F2P Cast: How do space submarines work? (EP 71)

On this week's episode we discuss the problems with League of Legends' EU West server and how Riot can and should handle it, the new update for Warframe, a brand new RTS entitled Hardware: Shipbreakers, deciphering Shadowrun Online's payment plan, and Wargaming's previews at E3. We finish off with the bombs, have a quick heart to heart with the community (that's you guys), and one host shares something new on this episode of Free-to-Play Cast!

If you have submissions for the show's Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to michael@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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Discussion (15)

Golgo28 9 years ago
I have to give an abomb to microsoft for giving EA and other greedy publishers the power to block game sharing and trading on their next console.And a dabomb to Sony for making it possible for Warframe to come to the PS4.More platforms means more people get to play it's awesomeness.

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tolshortte 9 years ago
I want to give a Da Bomb to the MMOBOMB staff for doing well during the site changes and weathering the storm of negativity with class from that small part of the community who always seems to complain.

Question of the Week:

I would want a virtual PC in my house with a few flash games to play to either change the pace a little or to kill time while waiting for a group/raid to start vs. standing around in a hallway or city hub. I'm sure we have all had time to kill while waiting for others for many reasons in our favorite MMOs and this feature would allow us to monitor chat etc without alt-tabbing back and forth to combat that inevitable boredom that sinks in. Also, they could add a forum link in it or wiki etc. Just a way to do something other than just wait. NOTE: Quick travel between your home and world location should be implemented in all games imo.

FortuneSoldier 9 years ago

just got back to lol, created new account and tried to remmember the game.

and you know what? i got dc - total and unrecovable, just bcause. so my A-BOMB goes for squareenix (logic, aint it?). and my bomb says - pls stop doing shit, i love ff games, but i dont want to pay stupid dollars for a console that has like 1 game important to me, its disgaea.

my a bomb - square pls stop doing bs.

my second a bomb, although smaller goes to mmobomb

guys sry, but with questions about housing u are not getting answer from me. leave stupid stuff, talk about importans stuff. you guys... start seeing big picture, then we talk

BullsI 9 years ago
I've always been a fan of housing being able to show off your achievements in game. In fable you could put your trophy's on the wall of your house. In Skyrim you could put your unique weapons and armors on racks and mannequins in your house. I just like it when games have actual visual records of your accomplishments instead of silly achievement medals only you can see so that's how I decorate my houses. That said, I'd love a game that actually let you design your house instead of just furnishing your house. I seriously keep Sims 3 installed just to make houses when I get the urge. lol

Antiheadshot 9 years ago
Warframe is going to have extra stats for PvP so all frames will be better balanced! They told it in the last Livestream. And also there might will be never something other than duels without any reward, to keep the economy balanced.

Arnemmorpg 9 years ago
Question of the week:

My ingame house would need a big glass case or shelves or some sort where i can display all kinds of trophies of bosskills and raid-victories. Also some wall-of-fame for pvp medals or something.
Also there would have to be some kind of arcade machines to play mini-games that i get some form of currency from for cosmetic stuff. And a sort of internet in my house to connect me with the other players and what they are up to etc.

I wouldnt leave my ingame house anymore haha, almost like real life :o

FreshUndead 9 years ago
Great show as always more plz =) for the question of the week I would make a mini castle grey skull in neverwinter online.

AirSplash 9 years ago
Great show Free 2 Play Cast, same as always. I got a Da-Bomb for WarFrame. My friends and clan mates have been greatly enjoying the new dojo. It's quite expensive to get fully up and running, but when you do it adds a fair bit of content to the game. Such as weapons and mods that you can only obtain through research, it also lets everyone see who is better through dueling. Everyone has been greatly enjoying it and since doing anything for the dojo requires a lot of in game currency it makes everyone play much more.
As for the Question of the Week. My dream clan house would have multiple floors and each floor would be completely different. Like one would be an 80's floor, another would be like the picture crazy stairs, and another would be a trophy room. I would make it on Tera because its got nice detail and there is plenty of space in the world for me to put it.

Extasist 9 years ago
sheti bomb to MMOBOMB for letting magicman leave.

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cata010890 9 years ago
It is true they don't care about the game anymore, there is a problem where you get blocked in the queue,(hope I wrote correctly :D ), champion selection and ingame action. I tried many things from uninstal, to upgrading my software and guess what nothing. The problem is about 1 year old and unfortunatelly i couldn't send them e-mail so sadly I gave up the game. Recently I tried again and same old story.

xcr00k3dx 9 years ago
I have a da bomb to Archeblade for being a great game to play between classes in college. Screw homework! I'm gonna kill people instead! lol
And da bomb to my new laptop for having great specs for a damn good price point (Asus K55N-DS81, AMD A8-4500M 1.9gHz quad core + Radeon HD 7640G graphics APU, currently $380 USD on Amazon). I've been having a ton of fun actually playing games rather than being frustrated after downloading them on my slow internet to find they would only play 10FPS on my computer (my last PCs were one Atom based netbook w/ GMA945 graphics, and a Pent4 desktop w/ GeForce 6200 graphics).

For last week's question: Aion.

For this week's question: IDK what my dream MMO house would be, I'm not big on player housing. It's a nice addition to games, but I don't much care for it either way. To me it just seems like expensive, time consuming busy-work that I'd rather spend killing things or players.

Blajinu 9 years ago
warframe has the grineer, infected and corpus, just like starcraft has humans, zerg and the protos :) for me, warframe is the never released starcraft game - Ghost

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