F2P Cast: Life, Death, and Games (Ep.32)

On this all new episode of the Free to Play Cast Magicman acknowledges his crushing defeat at the hands of Shadee, the team chats it up about a MOBA in a browser, and then brings it back around to the much hyped Planet Side 2. Not only that, but the hosts also answer hypothetical questions from viewers about life, death, and video games. Welcome to the Free to Play Cast! If you're new here pull up a chair and enjoy!

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of MMOBomb.com about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week's biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, interviews, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week! (every Wed or Thu)

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Discussion (68)

James 11 years ago
I keep wondering what the name of the into and outro song is? and where i can find it?

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Emil 11 years ago
Hellow, Magicman!

By the way i am a guy-boy-man (which ever you want). And yes my name is a male one :-) Us in Slavic countries (greatings from Bulgaria) in Europe have "strange" names :-D.

Question of the week: What are your names (Magicman and the others, or just you)? You might have mentioned them in previous shows but i have been following you for maybe 10 episodes now (new fan) :-D!

"D" Heroes and Generals for all the great things they are doing to the game and still awesome tweaks to come!
Also another "D" bomb to Ghost Reacon Online for going into OB phase so i can snipe some nubz :-D
"A" Bomb to Darkblood... When i looked at that game i felt like i am getting sexually harrased, horrible experience! Don't get me wrong i love me some pretty girls but as a fellow here said it's better to catch you watching porn...

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albers 11 years ago
Whats the song at the end of the episode?

alb 11 years ago
played ps2 looks good but flying with a plane trough locations gives you biiig lag because of loading. But the game is nice

SgtSwagger4 11 years ago
Da Bomb for PWO or Pokemon World Online. it is a great mmo for people who love pokemon just like me. the pokemon look great and the game is just so damn addicting.

I also have an A-Bomb for My Little Pony Online for not letting me have rainbow hair

0lly 11 years ago
Throwing DA Bomb on Planetside 2 and FFall, these games will definitely change F2P games. 3A quality and F2P......whats happening ? :D I think many big titled game companies will consider changing their models to F2P sooner than expected. You'll see....

Question of the week to Brim "When did your path of hating MOBA games started? What was the reason for you to choose this path?" :D

Dragoonis Mystic 11 years ago
Ok a D Bomb for another grand show ... And for the question when is the next live cast going to be and which of the host will be doing it . Thks ... :-)

Sartana 11 years ago
Great show as always guys great see Brim back on the show again, and i have an A bomb, yes it's really an A bomb this time,
i give an A- Bomb to Maestia, i can't seem to login to the game every time i try it says Logging in to the Server and stops, apparently i am not the only one, from what i have been reading you need an European IP to play, not having one i can not try this one out, but either way keep up the good work guys!

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jdrew2000 11 years ago
good show . hmm i have a q for shadee .
what will you do now that you have stoped playing mobas

Special_FX 11 years ago
Da bomb to dota 2, keeping it the way F2P should be.

johniubf123 11 years ago
nice work on the show guys

i got a D bomb for c9 and raderz for puting the skill back in gaming
and an A bomb for AQ worlds for having to pay to get anything that look cool
an pay to have fun is not so fun :(

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Beizelby 11 years ago
I was playing in the Firefall BETA up until my invite to the Planetside 2 Tech Test, and I have uninstalled Firefall from my system, as I have no urge to go back.

Firefall does not compare to the action of Planetside 2 by no means is it even close.

And before you bother, I won't even care about hate remarks to this, as I am simply stating my opinion which has reguarly been backed up by a multitude of others in the Planetside 2 tech test.

Damina 11 years ago
My first da-bomb! Made my day! Thanks Pennlion!!!


Pennlion 11 years ago
I am going to give an A-bomb to Jessica Brohard, 2 missed episodes since she took over Free to Play Weekly, and she is a no show for the Free to Play Cast. We expect more than just a perrty face. A da bomb to Davina, you are a lucky man. Personal question, do you have any kids?

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squad 11 years ago
Awesome FTP cast, enjoy it and this is my first time tuning in :D

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Sadiel 11 years ago
Hey mmo bombers, great show as always. I generally don't play shooter games because I'm very bad at aiming but Planet Side 2 looks like a very entertaining title plus I dig the sci-fi graphics more than the realistic ones so I'm definitely going to try it.

My questions for you guys is: If you happened to play an mmo and you really enjoyed it but you only saw a couple players online. Would you still keep playing the game even though finding players to team up with, complete dungeons or just chat would take a very long time or would you quit?

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Ed 11 years ago
Hi MMOBOMB, nice show there, always enjoy listening to you guys!

I have to say I totally agree Magicman, gameplay and cutscenes have to get closer! Like in GTA san andreas (oaky...where graphics have been all edgy but still!) the cutscenes between missions have been made in actual gamegraphics!

there's a company called "Euclideon", search it up on youtube, they posted a video about "unlimeted detail graphics" it really looks amazing! If it is no scam and game industry's gonna pick up their technology... awesome!

jashwanthms 11 years ago
nice Show i have seen ever one show but i didn't comment most time here is bomb and derp and question for the host
The_Bomb: bullet run game that looks good has lot good thing but they used new system called style . costumes give style which give extra heat everything my question the hell would do that i dont even understand how it works ( this is by Sony so i don't know what to say about cash shop and premium account ) .
Derp : i was playing smite ones in while have feel of it yesterday i was in game the game just started it had all good normal team when came field one my teammate left so it 4 vs 5 i told we will try we can win then in 5 mins another guy left or dc i don't know . so i said OK we get 1 one each lane we can still try defend just as i said one more left my team so it was 2v5 we had no tank i was mage it was ra and other that new lion god we stood on left side of them gank a god but found our self being attack by 3 got we literali vanished in 2 sec . so i said no use fight let just go with flow and leave ....(i comment derp bcos i really dont know how to use twitter and only use facebook )

to all host which one game all have been waiting for the longest ( i don't care if it released or not )
i want how long . i am been waiting game called blades and souls for about 3 years and still more .
(looking forward to next game ) :)

cyberwat 11 years ago
Awesome show guys! I really love it! Even my nephew and his uncle from China that came over loved your videos after I translated to them. Also, it helped them with some English pronunciations. Keep up the good work!!

Anyways, I'm giving a Da Bomb to Gamigo for making the game Otherland. It seems to be very interesting and I shall be keeping an eye out for that. Although, I shall have to see if it will be truly free to play or pay to win. I sure hope Gamigo won't screw it up.

Also giving A Bomb to Perfect World Entertainment for banning my account because I allegedly accessed their games from a region that was banned. I have not actually logged into any of PWE's games for at least 3 or 4 years, and I never played any games when on vacation. I have sent them tickets for customer support, and they have ignored me since and made me wait forever before they sent back a reply stating that my account might have been hacked and if I change my password, they shall unban me. However, after following directions like a good boy, they did nothing to my account, and ignored my other tickets ever since.

Enough of my ranting. My question to the people of the free to play cast, is that was their ever a time which you were pissed because of shipping problems, anywhere from something being damaged in the package that made you pissed/rage to aliens stealing the unpasteurized cheese that you ordered from France which made you sad/cry.

Thank you for making the free to play cast something that I am looking forward to every week and once again, keep up the superb job!

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sethsamson 11 years ago
if all firms that have introduced low-cost subscriptions as, for instance 2 - $ 5 per month. then that there was no problem. Because as a player you would not have to wonder which game you pay $ 15 per month ... because for some countries, $ 15 per month is very much ... and companies lose the market in these countries ..

theoretically, hypothetically ...15 $ it is as if you had to pay for the game $ 61 per month in those countries ..

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neokiva 11 years ago
lol failed typing my name properly its not great but looks like brimm's got his derp of the week from me ^^

NEokiva 11 years ago
Hiya guys thanks for reading my comment during the show.

for this weeks bombs I'm gonna say a bomb to SOE not only for their poor handling of their tiered content but for the fact they up and abandoned europe (living uk so that's frustrating)

for my DA BOMB it's gotta be the fact raiderz is cbt soon got my key and can't wait.

for the weekly question to all the cast is what's the longest amount of time you have played a mmo for in a single sitting and did that include a food and drink binge

Marinealver 11 years ago
In Player vs Player would you guys rather play against each other or on the same team?

cerpher 11 years ago
Greetings from Bulgaria!
First let me congratulate Spunkify on joining, my Da'Bomb goes to his "Foreign fridays" great to have some import news.
Let me join the AAA bashing by giving an A Bomb to Diablo 3's auction house mechanic.
I happened to stumble on to a youtube video (by Kripparrian) explaining the subtleties of last-minute bids and dc's from rapid refreshing. I was going like: "Censored"...and they still haven't fixed that even with real money at stake! On the other hand in games like PoE you don't even need gold and "one man's trash is another man's treasure". Auction houses are generally a bad idea in "slot machine" games, but if you don't have one you just end up with "the WTT/S/B in global chat phenomenon".

P.S. Watching the Sword art online anime gave me the opportunity to think about death due to extreme gaming in new light. So my question for the hosts (and anyone else willing to answer) is:
What would you do to save someone you care about from "perma-death in Real Life Online"(hehe) due to "game overdose"?

May the gods of F2P and their prophets at MMOBomb always Smite the subscribers!

NinjaNick 11 years ago
I give a D Bomb to Team fortress 2 because the game makes their money off of hats and weapons so most stuff is free. But my only complaint, Their is no leveling system so when you play you don't feel like your accomplishing anything.

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afromancool 11 years ago
Okay, so a while ago when you guys first made this site, I talked about having a post zombie apocalypse game with a bunch of stuff. What do you think would make a perfect zombie game?

Randyblythe 11 years ago
Hey, I'd like to give a Da-Bomb to Grinding Gear Games for having an Action RPG (kind of like Diablo 2) game called Path of Exile that is currently in closed beta and is now known as the probably the best gaming company customer-service wise. They literally take everything that the community says into consideration and I think that is a major key in making a successful game nowadays, look for this game to be HUGE soon.

My second Da-Bomb goes to PSO 2, which is amazing. I can't read a single thing on that game and am still having a blast.

My A-Bomb goes to Pay-To-Win games. Any game that requires you to pay over 60$ to be successful is absurd, just make the game 60$! There are some games that actually require you to spend THOUSANDS to be competitive.

Keep up the good work guys.

Rinor 11 years ago
Okay im gunna start with the question of the week because i asked this a while ago but it was never answered :P but here it is :D We all know that World of Warcraft was amazingly successful now i wanna know wat F2P MMORPGs can do to make their games as good and as successful as wow (even knowing that most hated game atm is wow but yea ill ignore it for now) what could mmos do to make their game successful like them? Was it the PVE and Raiding? was it the PVP and Arena battles? anything u think that made that mmo so successful and apparently so hated please tell me wat u think

Im gunna give A DA-Bomb and an A-bomb but with a twist its for the same game -.- Bullet run(SOE no suprize hey) Da bomb because generally its and amazing game i have TUNNNNNNS OF FUN PLAYING IT seriously its not a bad game it feels like a solid shooter and has alot of things i thought were cool but i also gave it an A-bomb because of how damn hard it is to get anything i have gotten 15k points in the game in a matter of 4 days and i havent even been palying that much but still the amount of effort i had to put into thost matches so that i would come out on top and get the coins i needed to buy ANY OF THE GUNS (seriously 14k for a new gunna that didnt really help much) was crazy or 9 k for a red dot sight? i feel that it drags the fun out of the game even thought it does follow magicman's idea its F2P since u can infact get everything in game but u can save time by buying the items instead.

wooooooo this was a long one

Any whooo i cant wait for Planetside 2 and Firefall like you guys said today they are both free 2 play and i can jump in and out of those games any time i want but wat i think is the difference between the two is the style of playing if i wanna go for something like PVE or maybe arena fighting im gunna go for Firefall(reminds me a little of TF2 the pvp) since thats how it pans out but if i want full scale battles with tanks and mechs and planes and rockets then you guessed it im going for planetside 2. its strange how much this sounds like Cod(firefall) vs Bf(PS2) ... just saying :P
Amazing show lads sorry about the HUGE post :D enjoy :D

And most likely TL:DR :P

Sakee 11 years ago
I'd like to give a DA-Bomb to SMITE for their recent update. They introduced a Lion god to the game's arsenal. It's friggin bad@ss to see a Lion tearing people apart (even if not with his own claws but his spears and summoned obelisks...)

Another DA-Bomb to Spunkify for his excellent Foreign Fridays video and his successful operation for bringing more people to the servers. He instant recruited me at least so here I come rich rice fields and cute schoolgirls ~ time for some sci-fi madness on the land of the setting sun.

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Rufinus 11 years ago
I will like too give The Bomb to Allods Online and its new patch.I especially like the Mercenaries add to the game.No more waiting for a tank or healer to go astral.

golix 11 years ago
TRIBUTE to Firefall been member since the start ,also will try Planeside 2 when i get the key ;))think R5 will make the cash shop better than Sony

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Typerz 11 years ago
great show but in sword art online they get informed that they will die in real life if they die in game.
but they get the info at the in game opening sermony :) so you would not die in the game before you get the information.

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MrDragArts 11 years ago
Da bomb for racing mmo's, having started with ATV offroad fury 3 when i was young its nice to see i can still knock people's car's just to get in first place.
A bomb to fantasy rpg mmo's, They make up 90% of mmo's and have the originality of a larry the cable guy show... which is not much.
My question is to Dr.Doodle bird man of sesame street, magicman. Do you wish there would finally be a mmo, set in a zombie Apocalypse

hukbalahap 11 years ago
2nd poster. first time :D

Inflictious 11 years ago
* Reserved for Inflictious *

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