F2P Cast: Ladies Love Family Guy (Ep 54)

This week on the Free to Play Cast we ring in the new year by talking about games that are going the way of the Dodo! Are developers and publishers no longer on the same page? Can using older art styles hurt your new game? Come with us an answer these questions and leave a weekly bomb or two while you're here!

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of MMOBomb.com about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week's biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, interviews, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week! (every Wed or Thu)

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Discussion (32)

Inflictious 9 years ago
Hi ,

At first ESO is launching as a sub based game.

As for a free replacement... Unfortionately for as long as i have been gaming there are not really alot, But i would suggest you take a step back in time and try Rappelz or Requiem.. Back then MMorpg's were vast Maps/World's, not like the mini map's were are flooded with now a day's... First i really reccomend Requiem out of the 2 if you never played , More of a Dark feeling in this title.

I spent a good year and a 1/2 there when i played.



WarhammerzRule 9 years ago
hi guys im at a bad time in life where i cant bring myself to play any game and it drives me nuts i got 5 top lvl chars on aion and i cant keep playin it i got bored after my friends quit and i was like a huge gamer and now the only game i can play without quiting is skyrim i cant w8 for elder scrolls online do you think it has a chance to be free to play? id sub if it was sub but im broke so i wont be able to my only hope is it being free that aside is there any free to play mmo thats a good elder scroll replacement? if there is pleas tell me

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Pieareround 9 years ago
I'm gonna do the question of the week and my bomb in one fell swoop, more or less.

I actually picked up two games of note over my winter vacation. The first was Dynasty Warriors Online. It may be somewhat old, and it may really be showing its age at this point, but there's just something really satisfying about laying into thousands upon thousands of useless blade fodder enemies and watching them go down without even the slightest hint of resistance. It's just fun to plug in my gamepad and mercilessly slaughter the hordes of the Three Kingdoms for a few hours. Of course, that may have something to do with having played nearly every game in the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises since I discovered DW3. On top of that, this title actually has a fair amount of the depth you'd expect from an MMO, especially considering that nearly everything you do takes place in a traditional DW-style battle scenario.

The second game is a little title by the name of Warframe. I grabbed one of the 10k or so beta keys offered by MMOBomb and jumped in immediately. After having logged an unknown amount of hours in game, in both solo and co-op missions, I am thoroughly engrossed. It's got beautiful graphics, a well-written AI, a fantastic stats tracking system, it's incredibly fun... I could keep naming stuff, but I only have so much time left in my life and I really want to get back to playing it. But if there's one thing that really makes it stand out to me, it's that this game is probably the most well optimized free to play title I have picked up since League of Legends. And it's still in beta. I'm running a two and a half year old Macbook Pro (that is to say, obsolete when I got it), and I can actually leave on all those effects and graphical settings that normally slow performance to a crawl, including the fabled DX11. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they actually give users the option to run the game 64-bit mode. Seriously, other devs. A 32-bit program will never run as well on a 64-bit platform as a 64-bit program. Figure this out, soon.

If it wasn't obvious, my Da-Bomb goes to Warframe.

Inflictious 9 years ago
Thank's for another episode.

I do have a kind of small complaint/comment about the show.

Don't get me wrong. Love the site,show and all of you guy's for the job you do.


When i started following this since episode 1 !
All of Your cohost bomb's were game related and i loved and valued all of your opinion's with high regaurd's.They not only add to the show.But give a feeling of a first look / Thought of a players perspective of aspects that make or break a game.That we as viewers are interested in knowing.

Since about mid season Half the bombs are Not even game related at all. Honestly i could care less about someone having a bad taco, buying something from a store , what they liked or hated on the weekend.Flaming other host's. What's happening?

Sorry Magicman , I know every Bomb that you personnaly give is Game related.
All of your opinion's matter , But not about non game related bomb's. Maybe alot of the fan's like hearing those but again is not gaming related what is what brought me here in the first place !

Keep up the good work



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swestiNL 9 years ago
hi guys and girls..... tnx again for this great show.

First off i thing people give Family guy online not enough credits.
1 its not the best game.
2 bored fast
3 yes its nothing new.

but i give a dbomb for FGO for at lease try.
we can all say what ever we want but when game like this dont come again we will no longer.
appreciate the game that are top notch.

my last question little off topic but ....
do you guys thing its a good idea to have more map and modes in LoL?

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Tio_Z/frealms 9 years ago
Great show guys. Just dropped by to point out that indeed a Family Guy game was a bad idea. Whole genre and theme of the show is just a bad pit for a game.

Makes for a great forum though if you catch my drift =p

MAster_shade 9 years ago
sad thing is no pet /eggs as the first Ragnarok series classes as well but time will more then likely bring them back

MAster_shade 9 years ago
Ragnarok Online 2 Open Beta is not Restricted to Asia.....

every one is open to join to many complainants

"so they banned the ip ban and now every one is able to join as of yesterday "

neokiva 9 years ago
hi guys great show as always (lets hope you keep that winning streak going).
question of the week the game i played for the first time in the xmas holidays was tera online it's a great game, just wish they'd go free to play already.

DA Bomb for asiasoft's handling of the beta delay.
A bomb to Salem when i tried to play, text instructions and other text where so small as to be unreadable on my 19" full hd tv monitor

Amerden 9 years ago
2nd video and you are calling paradox interactive a developer of salem. you could at least check on this =) seatribe is, PI is a publisher. there is paradox development team, but that one makes great strategy games, as publishers they have neat library of smaller, more original games like magicka, a game of dwarves and now salem.

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PuddingBearZ 9 years ago
Shadow Company RU the game is great I get very little lag playing from the states. Haven't found a lot of problem with it just hope nexon doesn't break the game when they get it ^_^

Icecoffi 9 years ago
I played Tera (The Discovery Edition) during the holidays because there's a lot of rumors swirling that, since Korea/JP Has decided to go free to play, Tera NA/EU will follow suit. The combat is really fun and addicting. However, the questing is really lacking! Well, I hope it goes free to play anyway; I don't want a game as fun as this to go down. If only Tera and TSW somehow learned from eachother (gameplay and storyline-wise)...

Cupcake 9 years ago
Playing Warframe..... that is my Da-Bomb, it is action packed, exploding bodies, slicing bodies, it's pretty much a ninja game.... in SPAAAAAAAAACE!

ZhaoYun 9 years ago
Darkblood online:i am not really a fan of those games just like kahtlyn so i am neither sad or happy that it closes

Family Guy Online:played it for like 5m then quit cause i got bored lol

Salem:i don't like games that all u gotta do is like build build build i don't like this game nor minecraft i also wanna apologize cause salem online was like 1 of the only first looks i saw like 1m of the video and then closed it cause i got bored i am sorry magicman i can't help it dude its just too horrible for me <.<

QOTW:i played loadout i got a key from a friend and played it but didn't like it cause it seems to me like everyone have op weapons exept me :( i quit it after like 1h of gameplay also i didn't like that it has literaly so little players especially in the europe server usually its like 15 people in us and like 5 in europe.

A BOMB to gpotato for giving beta keys to players and not giving any info whatsoever about when they gonna release the game.i mean come on really?at least tell us what month early 2013 won't do anymore

Da bomb to aion i recently found a private server which i am playing in and THANK GOD IT HAS NO RESTRICTIONS ofc i am getting advantage of the xp bonus and the better drop rate but i personally joined it cause it has no restriction p.s Aion Europe sucks

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TheEffect 9 years ago
No The Elder Scrolls Online?! Lolz this is the year of elder scrolls!

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Amanoh 9 years ago
Hi, i agree with Kalen ( dont know if i did spell it right, sorry if i did not) Neverwinter is the most anxius release of this year,even i dreamed with it a bit, i m playing Warframe right now is awesome but still the feeling of missing something, a comunity feeling could be cause never know with who i gonna play went i play online.

DERP 9 years ago
*slaps saddles on everyone*


Demirian 9 years ago
Yoyo. congratulation with first show in 2013 !!!!) Let's Rock this Year and just BOMB everything in the WORLD ... !!

Bombininator's with you guys !!))))

Angelicxx 9 years ago
Fourth Mouunted :D

Echoman 9 years ago
Third Mounted

TheGamer 9 years ago

Great Show guy!
Congratz for the 1m users!

Lagwin1980 9 years ago

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