F2P Cast: Killer Gnomes in Neverwinter? (EP 77)

In this week's episode of Free-to-Play Podcast, Innogames sees fit to shutdown Kartuga. Just why did they sink it so early? Age of Wushu and Neverwinter both prepare for their first expansions. Which one has the coolest features? Neverwinter's expansion has mutated gnomes, but players can pay NPCs in Age of Wushu to harass others. And Hi-Rez Studios may redeem themselves by releasing tools to make maps in Tribes Ascend. Finally, Jason Winter dishes out the details with new F2P statistics for June. All of this plus your community comments on this week's episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

If you have submissions for the show's Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to michael@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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Discussion (8)

ThunderGrave 10 years ago
Game Suggestions:

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online
Cosmic Break
Star Conflict
Cabal Online
Grand Chase

IahEden 10 years ago
I'd like a way to check the auction house/trade broke mobile. I hate having to log onto a game for the soul purpose of checking those things,especially since I don't have the fasted computer in the world and launching games tends to take a while. I also think a short,simple mini game that you could use to win crafting materials/in game currency would be also be cool.

PS. Spunkify,do you have an asmodian on Siel in Aion? I think you might have asked my sister (level 28 Songweaver) to run Nochsana,lol.

itzteajay 10 years ago
Hey Spunkify, In regards to your bandwidth cap on twitch is it your bandwidth cap that is limiting your twitch stream or is it the twitch servers itself? I know that unless you are an actual twitch partner you are limited on how much you can actually push through twitch. I've ran into that myself I also have 15mbps up and I never push all the way through to my bandwidth cap (usually around 60%) but have lag issues if I push over 3000 kbps at 1080p at 30fps

I would definitely be down to play some HKO with you guys. trolling around causing a ruckus would be a blasty blast.

I would love a community day as far as what games to play I guess if it's a leveling type game we'd all have to plan a mmobomb server invasion where we all make toons on a pre-determined server on a day and all make nubs and roll a raid group of mmobomb toons. As far as what game to play I've played pretty much ever f2p mmo out there and I'm game for anything after all it's all about who you play with not as much what you play.

I think something along the lines of what rift has available in their app but more in depth. Maybe to go as far as a cutesy 2d side scroller version of the game where there are instances converted to 2d that you can almost castle crashers style your way through and earn maybe fun loot or just currency. I know I'm dreaming and the technology is questionably there. But since I got my galaxy s3 I've seen some amazing things this phone can do graphically.

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Eon 10 years ago
Regarding Age of Wushu expansion "Legend of Mt Hua", its due to Mt Hua is a famous place in chinese martial arts novel, its as comparison to like when you play Marvel Heroes Legend of Asgard.
Mt Hua = Mt Hua Martial Competition = Yearly Tournament where martial artist of the whole china compete against each other to attain the title of "King" of Wulin/Wushu" fighting ontop Mt Hua jumping across mountains above the clouds. In the chinese novels, that place is know to all martial artist where only the 5 most elite characters have a chance against each other.

Heretic of the east
Evil of the west
Emperor of the south
Beggar of the north
Diviner of the central

AirSplash 10 years ago
Great show F2P Cast.
Got a Da-Bomb for Steam. With the sales going on it's let me enjoy the games that are normally out of my reach as a collage student. Because the low prices and the awesome games my friends and I have been having loads of fun. It's just time consuming fun. I've bought Darksouls (stuck on the Four Kings boss), both Fallouts, and both Darksiders. I might have to live on ramen for a while but it's worth it.
As for the question of the week. I would love to see a better app for Warframe than the one that is already out. I mean it's cool that they tell me when special missions are available, but a nice little side scrolling game with my Warframe would be sooo boss. They could even implement some sort of helpful reward system, like by playing the game you could earn some resources and experience.

spell 10 years ago
hope was just a coincidence that LoL video stoped just before u get pwnd :P
keep up the good work.

some random scottish guy 10 years ago
The old codger, your the man !

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