F2P Cast: Make it Free, Make a Fortune! (Ep.17)

Come and join the Free to Play Cast as they get tons of agreement and tons of disagreement over last week's Blacklight Retribution Discussion, Learn what you can use to make your own First Look Videos, find out what Brim looks for in gaming videos, and enjoy as Chhipz is sucked into the Free to Play Cast World! This week's episode has a TON of discussion and a wacky weekly question, watch to learn it all!

If you have submissions for the show’s Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to magicman@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of MMOBomb.com about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week's biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, interviews, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week! (every Wed or Thu)

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Discussion (23)

DragoonisMystic 10 years ago
Ok enjoy this and loves the ideal that Chhipz was soooo!!! much sucked into here along with u all . Can't wait until he is on the Free to Play Cast live with u all . Just thinking about , OMG u'll have us all out of chairs and rolling about LOL , if not in tears from all the laughing too. Again Glad Chhipz is here now too . And I'm with u phonz about that prostitute comment . ROLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!

phonz 10 years ago
Hey guys, thanks for another awesome episode.
Still laughing at that prostitute comment.

Second 10 years ago
Replacement for "FIRST!"? NO!!! I still got a lot more cookies to dish out (inside joke). Anyways...
Love the show, guys!
Are you going to review Family Guy Online? It's still in Beta (invite only, I believe). Also, do you have any recommendations for f2p browser games for low-end laptops? My desktop is on the fritz right now and I really want to get into free mmo scene.
Keep up the good work!

War 10 years ago
I wouldn't say BLR is a Pay to Win game at all. I played it a lot during the closed beta and just played my first few matches against a lot of players who had paid items, and I still destroyed everybody. In the lobbies I played in, the winners were consistently people using the default starter equipment.

Dizzyjay 10 years ago
Hey great show once again. Keep em coming!!!

I am looking forward to PSO2, and somehow I got into beta for firefall. Maybe it is that indepth battleframe I put up I don't know or maybe red 5 studio likes mmobomb? Haha. Buts its pretty awesome just in time too. But the thing is battleframe ideas in that community don't usually come up often, but after I posted mine, a lot of them started coming. So did I inspire a bunch of people to do them?

Oh magicman, if you guys play League of legends, add me or something. I love destroying bots all day. Hehe

As for the question of the week, how about make the first comment into a game thing, but first post gotta be one or two words. And others connect it with one or two words. So maybe it could end up into something funny, or never end at all, and you can't post the same word that has been posted before. I hope this can work out.

And for the bombs, I am gonna say Da-bomb to firefall, and give that to both the community and the game itself. I have never seen a well bonded and open minded(I mean ideas wise) community like firefall. And I had a lot of fun just being in the forum, sharing ideas and making a already great game into a even greater game.

Good luck F2p cast, and if you want to play league of legends count me in. I am on and off sometimes, but I always go on to collect those daily win bonuses.

Imoen 10 years ago
Wrath of heroes fun? How? I know people like different things, but the game is soooo bad. Pointless game. I just can't respect that :\

Kyte 10 years ago
Hey, in S4 you were playing with one of my friends, kinda funny. But yeah, I'm really looking forward to PSO2 and Firefall. Good job, guys.

neokiva 10 years ago
i shall replace first with daiichi (japanese word for first)

Ebouth 10 years ago
Hello hello again long time no see, haven't been looking at ur site for some time cause I had problems with my eye's and couldn't look at the monitor for to long, sucks I know but washing at the TV and playing on the PS3 is fun to :P. For the question of the week, I can understand that you want something els then FIRST all the time for the people that w8 for the sec the show is revealed. I was thinking of something a bit more fansier like ALFA or PRIMEARA or something, dont know if you like it but I'll have a blast if you even just like it.

love the show and thill next time.

JCgoneWild 10 years ago
just have to ask have ya'll ever talked about Ace of Spades? i dont know if ya'll know what that is

Beastrolami 10 years ago
Did you guys plan to mention the gameplay video recording and editing software this episode because of the create your own mmobomb show event they are doing? either way, Massive dubomb? i have no idea what you are actualy saying... but massive good bomb for the F2play Cast for an amazing episode.

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Inflictious 10 years ago
Hello Magicman and the community!

Sorry no comment from me last video, but working 16 hour days the past 2 weeks took its toll on my free time, But i did squeeze in last weeks episode. How could i miss it :P

First off , Glad to see some Gunz footage hahahaha, Could not stop thinking , Man, I would own you Shadee! , Yeah, I am just that damn good :)

Ok, Magicman, " Cough Cough `` What you been smoking there my friend.lol .

I think Brim was sad or mad about what i had done with his mount in my gift to you.But it`s ok i have something special just for him ;)

Only going to say one thing about the facebook thing. As you know i am Kimoki`s creator but she has her own facebook. No Prostitute needed here. lmao

Keep up the Great work and will talk to you again soon.

Durian 10 years ago
NOOOO!!! This should be the replacement!


Zero0ninja 10 years ago
Funny episode guys can't wait till the release of noctunal night touching. But i do have one question about the game. What will i be touching? =P LOL joking aside,i think the new "first" should be "mounted!" or something like that. you guys are awesome!

AwesomePants 10 years ago
Hey guys thanks for another LONG episode i love them so much.

Also the word to replace "FIRST!!" should be: White Balls

hope you take the time to read this. Waiting for more info about the MMOBOMB MMO

See you on the next episode!

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Rinor 10 years ago
Dammmmmmn dawg... where can i get a beta key for dat game.... NNT (nocturnal night touching) sounds like da bombbbbbbbbbbbbb when u gunna hand out those damn beta keys... dont leave us hanging like this atleast a teaser trailer :D
Awesome episode, seriously couldnt stop laughing enjoyed it cant wait for the next one

Durian 10 years ago
Blacklight.... by all means a pay 2 win game, like sure yeah you can get permanent weapons, but the price tags on those things are just absurd, if you are a free2player, you have to spend hours and hours just to get the LVL 1 gun. But if you pay, you can get more guns and items and custom armor, camouflage, and all that.

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