F2P Cast: Getting Recognized! (Ep.14)

On this episode of the Free to Play Cast, our host chat it up about Vanguard and SOE as a whole, dive head first into the shady world of mini games, and then come out the other side to dish out the Da-Bombs! Your feedback and more as we get ready to attempt a LIVE recording of the show! Jump in and see if you have what it takes to answer our weekly question out loud this week!

If you have submissions for the show’s Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to magicman@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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Discussion (26)

Donald 11 years ago
For Lucent Heart, the game has a very social community. I feel the Stadia update works well with the community, not something I personally enjoy but it does fit in to the universe.

Bane 11 years ago
Now few thing about leveling:

One of the most important thing to know when u level-up multi-class is that u can turn in a quest 10 levels higher than your class. That means u can complete 50 level daily quest with main class, then go and switch class, then come with 40lvl sub-class and turn it in. That would help leveling up alot.
Then in the Xaviera zone at the Gloombrigh Castle, which is the zone for leveling-up your third class there is currently the best daily quest which gives 266k xp and it can be taken by 50lvl charachter.

As far as we talk that there is not enough normal quests to get all three classes to 70lvl. I guess game maker is counting on that, so u will probably have to buy Daily Quest tikets from Cash Shop, or have much slower pace at leveling sub-classes

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Bane 11 years ago
I'm a Runes of Magic active player since may 2009. Gonna say few things about current end-game in RoM.

Players who have their main class high level now have few options they can use to get quick into the game with other players. Mini-games in rom give Phirius Shells which can be exchanged for very nice gear 67 and 70lvl. Only drawback of this gear is that it does not have attack bonus in base stats (unlike instance gear), but it got massive hp, defence and critical bonus, so it is very usefull.

Also +55lvl instances give Ancient Mementos to all players in boss loot. They can be also exchanged for different gear from 55 to 70lvl. Most 58-65lvl instances on easy mode are the "memento farming" places, since u need 630 mementos to take one 70lvl item from NPC.
The sistem actualy is friendly to players who have difficulty playing higher modes than easy.

With this in mind there is no actual problem to gear-up to be able to do all instances on easy and normal settings.

Hard mode instances demand that u have sets of armor so u have get more stats from set bonuses, also it is a must to use all kind of foods for hp, atack and other buffs. There u also have to use food which grants 5 seconds imunity to magical or physical damage because hard mode bosses 1-hit whole party/raid with some casts. In most cases if one or two players in raid die because they failed to use imunity, it wipes party.

jeromy 11 years ago
This is luckysog3990 from YouTube the game I don't want my girlfriend or friends know I'm playing would be league of legends people would laugh at it because I don't seem like a gamer but tips on league of legends Ward the map have full sight on the map and you have atleast a 80% chance on winning the game trust me

Mrphantom237 11 years ago
hey guys good work on the show, i have a da bomb for Perfect World entertainment because they always give me feed back on questions and give me alpha/beta keys :D btw i am a guy from Holland

Humanoïde 11 years ago
Amazing show as always.Keep doing this and for the weekly question I would say Star Trek Online.I dont know why but for me Star trek sound way to geek for me... By the way im a boy from Quebec, Canada ;)

TheGamer 11 years ago
Great show, and i dont like Sony too, after geting level 24 on DC Universe and saw all the free limitations, i started to hate Sony for making such a great game the worst pile of trash ever.And about Everquest, i agree, they could simple make a trial version instead of making a ultra-limited game, and who the hell gonna subscribe for a 13 year old game?There are lots of better f2p out there, i think Sony is getting greed.

Anyways, love the show, lets see how Aion does!

Good luck with the Live Episode Tomorow!Too bad i think i cant see it :'(

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Sage 11 years ago
Lol magicman shocked me in a good way haha

mukodo 11 years ago
we would really like u and the guys 2 talk more about wakfu its a really in depth game and we enjoy it alot so want your thoughts on it ty :) :)

mukodo 11 years ago
thank u for the shout out 2 egypt cant wait for the live show :)

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Sage 11 years ago
Hey Guys! Great show yet again :). For the weekly question I wouldn't want my younger brother to know about any game I play because he would just start playing and ruin the whole experience for me with his "how do you do this?" and "how do you do that?" questions lol. For the weekly bomb I wanna give an a bomb to the live f2p cast because I'm gonna miss it :( and then I have to watch the edited version which is going to be much much shorter. Plus I wont be able to see other f2p cast members' faces live like I saw magicmans haha which shocked me.

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Arlothea 11 years ago
Hey loving the show! If your looking for a free mmo for the tablet try out pocket legends, a fantasy style instance type game. In game, you’ll create an Avian, Elf, or Ursan and explore vast dungeons, dark forests, and wind-swept deserts for adventure! I thoroughly enjoy the game and would recommend giving it a try maybe not on the john but give it a try..

Keep up the good work
Shout out from England

DragoonisMystic 11 years ago
Ok for the question for this ,It's got to be my grandkids ... hee hee hee.. I love gaming ,but I'm just getting into them big time now ! Also add the younger players to the list in games too . When I tell them I'm " Old enough to be your mother if not your Granny ,man oh man does the comments fly on the chat.. Yes something I'm doing is watch over my grandkids to keep them safe ..and well keep most to those younger one as well safe. I'm not scared to open my mouth in the chat in the game as well as ,if someone seems to be putting any one down for anything or other. I just state " U was once a newbe too" . And I speak up in the chat if someone has a very hasty pottie mouth too . But I'm one of oldest ones out their gaming and loving it .Also I'm very helpful to others plays who need if I have played the game that they are in with me . Keep Up the wondful work u'll at MMOBOMB are doing on the this . Thanks .

Inflictious 11 years ago
Hey Magicman !

Glad you guy's got a laugh at my game Idea, that's what it was ment for. :D

As for the question of the week
Well you know i am an older generation gamer and honestly i work in the construction field.
Everyone on every job site i end up working at knows me as " The Gamer ",
People 20 years younger than me always ask me for advice on what new to try.

With that said my 1 hour chat ,walkthrough of " Hello Kitty Online " I am ashamed of no game that i play or test.

Reason : I am a true Gamer !

You asked about mini games

Beanfun, For only having 2 game's, I really think they had to add alittle something in Lucent Heart to keep
thier maxed player community, Well, Sorta interested in staying, Gives them something to do while talking to thier friends.

Most games that have a maxed lvl community need these little things added,

For we all know that end game community basicly becomes a msn,yahoo aka messanger.
I don't mind these added to help your players stay and have something to do rather than " Troll " world chat because they have nothing to do !

Beanfun added this at the right time , For as you know they added an expansion to BrightShadow so why not add some small programns to help the communit from being bored till till the next expansion.

Keep up the good work and will join you on your show one day soon !

Your friend Inflictious

Nitz 11 years ago
I have to say i play runes of magic since release(3years ago), and i was in both CB and OB...
On the leveling problem its like this... there are atm 3packs of maps one to each class u might have and u can lvl up all 3 to lvl50 easily... last maps u can even reach lvl50 in 1day... problem is after that lvl u can only lvl1 class to max with normal quests other two is grindfeast, and its really hard to lvl up them. But i like game, i like class system, and combat its not bad most disappointing is the PvP in this game is crap is 1hit pvp almost all time and gear is everything...
Although like i said i like the game if u don't mind skipping pvp...

Rinor 11 years ago
LOL well yea ... seems like im gunna be forced to get a twitter acc -.- I am always willing 2 help with League of legends, Hon, or even DOTA 2 i really enjoy moba games :)
and for the question of the week well i guess when i was younger i didnt want the general public (AKA my school) to know i was a gamer i believe Rappelz was my biggest problem i played that for way to long... :P still well worth it :D

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Subaruchan 11 years ago
Well well well... Aika i will have to drop a bigg A** A-Bomb on Gpotato/Aika staff because some time ago there was a problem with there servers and lots of characters where lost/deleted and guess what?... jackpot i lost my almost lvl cap paladin with raid gear on it and nothing was done abut it so thank you very much gpotato i love that email where it says sory your character was deleted hope you come back to the game, by the way here is a dildo f*** yourself while you at it. Aika is a great game but the staff behind it is rather careless about the helping the community.

Dizzyjay 11 years ago
Oh I don't want my friends or boss or family or my cat, see me playing spirit tales. Because they all see me as a person who likes shooters and killing and stuff. Not cute things all over, although it would be fine if my girlfriend see me playing it :D. But if my friends saw me playing it, they are going to give me the WTF?!#!$ look. If my boss saw it, hes gonna keep the secret from everyone else at work, and probably use it as a secret weapon. So basically I am screwed.

I played Runes of Magic several years ago, it just felt very slow paced. And oh my goodness the grind, literally killed me. I don't know how it is now, but I do like it that they are still rolling out content of the game.

About the show, to me I think one episode a week this long is good enough, if there were more shows constantly the quality of the show would die down wouldn't it? That's just my thought about it.

Good luck, love the show its awesome.

Ice Soul SK 11 years ago
ou i like these but i hate Runes of Magic, i have play before 1 year and it was boring now i download it and i couldnt stay there more than few minutes i dont get it why do you guys like it?

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