F2P Cast: It's our Half Birthday! (Ep.26)

The Free to Play Cast celebrate its 6 month birthday and it is ALL because of YOU, the listeners! This week we talk about yet another MOBA... really?... another one?... Check in on Aeria Games, and then cap the discussion off with the little game talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic. We cover the viewer bombs, which all seem to be A-Bombs this week, and then get all excited over what games YOU are talking about from E3! There may even be some BlackLight: Retribution chat in there somewhere... come on board and don't forget YOUR Weekly Bombs!!

If you have submissions for the show’s Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to magicman@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of MMOBomb.com about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week's biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, interviews, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week! (every Wed or Thu)

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Discussion (30)

VinalGeforce 11 years ago
Da Bomb to MMOBomb.com for giving away AirMech Beta Key (steam version). After 7 years. this beta key has allowed me to add friends in Steam. Now you can never tell me that " you have no friends".

Rinor 11 years ago
ait lads this question of the week is my kinda thing right here! :D i know its a game no 1 really talks about but i still luv it and i wish it would go free 2 play and increase the playerbase.... Warhammer Age of Reckoning ! this game would gain so much from going free 2 play! i mean it would increase teh playerbase by loads which will make the RVR amazingggggggggg which is why i played the game :P and it would be easy to make that game a NON pay 2 win you could make the painting of the armour and weapons real money (has no effect to the gameplay) and you could also make the public quests limited like you could only do 10 a day but if u pay for a pass you can play infinite for a month or something. sorry for the long post i really think this game deserved much more then wat it got stupid EA .... made to many realms and the playerbase just wasnt big enough and everyone went back to..... the game that must not be named!!@#$@$% *cough* WoW *cough* but yea thats the game i think would benefit alot and bring itself back to glory :P hope i get a response :P see wat u guys think
Cant give a Bomb to busy with work 2 play =[ another time :P

Joseph 11 years ago
i'd like to give a Da Bomb to Aion. A generally well made game that is very fun if you have a few friends to play with. just like most MMOs, without friends to play with the game ends up being pretty boring. there there feels to be very little grinding involved in the main portion of the game (but there are side quests available for anyone who is trying to grind). the game makes you feel like you are actually part of a living, breathing world, as opposed to some of the less popular MMOs where everything feels very stagnant. their constant faction warfare in the abyss is also VERY good and their influence system makes it feel like you're actually accomplishing something when your faction wins a battle.

Inflictious 11 years ago
IIIIII'm Baaaaack !

First off Magicman, Damn glad to be back. Missed the show and the information you provide from you and your co-host's point of view.

WoW , I got like 8 episodes to catch up on now o.O thats over 8 hours lol.

I had a serious Motherboard problem, Took it out and had to ship it off for it to be looked at. 2 months later, Here i am with a diffrent motherboard. Still have not even heard back from Gig***** about the board i sent back.

I have not seen this episode yet , but i will comment on the title for now until i get caught up with my vid watching.

Now to " Try " and be nice about this!

lol , Till the day comes when i get a party or a gift for being 1/2 a year old , than i will say what you excpect me to say. But i will say,

Congrats on lasting 6 months and growing up in front of my eyes.

Watching you grow in front of my eye's over the past 6 month's * sniff sniff * * Grabs a tissue *

Has been a dream that every Mother has of thier baby growing up.
Me being a male and all now know's how a woman truely feel's watching her baby grow up to. * sniff sniff * * wipe's tear from eye's *

* In a saddened yet very happy voice *

I - I - I - I aaaaaaam ( sorry getting really chocked up now, the water works have started )
really P - R - O - U - D of you all !

I see on you tube quite a few of your vids have now exceeded 10k views :D , Damn sweet my friend.

Any ways , off to watch some episodes from may, talk to you soon .

Your Friend and Fan

Inflictious. :D

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guazz 11 years ago
magicman please freind me on firefall.. maby we can thump on the servers

Username: Guazz

jacob 11 years ago
happy birthday free to play cast but this episode was the worst of them all realy boreing guys i actual fell asleep sorry . next time please make it more funny and dont make me fall asleep agin .

abomb to free to play cast for being boreing

Zero0ninja 11 years ago
Another GREAT show guys, for my A BOMB i would send it to league of legends ;-; because every time i login i am put in a hour waiting queue, which is just insane!, i understand why they do it but when it happens for about a week it should be fixed by now. For the question of the week I think WoW would benefit the most that way there will be no more WoW clones. wait.. then it would get more popular and then people will join on the WoW bandwagon again... but atleast there will be no more MOBAs!

johniubf123 11 years ago
ba-bomb for s4-league for being one of the best TPS that i have ever played in my life
and for not being a pay to win like alot of MMOs out there so thank s4-league

never stop doing the show :)

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johniubf123 11 years ago
guy love the show
i hope you never stop doing it

wen do you think star wars the online game
is going to be free to play?

i think world of war craft is going to go free to play pretty sone i hope

you guys are the best and never stop going the show

best show on mmobomb.com :)

Sage 11 years ago
Hey Magickmann! Great Show yet again. Like you guys me and my Guild are really looking forward to Dragon Knights even though Aeria Games has disappointed us before, the game seems cool. Also really anticipating Age of Wulin. I also request that you get together all the main F2P Cast presenters together in 1 show for us asap because I am sure the F2P Cast community would agree with me that will be one awesome episode :)

~Sage a dedicated follower ;)

DragoonisMystic 11 years ago
Ok it was so good to hear u three back together again , grand show and comments too. Now about that f2p game I do believe that maybe WoW or correct me if Im wrong on this one ,LoTRig would make it big if they where f2p, And now a grand big, huge Happy Six Month B Day to F2P Cast !!!!!!! :-) I'm one who can't wait to see how Dragon Knight is going to fair out in the close Beta !

bad1one 11 years ago
nice job guys, good show mwatch evey1 of the shows,and love the commentary! but i have to say why is it every week or o you guys mention tera ,this is a (f2p) free to play site ,and tera is not even close to (f2p) its buy and its pay to play , and (lol) buy 2 win . i played the brower thing they have going ,not even close to what trailers are ,and game to me sucks ,i wold rather play wow ,and i hate wow. just hope core blaze is better than tera ,because ,if i got to buy to play and win ,i would play rift. ty and again keep up good work . P.S just lasted 10 mins in new warren story beta ,it is stupid .

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demirian 11 years ago
Congrats with 6 moths guys ... BUT !! omg it was SO BORING F2P cast really !!!!! ) after 15 minuts just ZzzzZZzzz no info , no opinnions only laugh and nothing more ,, So i dont get it what about Moba do you like it or not if now why ??? Browsers game ???? i dont get it ... Only few words and laugh ... Sorry but this 1 really Boring ! Any arguments anything ... It just like "Do you love this game ? yes , hahahahaah , so next news ...." ... I hope next F2P get's some BOMB POWER ! you know it look like no1 interesting discuss about f2p games ...

Some opinnions was when you guys started discuss about Star Wars but then again nothing .. We need Live Talk not Zombies blah blah)) (sorry for this)

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Curst 11 years ago
I'm probably a little slow, but I've been looking through all the E3 videos recently and found out that European and American Warface is going to be much more balanced in terms of gear and cash shop than Chinese and Russian localizations. So here's Da-Bomb for western publisher of Warface for actually trying to deliver a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

And A-Bomb for Russian publisher for not doing it. You know, now good half of Russian Warface players wants to play on European server. So your only hope is that we'll be IP blocked lol.

Beastrolami 11 years ago
You are completely right about the first hour and a half in face of mankind (either u love it or hate it) and to be frank... i sorta hated it because i made a huge noob mistake and blew all my money on what can only be described as utter shit. If it weren't for the sweet mmobomb giveaway, i probably would have gotten fed up with the game and quit, but since i got some super high quality items in the giveaway, i felt like losing all my money was justified and i kept playing, now i can't stop.

Jashwanth 11 years ago
Da-bomb for forsken world coming to india as server for our contry only and thnx to Smite i cant play any other game would love play with u magicman didnt get chanse so little sad too many game coming out this days cant choose what play

astranime 11 years ago
First of all happy birthday =D
Ftp like tera game: yeah men come at me =)
Monsters moba: mmm oh =/ ... ok lets see (whats better adobe air or browser based) =P
Star wars the old republic: i hate star wars the old republic cause trolled me at the beta =/
Smite beta: yay some corrections and may become huge =P
divina: it looks cool

I have a question, why we all complain about moba´s when there are just something like 15
when there is like 200 mmorpg clones all de same =P
I have an answer but I'm interested in different opinions =)

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Aeirn 11 years ago
Da-Bomb for Dead Frontier! I love killin' zombies and I absolutely love trying to survive. It seems that there isn't a lot of survival/horror MMO's on the market at the moment. I hope that changes. PS: Happy Half Birthday and I love the show! Keep 'em coming!! :)

Rakunish 11 years ago
hey, whats the name of the song on the beginning and at the end? assuming it's the same song?

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NeOeN 11 years ago
Happy Half Birthday!
best show on net, watch every episode.
from Bosnia and Hercegovina.

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