F2P Cast: I Need a Renaissance Hero! (Ep 57)

The beta season seems to be starting and Dota 2 drops a new mode... is it even a compelling mode to play? Stop in and check out the two man show this week as we seek out a Renaissance Hero! Be right back, we have to catch all these damn dragons now...

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Discussion (39)

Lagwin1980 10 years ago
For you question of the week.
then wildstar
Not heard much on wildstar other than the anouncment so it leads me to believe that theres still a lot to do.
TES:O not in beta yet
Neverwinter seems to have the most new released leading me to believe that it's closer.

Giving A big fat da bomb to Path of Exiles' launch it may not have been the smoothest but it managed it, unfortunately they did suffer at least one DDOS attack and the servers had to go down for an hour or so to apply a fix but other than that they are steadily getting there.

GGG were not expecting the amount of people they got....they were quite happy with the server capacity being around 56k in the closed beta...it wasn't until the last week with all the positive press that shit hit the fan...they got more server space and still had patch download problems...from their recent post the have almost 300k players on daily and about 80k at any one time...so weekends look like they might be a bit packed.

Giving an A bomb to Neverwinter for their founders pack being $200 which includes the beta testing.

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mPascoal 10 years ago
Just finish listening the episode, not much time but made it.
Well some people ave A Bomb's for Dragon Nest EU but I don't give an A Bomb to most EU publishers since we allways (not quite 100% of the times but like 90%) get games away later than NA and we don't get as quite as good titles as NA. Most NA publisher don't have IP block but still if I play in EU server I will have way less lag/ping than in NA server's.

It suck to be in Europe

Emil 10 years ago
I don't get what are you so mad about the new mode in DOTA2... The game doesn't actually force you to play this mode....

shawmanUK 10 years ago
For Question of the Week have to go with Neverwinter just because they've already been in beta for a while ( almost 5 months apparently according to the forums mods) and it seems to be much further along and open with gameplay and details in comparison to the others.
though it's just my opinion and probably filled my own personal hopes as well

jellopy 10 years ago
I was curious if you guys have considered inflictious for a permanent role in one of your shows. He does good on the cast when he pops up, he's a good personality and suits the role of host pretty well. He's friendly and seems well informed and could easily fit in. Not sure how everyone else feels but I think he would do well.

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ZhaoYun 10 years ago
About dota 2 i am glad about their new mode i quess and idk and correct me if i am wrong but all they had to do is just put something like league or something like that?like u make a game and play vs bots or AIS if u will so u can train with these "heroes" u don't know i personally was a BIG dota fan till dota 2 came out dota 1 from wc3 was my very FIST moba game and i used to play it for hours and hours but i dislike dota 2 a lot.All i see is the same game with just better graphics if u ask me(and yes i've tryed it

Question Of The Week

Neverwinter will come first in my opinion for the same reason that inflictious already mentioned above then my quess would be TESO and finally Wildstar(which idk if it will ever come out no offense to the people who are still waiting for it)

A-Bomb to Path Of Exile and i will say exactly why.Ok so i knew it would be a "diablo.diablo 2 clone" or something close to diablo but f2p instead i like its combat A LOT but although i thought i was prepared for this game i was TOTALLY NOT.I would never imagine personally playing this game WITHOUT friends and i knew it was too grindy but my a-bomb goes mainly cause its really grindy and i don't like the fact that your skills are gems and as MM said the fact that is point and click i am not really annoyed usually but point and click in games but idk why i got so annoyed in this one maybe its cause its "camera locked" into your char

Da-Bomb for a game finally starting from europe( talking ofc about dragon's prophet)now i can brag to my friends from US that i will play something before them :P

Thanks for the episode MM and Brim linkens well done once again

Tyreal 10 years ago
Thanks for another very good show!
I would like to give 2 Da-Bomb´s, with a hint of A-bomb´s in there if i may:

Path Of Exile - This is the way to do a proper ARPG *cough*Blizzard*cough*. Highly entertaining, innovative things like no currency, skills from gems, huge passive skill tree etc. A game truly made BY gamers, FOR gamers and thats a thing many other game company´s can learn from.

War Thunder - At first i was hesitating to jump into this, seeing how bad i think World of Warplanes is. But it really stunned me how great the game feels and how good it looks.
They have plans to implement tank and naval battle into the game aswell, like Wargaming have been talking about for their games.
If Gaijin does these well, i can see them knocking Wargaming off the ledge.

May the loot be with you
Tyreal out

Sebastianated 10 years ago
Magicman just in case you didn't know. Elder Scrolls online is now doing beta sign ups Alpha pretty sure. I went ahead and jumped at it. Hoping to get in :D!!!

1st: Neverwinter
2nd: Wildstar
3rd: Elder Scrolls

Khalman 10 years ago
Question of the week:

My best bet would be ESO releasing first judging from the speculated progress of development.


Path of Exile / GGG for an outstandingly enjoyable open beta, the hardcore ladder is competitive ,and the development team having been fixing bugs as they appear no waiting a week or 2 for a patch. As a game itself the best part is the currency, no matter what lvl you are you still get relevant currency for late game.

Hopefully I will see you guys in hardcore, but not as a death report in global chat. ಠ_ಠ

Vespetine 10 years ago
Hello, Vespetine here

I just wanted to make an update from last week. Last week I said I probably wouldn't try TERA because It's all been done before and it was too late for TERA. Then I thought to myself, well why not try it, it has the Unlimited trial, and if I don't like it, well now I know. So I tried TERA, made an archer like I said I would, and I actually really enjoyed myself. I ended up playing for most of the day. I think the fact that it's just another MMO is ruled out because it IS interesting. The spells are different, the characters are different. I guess those sudden differences really did a lot for me. I definitely plan to log back in and level up some more.

For the Question of the week, I'm really hoping WildStar comes out first. I've been following the updates for about a year now, and I just can't wait. After a year of waiting, and for some people, 2 years, I feel like I'm going to be really pissed if the game turns out to be complete shit. The game looks fun, but again, I just hate when games are over-hyped. I think the wait has just made me expect more of the game. If a company takes 2 years of advertised development on a game, they should have some ground-breaking content and mechanics in store for us. Although, I haven't seen any of it yet, I'm hopeful.

I'm also looking forward to trying out Neverwinter, but I just recently started following its updates, so I'm not as annoyed with the wait for release, but I'll be equally pleased if I can get access to at least one new game.

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Neokiva 10 years ago
hope i get in on time question of the week has to be a tie or close call between Neverwinter and elder scrolls online as the elder scrolls has gone into closed beta (signed up) and the sign up is very old school beta as for Neverwinter it too is in a closed beta. wildstar might not even launch, two years development is too much.

jellopy 10 years ago
For the question of the week I am going with Neverwinter, mainly because of the fact that foundry is so far along and again, the model and beta plans have been laid out and announced whereas the other two titles are still veiled in a shroud of mystery still. I have my own thoughts on Wildstar, weather it will even see the light of day under ncsoft or not with it being shoved to the back burner and their plans to focus so much on guildwars 2 this year already being put out to the public. I would like to see ESO first but that's just the optimist in me. Also a big fat flaming stinky sweat covered a-bomb to game rage for leading their fans, including my little sister on to believe they were ready to bring a ton of new content to trickster with a new class and some other things then immediately dropping the news that they are shutting down the game in north america on February 27th. That is just wrong.

Ice Soul 10 years ago
Thank to god finally dragon nest in EU :D

Tombs 10 years ago
Guys I don't really get whats so hard to understand about the whole "least played mode" dota thing. First thing, if there are around 90 heroes to play, playing each and every one of them would take at least 90 games which means AT LEAST 50 hours. So you'll be having to spend a lot of time on that. But while you are looking at new heroes other guys might train with certain ones, so they get better with those. That again makes you do that too because if you chances are you'll lose and your mates will be flaming you with things like "first time on that hero?" yeah it is! So why not develop a mode where everyone plays the hero for one of the first times so everyone's sitting there like "what do i do now?", "what will I buy?". Simply makes checking out new heroes more fun or better said less frustrating.
I guess that makes sense doesn't it? :)

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Laz Man 10 years ago
I think Elder Scrolls Online will be coming out first, mainly because its the only gave of the 3 that I've seen a trailer for on regular T.V.

I also want to give a massive A-Bomb to the A-holes behind Scarlet Blade (formerly Queen's Blade). I got an email saying I was selected to participate in closed alpha testing, but after downloading the game & attempting to run it, I get hit with a message that basically said "if you see this message, you weren't selected after all." I just thought that was rude & a big waste of my time. I still plan on playing it because of the very scantily-clad cuties, but still come on guys! Don't get our hopes up only to tear it down after waiting on the download.

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Sniperman248 10 years ago

Extasist 10 years ago
i played DOTA over 4years there isn't bad heroes, there is only bad players. main thing is to learn all heroes how they work and know how to play against them. i never had my top 3 heroes that i was best with. i just was good with most of them and less good with some others.

Mystika 10 years ago
I'd personally want to play it to stop seeing those overplayed heroes time and again...in each match, I'd rather have a variety of enemy and allied heroes, not the same ones...that's the same reason I pick Single Draft, All Random or Random Draft modes over All Pick mode, more often than not, there will be at least 2 heroes on either team which you've played with/against so many times already.

If anything, it pays to be an all rounder who's generally good with a lot of heroes, than a specialist who's only good with a few...otherwise you're literally restricted only to All Pick mode.

Also, recently, they've tweaked it even more to make it your top 40 heroes removed from selection, up from 20, ensuring that the playing field is likely to be a lot more even (as veterans could still be good with a lot more than 20 heroes).

Question of the week:
I'm predicting Neverwinter first, perhaps sometime in June-August this year, especially considering it's been delayed a few times already. TESO next, sometime close to that, at least before the end of this year. Wildstar last, most likely the end of this year, if not 2014.

Lando (aka roltsi) 10 years ago
Hey Magicman!

Great Show as always!

- I'm gonna give an A-Bomb (again) to League of Legends. In the latest patch they released the new newest champion, "Thresh". He's so ridiculously unbalanced it ruins the game... Hope they fix this problem in the next patch.
- Also, I give another A-Bomb to my outdated PC. It feels really bad to see all the new awesome free mmos coming out and I can't even run them in low graphics.
- And of course, I give a Huge Da-Bomb to the Free to Play Cast. Between exams you always cheer me up.

Question of the Week: I have no idea.

Greetings from Hungary, and see you on the servers!

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Snowwww 10 years ago
Jolly great show Magicman and team! So:

I think Neverwinter will be the first one to be released because: Wildstar is kinda off-radar at the moment, and The Elder Scrolls, I believe, will keep the game in constant betas until it's 100% finished.
Also, a Da-Bomb for Grinding gear games for being so awesome and because of their PoE payment model!

Inflictious 10 years ago
Thank's for another show!

Question of the week.

Neverwinter - From what i gather , It has already had beta test's,Key's for that were given out on this site meaning it is at that stage of releasing.

But also Wildstar will want to release before March...

March will be a Horrible time for any game to release with the Huge titles coming in that month
Resident Evil 6
Starcraft 2
Crysis 3

A few scarey titles that will steal alot of players no matter wether your going f2p or not.

Elderscroll's will feather this storm out since thier beta is upcoming during this wave of game's and release probably late April , maybe even a summer block buster ( No school or college perfect release time for them )


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rockmeo 10 years ago
About tera guys magicman i am really disappointed because it has ip block on my country , i dont mean all my country but its seems i just cant connect to the game so im really disapointed.

and i loved thsi chapter xD

brim likes pretty colors xD

and all that pokemon stuff xD


Curst 10 years ago
"Least played mode" in DoTA 2... It actually sounds quite enticing. And not only as testing ground. I don't even care about bonuses. The whole idea just sounds like fun. A game mode without overused champions is a good thing if you ask me. I had to play random champions mode just for that. Now there is an alternative.

xcr00k3dx 10 years ago
I have a derp; I was playing Aion & tried to glide down from an area. I pressed the spacebar to unfurl my character's wings, but they didn't. Thinking that due to lag the command didn't register to the server I tried pressed space again. No more than a split-second before I pressed it did my wings pop out, & the second space hid my wings again, & sent my character falling to his demise.

Cyneric 10 years ago

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