Final Fantasy XIV:A Realm Reborn.Not Only did they rework the game fixing alot of what angered their fans.But also cause there was an issue with purchasing the game digitaly on the playstation network.SE went and could of just refunded my money but they went above and beyond and gave me a free copy of the game along with my money back.Yes this hapened a few weeks ago near launch but it's worth mentioning.And SE now has a loyal customer for life that is happy to pay the monthly fee.

And lastly I have to give an abomb to all the rmt sites for being prehaps the lowest form of life amongst the mmo community.Not a single time I'm on any mmo free or otherwise do I not get spammed with pm from these dispicable people.And an abomb to the lazy gamers that buy from rmt sites.For being the reason these sites are in buisness.

Petronila 10 years ago
FTP Cast Crew

I love your podcast, but I don't have the time to watch the whole video, so I prefer the mp3 format to listen while i come back home. Since you haven't upload the podcast in this format since may, I haven't listen to it since then. please fix this to recover the lost time >.<

Bishonen 10 years ago
About Free to Play : A Free to play for me is a Game where i can access Every Feature without paying extra , thats just Freemium , but i say that even a Developer/Publisher wants to earn more money as they get threw the shop and so i do understand them releasing Add Ons for a Prize which for me isnt bad .

About Red5 : Well i kind of understand your idea about the Ship crashing down which is a Symbol of Red5 , none exacly knows what they are up to , and after the total remake of nearly anything i completely lost my interest since the copa cabana Area just bored the hell out of me .

About Hirez : This studio really is pissing me off , i mean they had Global Agenda with the AvA Mode which was more or less a mode with a potential to be a Esports title , the Mode was so great that i played it for ages , untill they began to not care about the game anymore and the cheater took over , in GA i played for one of the Worlds strongest Agency's Fokus and folks but they all stopped at the point Hirez completely abandoned the game, Hirez now abandoned Tribes as well and even the Forums, and at a point they will even abandon SMITE as well, Hirez is just a Studio that shouldn't exist anymore , they announced GA 2 like ages ago and i don't see the release ever happen. They do great games and stuff but honestly they just even better at pissing off all of there Players/Community Member .

About Browser Games : I only played 1 Browser game and that was Civil Attack which is offline i guess or at least not interesting anymore, i loved to play it but after i started again i joined an Union and got flamed like everyday for not helping anyone with my Armys untill i flamed back telling them to Shut up and be in my position , at that point i rebuild my whole Nation like 15 times already and couldn't even defend myself so how would i be able to help them at anything .

But people actually like and nearly worship there games , even more than CoD community worships Garbage as Gold, or Battlefield 3 worships there game as the best (which it certainly isn't).

Bombs going nowhere from my site but well all i wonder about at this time is , WHERE THE HELL IS BLADE & SOUL , i mean it is released in Korea for like a Year and Gone into Chinese Beta Phase but there is still no sign of a EU and NA release since December 2012 and i don't really see a release happen before late 2014, and even than we most likely get a 90% censored and reworked Version where even the game play sucks like hell , i played the Closed Beta Phase 3 on a Private server , they used the Korean version and it was great, i don't really care about Cloth changed duo to the fact that the Korean original is kinda hot and stuff but on the other site i always have the thought on my mind that Europe/NA developer or rather the Censoring Company think we are little Kids Jizzing of to it , they don't treat us as Mature people but as kids , i am 24 and i just hope we get the uncensored version but that probably will never happen since European Censoring is even Harder and Harsher than NA's .

And again a nice show See You next Time !

Mystika 10 years ago
I haven't responded to the F2P cast for ages,...but today I just must. Da-bomb to Valve for finally implementing LAN support for Dota 2 (the devs which did Age of Empires II HD, take note of this), as well as Portal pack (includes GLaDOS announcer, HUD skin & a custom ward). It took a long time, but I'm grateful nonetheless that it's finally here.

Boozebgood 10 years ago
I have unlocked over 50% of lotro f2p it can be done you TP deed grind, so lotro can be p2p or f2p but mostly its Earn 2 play

Nick 10 years ago
What i think, on Firefall.. is that they want to focus and perfect the PvE first because thats its main element, when that is perfected, they will work on PvP

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AirSplash 10 years ago
Fine show Free 2 Play Cast. Squid feel free to come back you got my vote.
Got a Da-Bomb for From Software for confirming the PC release of Dark Souls 2. I am an avid fan of the first game and can't wait to try and survive what they've planned for this one.
As for the Question of the Week. Yeah, if they started releasing the previously released dlc for free there really wouldn't be a down side. There could be problems of people not buying the newest dlc and just waiting for new dlc to come out so they could play the previously released dlc without paying. Maybe buy the newest dlc and get the old dlc for free.

Okofire 10 years ago

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